The Gun Bill- “Constitutional Carry”
The big news this past week is probably the “gun bill”. Senate bill 47 (SB47) passed the House 43-27 on its final stop in the legislative process, and was signed into law by Governor Noem at her first official bill signing ceremony on Thursday. The Governor had clearly campaigned... Read more
Off To The Races…….
We just finished week 3 of the legislature and it looks like we’re off to the races. After a slower than normal start, the bill count more than tripled in the House to 170. The Senate is close behind at 140. In addition, legislators have so many more bills... Read more
Public and Home School Students Compete Equally for Scholarships
Week two of this year’s legislative session is complete. One bill of note this week is House Bill 1040 (HB1040), brought by Rep. Sue Peterson of Sioux Falls. HB1040 would level the playing field so that both public and home school students have the same standard for an important... Read more
Inauguration Of South Dakota’s 33rd Governor
The 94th session of the South Dakota legislature got underway this past week in Pierre. So many things happened that it’s hard to know what to report on. Topping the list, however, has to be the inauguration of a new Governor and all the changes that result. Elected only... Read more