The Milbank Bulldogs secured a 6-1 high school boys tennis victory over Yellow Medicine East, MN, Friday, May 6, despite the unusually hot temperatures.... Bulldog Netters Secure Victory

_DSC0095The Milbank Bulldogs secured a 6-1 high school boys tennis victory over Yellow Medicine East, MN, Friday, May 6, despite the unusually hot temperatures.

“Thankfully both teams had a day or two prior to the match where the temperatures were higher than they had been,” explained Milbank head boys tennis coach Jim Dahl. “This allowed the players bodies to be a bit more acclimated to the conditions. It was good for the moral of our team to get another ‘W’ within a week of the last. It was also nice to have to go ten deep into our team for the varsity match.”

In the Minnesota format, a player cannot play both singles and doubles. With four singles matches and three doubles, a team needs to get four of the seven to earn the team win. “YME, like our team, is relatively young with only one senior and two juniors,” noted Dahl. “There were 3 or 4 matchups in singles that did not look to be in our favor. Credit to Mitch Quade, Connor VanVooren and Max McCulloch for each winning in straight sets. I also give high praise to our doubles players for raising their level of play at key points in the match to sweep.”

Milbank suffered a 9-0 loss to Aberdeen Central Monday, May 2, in a home contest. “Aberdeen held down their unforced errors and out-served us,” said Dahl. “As a team, we had a tough day keeping our feet active and hitting the ball with a pace we are capable of consistently keeping it in and making our opponents play more shots. We have to improve on extending rallies in points.”
Following are the complete results from these recent contests:
Milbank 6, YME 1
1. Adam Thomas fell to Matthew Virnig, 6-3, 6-0; 2. Mitch Quade defeated Ammon Bennett, 6-1, 6-1; 3. Connor VanVooren won over Miles Jensen, 6-0, 6-0; 4. Max McCulloch downed Cody Zimmer, 6-1, 6-2. Exhibition match – David Basilio won over Justin Beyer, 6-0.
1. Chris Loutsch/Riley Folk defeated Nick Schnidele/Brandon Olson, 6-2, 6-3; 2. Noah Pillatzki/Ethan Bohn won over Jacob Pringle/Tyler Syring, 6-1, 4-6, 10-5; 3. Keaton Hagen/David Basilio downed Chandler Rillo/Isaiah Werner, 6-0, 6-1.
Milbank 0, Aberdeen Central 9
1. Adam Thomas fell to Jesse Margoles, 10-0; 2. Riley Folk lost to Tyson Miller, 10-2; 3. Mitch Quade dropped to Gabe Swanson, 10-0; 4. Ethan Bohn fell to Trevor Gooding, 10-2; 5. Connor VanVooren lost to Dylan Bader, 10-2; 6. Chris Loutsch dropped to Andrew Hartzee, 10-6.
1. Thomas/Folk fell to Margoles/Miller, 10-1; 2. Quade/VanVooren lost to Swanson/Gooding, 10-1; 3. Bohn/Loutsch dropped to Bader/Hartzee, 10-4.
Junior Varsity/Middle School Singles vs. Aberdeen Central
Noah Pillatzki fell to Nick Allen, 8-5; David Basilio lost to Luke Reierson, 8-3; Keaton Hagen dropped to Jack Kravshar, 8-5; Caden Ebsen fell to Robert Conn, 8-5; Alex Popowski lost to Christian Scarlett, 8-0; Ethan Paysen dropped to Julen Abad Harto, 8-1.
Max McCulloch defeated Connor Duven, 8-0; James Weber won over Lincoln Willikinson, 8-5; Nathan Loutsch downed Spencer Dunlavy, 8-4; Zach Aker fell to Henry Fouberg, 8-2; Alex Schuelke lost to Rawley Moore, 8-1; Angel Chen defeated Jacob Usselman, 8-3; Aiden Boerger won over Alex Snell, 6-4; Marcos Basilio downed William Wise, 6-1; Chris Peery fell to Jacob Merxbaur, 6-3; Micah Liebe won over Clay Longbrake, 6-4; Joe Harstad fell to Isaac Ligon, 6-1.
Junior Varsity/Middle School Doubles vs. Aberdeen Central
Pillatzki/Basilio fell to Allen/Reierson, 8-6; Hagen/Ebsen defeated Kravshar/Conn, 9-7; Popowski/Paysen lost to Scarlett/Abad Harto, 8-1.
McCulloch/Weber defeated Duven/Willikinson, 8-4; N. Loutsch/Aker fell to Dunlavy/Fouberg, 8-5; Schuelke/Chen won over Moore/Usselman, 8-2; Boerger/Basilio defeated Snell/Wise, 6-3; Peery/Liebe fell to Merxbaur/Longbrake, 6-1.


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