Musicians from Milbank High School collected superiors and other awards during the 2016 Region III Solo and Ensemble Music Contest in Watertown Wednesday, February... Superiors Awarded To Milbank Musicians

_DSC0002 (5)Musicians from Milbank High School collected superiors and other awards during the 2016 Region III Solo and Ensemble Music Contest in Watertown Wednesday, February 24.

In the vocal competition, 27 students performed solos and one senior duet. Each received high marks. “This year only the juniors and seniors and the few sophomores who were auditioning for honor choir participated in the contest,” explained Miriam Schwenn, MHS choir director. “The contest was one month earlier than usual, so students had to adapt and work hard to get their pieces learned.”

Solo performances were based on tone, intonation, accuracy, interpretation, vocal technique, and performance factors such as literature choice, and professional conduct. Ensemble groups were also critiqued on balance and blend. Each area of concern was worth five points and they were totaled at the end of the individual performance for an overall rating. The Milbank vocalists received 20 Superiors (I), four Excellents (II) and four Goods (III).

Freshman and sophomore vocal students and ensemble groups from Milbank will perform for a local adjudicator in March to gain experience and get a critique to use as a learning tool for improvement.

One-hundred MHS band members took part in the contest, which included 23 solos and nine ensemble groups. “The contest critiques and judge feedback is very valuable to us as instructors and the students,” noted Susan Karels, band director. “We use the feedback to work on improvement as well as create new ideas and song selections.”

All band ratings were based on tone, intonation, rhythm, interpretation and musicianship, technique and other performance factors. Each area of concern was worth five points and they were totaled for an overall rating, similar to vocal judging.

The instrumentals from Milbank earned five Superiors, 23 Excellents and four Goods. “We want to give a special thank you to Mrs. Leah Pinkert for accompanying the students,” stated Karels.

Following is the complete list of results for both the vocal and instrumental groups:
Vocal Solos/Ensembles
Kimberlly Aburto – III
Jimmie Berkner – I Superior
Jeremy Dalldorf – I Superior
Kerissa DeBoer – III
Whitney Falk – I Superior
Rachelle Gabriel – I Superior
Tim Gabriel – I Superior
Janette Hall – III
Paige Johnson – III
Kala Loehrer – I Superior
Chris Loutsch – I Superior
Jessica Mogard – II
Savannah Mork – I Superior
Shauna Pauli – I Superior
Chase Pinkert – I Superior
Hannah Rick – I Superior
Kaitlyn Rufer – II
Brianna Schreurs – I Superior
Shawn Stemsrud – I Superior
Mikayla Street – I Superior
Mallory Trapp – II
Rebekah Tuchscherer – I Superior
Clare Van Dover – II
Emma VanVooren – I Superior
Amberly Warren – I Superior
Ellie Webb – I Superior
Abby Wollschlager – I Superior
Duet – Heidi Bergquist and Katie Cannedy – I Superior
Instrumental Solos
Kimberlly Aburto – II
Heather Bray – II
Kellie Christians – II
Kellie Christians – III
Jamie DeVaal – II
Jodi DeVaal – II
Eliza DiNatale – II
Brooke Fraasch – II
Rachelle Gabriel – I Superior
Keaton Hagen – II
Sadie Holland – II
Kadon Leddy – III
Rebecca Loehrer – I Superior
Christina Lusk – I Superior
Anna Mathews – II
Chase Pinkert – I Superior
Korinne Roggenbuck – II
Trevor Schmidt – II
Grace Spiering – II
Ashley Spors – II
Shawn Stemsrud – II
Rebekah Tuchscherer – II
Kimberly Van Sambeek – II
Instrumental Ensembles
Flute Duet – Savannah Mork and Tatiana Stemsrud – II
Flute Choir – Elisabeth Schwenn, Sarah Jarman, Maddy Liebe, Abby Weber, Amberly Warren, Angie Hoeke – II
Clarinet Quartet – Alyssa Aker, Zach Angerhofer, Taylor Balling, Sarah Ward – II
Saxophone Ensemble – Jordan Riley, Sara Capp, Ramsey Wieber, Claire Mischel – II
Brass Quartet – Kala Loehrer, Courtney Lusk, Whitney Falk, Ellie Webb – I Superior
Percussion Ensemble – Shauna Pauli, Morgan Schmitt, Nate Bien, Taylor Thue, Hallie Van Sambeek, Kellie Christians, Andrew Mears – III
Percussion Ensemble – Maty Lightfield, Adam Thomas, Isaiah Wollschlager, Gage Sayler, Koben Huber, Alec Bien, Jonny Ash – III
Brass Choir – Rebekah Tuchscherer, Nathan Loutsch, Jenny Seehafer, Devon Balling, MacKenzie Weinkauf, Alexa Fraasch, Andrew Falk, Nathan Hansen, Zach Aker, Mya Johanson, Jake Sandvig, Allison Grear, Sophia Seffrood, Mimi Webb, Ethan Bohn, Jose Chen, Alexis Oliver, Isaac Nolz, Ben Harstad, Tanner Kettwig, Kaleb DeBoer, Brandon Hansen – II
Woodwind Choir – Hannah Rick, Mikayla Street, Mallory Trapp, Katie Cannedy, Brianna Schreurs, Kylie Roggenbuck, McKenna Folk, Cassidy Voeltz, Abby Michels, Jaden Hoeke, Morgan Kowalski, Chris Loutsch, Brittney Presiler, Grace Erickson, Heidi Bergquist, Ben Wagner, Jake Anderson, Tanner Gauer, Jimmie Berkner, Cara Berkner, Colton Frevert – II

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