The It Only Takes A Spark Cancer Walk core committee has announced its recent donation of $40,000 to Northeast South Dakota Healthcare Foundation (NESDHCF)... Cancer Walk to Donate $40,000 towards 3D Mammography Machine

20160602_181001_resizedThe It Only Takes A Spark Cancer Walk core committee has announced its recent donation of $40,000 to Northeast South Dakota Healthcare Foundation (NESDHCF) towards the purchase of a new 3D mammography machine the Milbank Area Hospital Avera recently acquired.

The core committee met with teams about plans back in March after hospital administrator, Natalie Gauer, discussed some of the new equipment needs at the hospital. “With the teams doing a majority of the fundraising efforts, we wanted their input to what the board was considering,” stated Matt Scott, core committee member. “The best way for patients to have a greater chance of being a cancer survivor is with early detection.”
Matt continued, “Knowing we can have some of the latest technology in our community is a great step forward in fighting breast cancer. With early detection, it should considerably help with a better prognosis and treatment plan for patients.”

Gauer stated, “We are striving to be a leader in women’s health in our area and offer state-of-the-art technology. We are grateful to receive this donation as it makes a considerable difference as we work to positively affect the health of our community. We thank those who were part in raising this money and assure them this outstanding technology will affect many people in our area.”

Funds for such donations were earmarked over the past couple years by the core committee. Each year 20% of the funds raised are typically designated towards efforts with cancer-related equipment, services or even cancer research. Most recently, a portion of those funds purchased the treatment chairs currently used at the hospital for patients receiving chemotherapy. The group has also been supporting the local Cancer Support Group held at the Milbank Area Hospital Avera. “Knowing that we are assisting those with cancer related expenses and enabling our healthcare services with state-of-the-art technology is a move we all can appreciate,” Matt concluded.

Each year the It Only Takes A Spark group hosts an annual cancer walk in Milbank to raise funds for cancer diagnosed patients of Grant County. A minimum of 70% of those funds goes to cancer diagnosed patients by reimbursing those expenses, supplying gas cards, etc. through an annual application process. The remaining 10% or up to $10,000 goes towards operating expenses.

The core committee includes Angie Johnson, Amanda Cummins, Matt Scott, Ann Tuchscherer and Aaron Anderson. The group is very busy gearing up for the 19th annual walk on June 10 with 11 teams participating.

It’s also never too late to start a new team for 2017. If anyone is interested, they are encouraged to contact us. Those interested in applying for funds or are looking for more information about It Only Takes A Spark should check out our website at http://www.takesaspark.

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