One hundred fifteen students from around the area participated in annual piano contests held at Milbank High School Saturday, April 9. Elementary students in... 115 Pianists Perform at Annual Piano Contest

images (1)One hundred fifteen students from around the area participated in annual piano contests held at Milbank High School Saturday, April 9. Elementary students in grades 5-8 played in the Bandmasters Grade School Contest and high school students performed in the Region 3 Piano Contest. Judges for the event traveled from the Brookings area.

Ratings include a superior plus (1+), superior (1), excellent plus (2+), excellent (2) and good (3). Elementary students receive a blue or red ribbon, according to Susan Karels, who has been leading the event since 1992. A blue ribbon is for a superior rating and a red is for an excellent rating.
High school students who earn a superior rating receive a medal, similar to the medals earned at the high school instrumental/choral contest held in February. “Some regions have their piano contest the same day as the instrumental/choral contest, but Region 3 has always held them separately,” explained Karels.

Following are the complete results for the local students with name, teacher’s name, and rating:
Jacob Shelstad, Dailie, 2; Emily Wollschlager, Street, 1; Sage Lawrence, Street, 1; Daniel Shelstad, Dailie, 2; Julia Webb, Dailie, 1; Grant VanPeursem, Dailie, 1; Ben Webb, Dailie, 1; Harley Johnson, Olawsky, 2; Joe Arndt, Neu, 1+; Allie Neu, Neu, 1; Olivia Nelson, Neu, 1+; Aiden Quintanilla, Wollschlager, 1+; Evelyn Liebe, Rausch, 1; Claire Snaza, Rausch, 2; Cooper Hupke, Rausch, 1; Ian Liebe, Rausch, 1; Camryn Wiese, Rausch, 1; Elexia Quintanilla, Wollschlager, 1; Olivia Akin, Dahl, 1+; Karli Akin, Dahl, 1; Addison Matthews, Olawsky, 1; Katie Minder, Anderson, 1+; Cailey Sime, Karels, 1.
Jorja Whempner, Anderson, 1+; Garrett Weber, Rausch, 1; Madisyn Brandenburger, Street, 2; Hope Karels, Dailie, 1; Zach Ringsaker, Dailie, 2; Addie Farrell, Dailie, 1; Shaylee Schuchard, Ydstie, 1; Korbin Leddy, Ydstie, 1; Bennett Schwenn, Ydstie, 1; James Nelson, Rausch, 1; Shane Spiering, Wollschlager, 2; Jordan Erickson, Wollschlager, 1; Isaac Graham, Wollschlager, 1; Victoria Nelson, Rausch, 3; Lanaya Hayes, Klitzke, 1; Hailey Woods, Klitzke, 1+; Grace Weseloh, Klitzke, 1+; Emma Dornbusch, Klitzke, 1+; Kira Reppe, Klitzke, 1+; Katrina Gilliland, Klitzke, 1.
Brayden Andrews, Ragan, 2; Isabelle Gronfeld, Ragan, 2; Macy Anderson, Ragan, 1; Arnold Jibben, Ragan, 1+; Ellie Neugebauer, Dingsor, 1+; Emmy Anderson, Ragan, 1+; Dessa Anderson, Olawsky, 1; Rylee Huwe, Olawsky, 1+; Madelyn Knight, Olawsky, 1; Alaina Andrews, Ragan, 1; Max Lightfield, Rausch, 1; Graham Lightfield, Rausch, 1+; Ashlynn Batchelor, Rausch, 1; James Batchelor, Rausch, 1+; Autumn Fox, Wollschlager, 2; Dalton Fox, Wollschlager, 1-; Stevie Ash, Rausch, 1; Amaya Street, Wollschlager, 1; Maurina Street, Wollschlager, 1; Eli Johnson, Dailie, 1-; Courtney Lusk, Rausch, 1.
Siri Bien, Ydstie, 1; Matthew Block, Olawsky, 1+; Hannah Bowers, Dahl, 2; Amy Nelson, Rausch, 3; Rex Ritter, Dahl, 1; Jakeb Hunter, Dahl, 1; Kala Loehrer, Street, 2; Becca Loehrer, Street, 1; Logan Meyer, Ydstie, 1; Jenna Johnson, Ydstie, 1; Stewart Loehrer, Street, 1; Jessica VanPeursem, Dailie, 2; Jesse Anderson, Neu, 1; Mariana Eustice, Neu, 2; Bethany Danielson, Neu, 1; Kelsie Ehrenberg, Neu, 1+; Madeline Remund, Anderson, 1; Maiah Brown, Rausch, 2; Hailey Hupke, Rausch, 1; Maddie Duffield, Rausch, 1+; Peyten Wiese, Rausch, 1; Landon Brown, Rausch, 2.
Ryan Kahlman, Klitzke, 2; Olivia Giovannettone, Klitzke, 1; Bethany Danielson/Kelsie Ehrenberg, Neu, 1; John Sell, Livingston, 3; Eden Lickei, Lickei, 2; Chloe Kuhlman, Livingston, 2; Karson Weber, Rausch, 2; Jessie Adolph, Street, 1; Anna Woods, Livingston, 1; William Karels, Dailie, 1; Jacob Reimche, Dailie, 1; Isaac Sousa, Dailie, 1; Mariah Brandenburger, Street, 1; Alex Pekelder, Street, 1; Jacquie Wold, Street, 1; Sami Staehling, Wollschlager, 2; Isabelle Nowick, Rausch, 2; Benett Street, Wollschlager, 1+; Eric VanSambeek, Rausch, 1; JD Lusk, Rausch, 1; Dawson Anderson, Olawsky, 1; Dani Yamaura, Wollschlager, 1; Christina Lusk, Rausch, 1; Lizzie Rude, Dingsor, 1.

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