The Milbank High School band and choir members received year-end awards on May 16. Korinne Roggenbuck received the John Phillip Sousa Award. The Louis... MHS Musicians Receive Season-End Awards

The Milbank High School band and choir members received year-end awards on May 16. Korinne Roggenbuck received the John Phillip Sousa Award. The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award was presented to Allison Grear. Seniors Jimmie Berkner and Tim Gabriel were given the National School Choral Award. Mackayla Schuelke received the Justin Maass Memorial Award. The Arion Award was given to Brooke Fraasch.

Spirit of Marching Awards went to: freshman Landon Brown, sophomore Ben Harstad, junior Shawn Stemsrud, and senior Jose Chen.
Outstanding member awards as voted on by choir members were given to: freshman Landon Brown, sophomores Taylor Thue and Abby Weber, and junior Shawn Stemsrud. Senior Lindsey Geyer was presented with the vocal performance award. Connor Lightfield and Trevor Schmidt were each given a Director’s Award.

Band students earning their four-year pins were: Jake Anderson, Zach Angerhofer, Taylor Balling, Jimmie Berkner, Nate Bien, Jose Chen, Kaleb DeBoer, Jamie DeVaal, Alexa Fraasch, Brooke Fraasch, Tanner Gauer, Allison Grear, Sarah Jarman, Paige Johnson, Kadon Leddy, Connor Lightfield, Savannah Mork, Alexis Oliver, Korinne Roggenbuck, Trevor Schmidt, Mackayla Schuelke, Tatiana Stemsrud, Mallory Trapp, Hallie VanSambeek, Ben Wagner, Sarah Ward.

Students named to the North Area Honor Band were: Kimberly Aburto, Kellie Christians, Jamie DeVaal, Keaton Hagen, Sadie Holland, Rebecca Loehrer, Christina Lusk, Chase Pinkert, Alaina Rausch, Korinne Roggenbuck, Kimberly VanSambeek, Sarah Ward. Seniors earning their four-year choir pins included Jimmie Berkner, Alexa Fraasch, Lindsey Geyer, Sarah Jarman, Karlee Mertens, Kaitlyn Rufer, Madi Schulte, Clare VanDover, Emma VanVooren, Taylor Balling, Kerissa DeBoer, Brooke Fraasch, Mikaela Hoeke, Paige Johnson, Caryssa Mielitz, Savannah Mork, Mackayla Schuelke, Mykayla Thyne, Mallory Trapp, Zach Angerhofer, Tim Gabriel, Trevor Schmidt, and Ben Wagner. All-State Chorus members earning their pins were: Jimmie Berkner, Landon Brown, Ben Harstad, Chase Pinkert, Alaina Rausch, Shawn Stemsrud, Taylor Thue, and Abby Weber.

Major Letter Awards were presented to:
Seniors: Jake Anderson (band), Tanner Gauer (band), Mikaela Hoeke (choir), Caryssa Mielitz (choir).
Juniors: Isaac Fischer (choir), Caro Klettke (band/choir), Maty Lightfield (band), Jenny Seehafer (band).
Sophomores: Zach Aker (band), Jaden Hoeke (choir)
Freshman: Hali Anderson (band), Yami Arano (band), Landon Brown (band/choir), Cassidy Christians (band), Abbey Converse (band/choir), Brady Femling (band), Elijah Fraasch (band), Bailey Frerichs (band), Joe Harstad (band), Stewart Loehrer (band), JD Lusk (band), Jackson McFaden (band), Noah Mursu (band), Amy Nelson (band), Tracy Pillatzki (band), Alaina Rausch (band/choir), Elsie Rogers (band/choir), Yulissa Sanchez-Ramierz (band), Hailey Underwood (band/choir), Rhianna Welberg (band/choir), Casey Yamaura (band).

Major Bar Awards were presented to:
Seniors: Zach Angerhofer (band/choir), Taylor Balling (band), Jimmie Berkner (band/choir), Nate Bien (band), Jose Chen (band), Kaleb DeBoer (band), Kerissa DeBoer (choir), Jamie DeVaal (band), Brooke Fraasch (band/choir), Tim Gabriel (choir), Lindsey Geyer (choir), Allison Grear (band), Sarah Jarman (band), Paige Johnson (band/choir), Connor Lightfield (band), Karlee Mertens (choir), Savannah Mork (band), Alexis Oliver (band), Korinne Roggenbuck (band), Kaitlyn Rufer (choir), Trevor Schmidt (band/choir), Mackayla Schuelke (band/choir), Madi Schulte (choir), Tatiana Stemsrud (band), MyKayla Thyne (choir), Mallory Trapp (band/choir), Hallie VanSambeek (band), Emma VanVooren (choir), Ben Wagner (band/choir), and Sarah Ward (band.)
Juniors: Kimberlly Aburto (band/choir), Devon Balling (band/choir), Heather Bray
(band), Jodi DeVaal (band/choir), Andrew Falk (band/choir), Sadie Holland (band), Madison Liebe (band), Rebecca Loehrer (band/choir), Christina Lusk (band/choir), Isaac Nolz (band), Chase Pinkert (band/choir), Brittany Preller (band), Sophia Seffrood (band/choir), Grace Spiering (band), Shawn Stemsrud (band/choir), Adam Thomas (band/choir), Amberly Warren (band/choir), Cassidy Wellnitz (choir), Ramsey Wieber (band), and Isaiah Wollschlager (band).
Sophomores: Ethan Bohn (band), Sara Capp (band), Kellie Christians (band/choir), Taylor Dragt (choir), Keaton Hagen (band/choir), Brandon Hansen (band/choir), Ben Harstad (band/choir), Mya Johanson (band), Nathan Loutsch (band/choir), Anna Mathews (band/choir), Abby Michels (band), Claire Mischel (band), Jordan Riley (choir), Kylie Roggenbuck (band), Elisabeth Schwenn (band/choir), Ashley Spors (band), Taylor Thue (band/choir), Kimberly VanSambeek (band/choir), Abby Weber (band/choir), Mackenzie Weinkauf (choir).

Students recognized for perfect attendance at marching and pep band events included: Zach Aker, Cassidy Christians, Kellie Christians, Jamie DeVaal, Joe Harstad, Jackson McFaden, Tracy Pillatzki, Yulissa Sanchez-Ramierz, and Trevor Schmidt. Band Officer pins were given to: President-Kaleb DeBoer; Vice-President-Jose Chen; Secretaries-Brooke Fraasch, Taylor Balling, Sarah Jarman, and Jimmie Berkner; Treasurers-Mallory Trapp, Zach Angerhofer, and Allison Grear. Chorus president- Jimmie Berkner. Drum Major pins were presented to: Taylor Balling, Kimberlly Aburto, Shawn Stemsrud, and Ben Harstad. Color guard pins went to: Jimmie Berkner, Jamie DeVaal, Jodi DeVaal, Paige Johnson, Christina Lusk, Mackayla Schuelke, Mallory Trapp, Abby Weber, and Mackenzie Weinkauf.

Band section leader pins were given to: Savannah Mork, Mallory Trapp, Sarah Jarman, Brooke Fraasch, Taylor Balling, Jamie DeVaal, Christina Lusk, Zach Angerhofer, Sarah Ward, Korinne Roggenbuck, Shawn Stemsrud, Jimmie Berkner, Claire Mischel, Mackayla Schuelke, Trevor Schmidt, Kimberlly Aburto, Paige Johnson, Allison Grear, Kaleb DeBoer, Connor Lightfield, and Adam Thomas. Chorus section leader pins were presented to: Jimmie Berkner, Lindsey Geyer, Karlee Mertens, Kerissa DeBoer, Brooke Fraasch, Paige Johnson, Mackayla Schuelke, Mallory Trapp, Tim Gabriel, and Shawn Stemsrud.

Jazz band member pins were awarded to: Kimberlly Aburto, Zach Aker, Hali Anderson, Yami Arano, Taylor Balling, Ethan Bohn, Heather Bray, Sara Capp, Jose Chen, Evan Erickson, Andrew Falk, Brady Femling, Brooke Fraasch, Elijah Fraasch, Allison Grear, Keaton Hagen, Brandon Hansen, Ben Harstad, Sarah Jarman, Caro Klettke, Madison Liebe, Stewart Loehrer, Nathan Loutsch, Abby Michels, Noah Mursu, Isaac Nolz, Alexis Oliver, Tracy Pillatzki, Chase Pinkert, Jordan Riley, Korinne Roggenbuck, Sophia Seffrood, Grace Spiering, Shawn Stemsrud, Adam Thomas, Hailey Underwood, Kimberly VanSambeek, Ben Wagner, Sarah Ward, and Ramsey Wieber.

Music award winners are: (back l. to r.) Abby Weber, Tim Gabriel, Trevor Schmidt, Connor Lightfield, Landon Brown, and Ben Harstad. Middle row: Lindsey Geyer, Jose Chen, Jimmie Berkner, Brooke Fraasch and Taylor Thue. Front row: Mackayla Schuelke, Allison Grear, Korinne Roggenbuck, and Shawn Stemsrud.

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