Ninety couples promenaded through the cityscape of Paris during the Milbank High School junior-senior prom Grand March Saturday, April 29. Boyd and Annette VanVooren... An Evening in Paris During MHS Prom

Ninety couples promenaded through the cityscape of Paris during the Milbank High School junior-senior prom Grand March Saturday, April 29. Boyd and Annette VanVooren announced each couple as they began their walk around the cobblestone path through the city.

Leading the march were prom co-chairpersons Allison Pillatzki, Chase Pinkert, and Montana Swenson. Pillatzki was escorted by Casey Buttke. Pinkert walked Christina Lusk down the streets, and Swenson walked with Tristan Hall.

Other couples in the Grand March were; Cole Dockter and Shea Hooth, Ryan Franz and Katie Vander Wal, Adonis Quist and Amberly Warren, Isaac Nolz and Magally Kimberlly Aburto, James Weber and Maty Lightfield, Shawn Stemsrud and Kennedy Hilbrands, William Mischel and Brittany Preller, Chandler Peery and Sophia Seffrood, Adam Thomas and Mallory Trapp, Mitch Quade and Kaitlyn Rufer, Noah Sparks and Hannah Tietjen, Derrick Aho and Molly Rick, Nate Bien and Mackayla Schuelke, Brandon Longstreet and Mikaela Hoeke, Dallas Seezs and Savannah Mork, Justin Schweer and Becca Trapp, and Jordin Stricherz and Hallie Van Sambeek.

Taking a stroll were: Lucas VanHoorn and Sarah Grabow, David Basilio and Carolin Klettke, Brandon Adolph and Kelsey Montag, Noah Pillatzki and Lexi Pinkert, Kyle Montag and Morgan Selchert, Nick Jackson and Paytyn Lesteberg, Shane Bates and Faith Brandenburger, Jordan Thiele and Mady Hilbrands, Trey Jankord and Aimee Thyne, Jasmine Lee and Kyndra Kranz, Brendan Nelson and Alexis Oliver, Dustin Veen and Emily Dornbusch, Nick Staehling and Christina DiNatale, Isaiah Wollschlager and Cassidy Voeltz, Van Pham and Becca Loehrer, David Martinez and Jamie DeVaal, Ben Wagner and Sarah Jarman, Dalton Sougstad and Jodi DeVaal, Trevor Schmidt and Brooke Fraasch, and Kadon Leddy and Ashlynne Beninga.

Looking glamorous were: Moritz Wortmann and Callie Bolin, Kody Johnson and Karissa McFaden, Jose Chen and Sarah Ward, Austin DeLaRosa and Lindsey Geyer, Kaleb DeBoer and Tatiana Stemsrud, Zach Pinkert and Jenny Seehafer, Carter Hoffer and Angela Hoeke, Isaac Fischer and Devon Balling, Caden Wollschlager and Paige Johnson, Kasey Schake and Taylar Bock, Nathan Hormann and Presley Peschong, Riley Kleindl and Jimmie Berkner, Christian Ceron and Daejah Aho, Austin Schuelke and Sadie Holland, Francisco Calderon-Merino and LaChasity Finley, Riley Folk and Clare Van Dover, Matt Lenards and Karlee Mertens, Connor Lightfield and Macie Redmond, Wesley Bowsher and Madison Schulte, and Andrew Falk and Maddy Liebe.
Out for the evening were: Jacob O’Donnell and Briar Zuraff, Tyler Millim and Makenzie Wittrock, Ethan Hall and Stephanie Opitz, Riley Wollschlager and Olivia Breske, Jake Anderson and Courtney Mack, Tanner Gauer and Kerissa DeBoer, Cody Dockter and Emma VanVooren, Preston Morton and Lauren Pierce, Tanner Bock and Gabby Renelt and Tim Gabriel and Nadia Ortiz.

Also together were: Nick Turnquist and Taylor Balling, Allison Grear and Korinne Roggenbuck, Alexa Fraasch and Abbey Klingenberg, Caden Bjordahl and Selena Payan, Garrett Fonder and Janeth Payan, Albert Pavlinac and Ana Thyne, Ben Nelson and Bailey Storm, Cody Buttke and MyKayla Thyne, Taran Mogard and Lindsay Meikle, Nathan Wiese and Breanna Schmitt, Jordan Pollock and Brianna Veen, Lucas Rude and Sydney Zenk, Brandon Karels and Teanna Van Dykhorst, Tyler Krause and Brittany Crocker, Adam Bury and Morgan Schmitt, Jacob Stinson and Halie Meyer, Jackson Jurgens and Kasi Schlueter, Kelby Green and Alexis Folk, Dalton Koch and McKenzie Severson, and Tanner Buth and Sarah Ward.

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