Eighty runners took on the annual Avera 5K and 5 mile run Saturday, June 25, at the Milbank High School track. The event was... Eighty Runners Take Part in Avera 5K/5 Mile Run


Eighty runners took on the annual Avera 5K and 5 mile run Saturday, June 25, at the Milbank High School track. The event was sponsored by Avera Medical Group Milbank and the Milbank Area Hospital Avera.

“Our 5K had a few less participants, but our 5-mile race grew from last year,” noted Amy Thue, Avera marketing director. “We were expecting our numbers to be down a bit because of Farley Fest activities, but we were pleased. We were hoping to get at least 75 and we had 80.”

Participants chose either the 5K run/walk, 5-mile run, or a 2-mile fun walk. “We are getting younger participants in the running races, which is fun to see,” said Thue. “The cross country summer running program is encouraging the kids to keep running in the summer and I think that encourages them to participate. Ignite Fitness also encouraged their class to run, so they had a great showing for the race. Milbank has a strong running community, so we have a group that participates every year.”

Overall winners were named for each race. Earning the top spot in the female 5K was Annie Berry. Josh Schmeichel won the men’s 5K race. Hilary Grabow was the first female finisher in the 5-mile run, and LaRon Unzen was the top male.

Winners were also named for each race in each age group. The top winners along with their times were:

Female 5K Race

Addie Farrell, 0-12 age group, 31:29.70; Madi Thue, 13-19 age group, 24:35.80; Marissa Kemen, 20-29 age group, 42:26.00; Annie Berry, 30-39 age group, 24:14.70; Heather Tietjen, 40-49 age group, 24:35.80; LeAnn Kuper, 50-59 age group, 33:41.80; Vicki Helwig, 60-69 age group, 30:24.70.

Male 5K Race

Nick Batchelor, 0-12 age group, 21:07.00; Alex Farrell, 13-19 age group, 20:39.30; Josh Schmeichel, 20-29 age group, 19:12.60; Nick Frerichs, 30-39 age group, 20:37.70; Wade Leddy, 40-49 age group, 24:31.20; Mark Leddy, 50-59 age group, 23:14.40.

Female 5-Mile Run

Kassidy Sykora, 13-19 age group, 48:14.30; Kasandra Wheeler, 20-29 age group, 39:09.80; Hilary Grabow, 30-39 age group, 38:06.80; Jodi Nowick, 38:35.90; Kathy Roggenbuck, 50-59 age group, 39:16.50.

Male 5-Mile Run

Jack Sandvig, 0-12 age group, 39:30.00; LaRon Unzen, 40-49 age group, 38:00.00; Jody Kuper, 50-59 age group, 40:51.70.

Photo Above – Winners in the Avera 5K/5-Mile Event were back row, left to right, LaRon Unzen, Kathy Roggenbuck, Josh Schmeichel and Jody Kuper. Middle row, Mark Leddy, Jodi Nowick, Kasandra Wheeler, Marissa Kemen, Wade Leddy and Heather Tietjen. Front row, Nick Batchelor, Madi Thue, Jack Sandvig, Addie Farrell, Alex Farrell, Kassidy Sykora, Annie Berry and LeAnn Kuper.

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