Time to Set your Clocks Back
Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 1, at 2 am, so set your clocks back one hour – that means you get an extra hour of sleep this weekend! A few fun facts about Daylight Savings Time: Clocks will be set ahead one hour on Sunday, March 13, 2016. The system... Read more
Firefighters Courage Written in Stone
Almost every boy imagines he will grow up to become a fireman. He envisions he has the strength and courage to selflessly rush into danger to save someone else. Few ever realize their dream; the ones who do have their mettle tested time and again. Milbank Fire and Rescue... Read more
Construction Update – Is The End in Sight?
Even though it seems like the Highway 12 road construction project is taking forever, the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely in sight. Additional concrete has been poured covering both lanes of Highway 12 midway to the Fifth Street intersection, in front of School House Suites.... Read more
Results of Tonight’s Special Election
Every Vote Counts – Head to Polls to Decide Tax Debate
Today is voting day! Grant County residents head to the polls to voice their opinions on the recent debate stemming from the passage of two tax measures by the Grant County Commission this summer. On the ballot are: An increase in the wheel tax from $4 to $5, with a... Read more
Whetstone Valley Electric Names New General Manager
Whetstone Valley Electric Cooperative announced today that Dave Page has been selected as the next general manager of the cooperative. He will replace Steve Ahles, who will end his 30-year career in December. Page has been employed at Whetstone for 19 years serving in many capacities, including network administration,... Read more
Progress Continues Along Highway 12
The saying things tend to get worse before they get better certainly holds true when discussing road construction in Milbank. An additional strip of Highway 12, from Ninth Street to Flynn Drive is closed and currently is being resurfaced which is making for additional travel detours around the city.... Read more
Highway 12 Construction Progressing
According to City Administrator Jason Kettwig the city is doing everything possible to finish up the work in progress and construction along Highway 12 is moving right along. Crews are making headway on underground work on the water main and storm sewer from Sixth Street to Third Street. Concrete... Read more
MHS Crowns Schmitt and Snaza Royalty
Milbank High School Homecoming Coronation was performed before a packed house this evening. The ceremony concluded with the crowning of Queen Morgan Schmitt, daughter of Neal and Lisa Schmitt, and King Isaac Snaza, son of Brad and Sara Snaza. They will reign over the 2015 Homecoming festivities this week.... Read more
When Is This Construction Going To Be Done?
The past few months have been challenging for drivers in Milbank with dozens of detours and constant road construction along Highway 12. People keep asking the same question – when will it be done? Here’s the update. Third Avenue is now open. Traffic has been rerouted for the closing... Read more