Three Milbank Middle School writers placed in the top three at the state level of the Watertown Elks Lodge Americanism Essay Contest. They received... Winners of State Americanism Essay Contest

Three Milbank Middle School writers placed in the top three at the state level of the Watertown Elks Lodge Americanism Essay Contest. They received a certificate of achievement and a monetary reward today, Thursday, March 23, during a presentation at the school.

Sixth-grader, Dylan Sonon-Bohn, placed second in the 5-6th grade male division. He received a check for $65. Seventh-grader Isaac Sousa placed second in the 7-8th grade male division and also received a check for $65. Seventh grade student, Hailey Hupke, finished third in the 7-8th grade female division and received $50.

“We are proud of these students,” says Milbank Middle School Principal Kris Evje. “All of our middle school students are doing so well, these honors just exemplify this.”

The topic was the reasons Americans should vote. The three essays submitted for judging, with names withheld include:

Why Vote?
I think it is important to vote because not only one person gets to pick who runs government. Voting does not give someone all the power. Voting makes laws like raising taxes to get more money. Voting lets people vote for who they want to be President or a Governor. When you vote, your voice is heard by telling elected officials how we feel about taxes, health care, education, immigration and other issues. Voting is the way of changing laws.
As Lyndon Johnson once said, “the vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.” So it is our right, duty and honor to make a difference with our vote.
We have an important role placed in our hands to make sure that we have the right people running our country. We rely on them to be our voice in things that are important and affect our lives.
Many people gave their lives to give us a right to vote, so it is our duty to use this right.
Make a difference and go vote.

Why Vote?
Voting is important because your vote helps the candidates, and by helping the candidates you are helping the world. When you vote your vote always matters because your opinion always matters. Even if you live in a small community, your vote could still be the one main determining factor of who becomes elected. Your one vote could change the election completely. If you want to have the right to make your own decisions and speak your opinion, then voting is the perfect opportunity to do that.
I would want to vote if I was old enough because, we as the people, can have a say in how the elections go, and if I voted it would make me feel like my voice matters because everybody’s does. Americans are able to have the freedom of speech, but some people may not feel that way.
If you don’t choose to vote then you don’t really have a right to complain about the results since you did nothing to make a difference to them. On the other hand, once you do vote and the elections are over, you need to respect the outcome even if its not what you wanted to happen.
The result of voting is sometimes good, and sometimes bad. Some examples of good would be people’s voices are heard, issues are addressed, and the country could be changed in a good way because of a good leader. Some examples of bad could be tax increase or we could end up being led by a bad leader.
Even though there may be bad outcomes from voting, it is very important to your community and country. Always make sure, even if you don’t think your voice matters, still vote because in the end, good things could come, your voice always matters.

Why Vote?
Our ability to vote and give our opinion on government is one that not everyone has. In some countries around the world, stating your opinion is a death sentence. Voting is our chance to make our voices be heard. If we don’t vote, we are denying that our voice matters. On average, only about half of the United States population votes. That is a low percentage when considering how important it is. People often take voting for granted, but it was only in the fairly recent history of our country that women and African Americans earned the right to vote. They spent years protecting about their eligibility to vote, just so about half of them won’t take the time to fill in a ballot.
Voting gives us the freedom to decide who runs our community, state or country. Even voting for small things like sheriffs or mayors can make a difference in the way we go about our daily lives. When we vote for Senators and House of Representatives, we are deciding who helps make the laws. When we vote for sheriffs, we are saying who we think would best enforce the law. The Presidential election is for who we think could run the country most efficiently.
Our vote helps elect good officials for government, such as Senators, Mayors, Governors, House of Representatives and of course, the President. Our vote keeps the government democratic by giving the people the ability to vote. When we vote to pass laws and amendments, people get what they need and issues are addressed. This leads to having better communities and a greater country. Other results of elections are that taxes can be increased or decreased, and there are changes in how the government leads the country.

Photo: (l. to r.) Dylan Sonon-Bohn, Hailey Hupke, and Isaac Sousa.

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