Isabella Anderson, is  the Milbank winners of the 2018 Grandparent Essay Contest. She nominated her grandpa, Ron Anderson. Isabella is the daughter of Paul and... Isabella Anderson Wins Grandparent Essay Contest

Isabella Anderson, is  the Milbank winners of the 2018 Grandparent Essay Contest. She nominated her grandpa, Ron Anderson. Isabella is the daughter of Paul and Jennifer Anderson of Milbank.

Since 2003, AARP South Dakota and the South Dakota Retired Teachers Association have cosponsored the annual essay contest for South Dakota fifth graders. The contest raises awareness of the more than 8,000 children in South Dakota who live in households headed by a grandparent, and acknowledges the important role grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren.

This year, over 1,350 fifth graders in 13 units across South Dakota participated. In Milbank, 60 students submitted essays. Averi
Swezey won second place and Charlie Whitesett, third. Each of the winners are fifth graders at Koch School in Milbank.

Isabella’s essay moved on to judging at the regional level. The top three winners will receive medals from the South Dakota Retired School Personnel Association.

AARP Grandparent of the Year
Isabella Anderson

My Grandpa Ronald Ralph Anderson should be AARP grandparent of the year. He is the silliest, active, kindest Grandpa you will ever meet. If you don’t believe me you need to meet him yourself.

My Grandpa is the silliest because he is always trying to make us laugh and have fun. He is very childish at times which me laugh. He loves telling stories about when he was little and all the adventures that he would go on. Most of his stories make us laugh. Everytime he laughs I laugh too, and when he smiles it lights up the room which lights up my whole day.

My Grandpa is the most active because on their 50th anniversary we went to Montana for a week. When we were there we went ziplining down the mountain. My Grandpa walked up the mountain and ziplined down when he was 70 years old!!! When we were there, we also went white water rafting. My Grandpa is still working at the farm today. Those are some reasons why my Grandpa is active.

My Grandpa is the kindest because he always enjoys helping others and saying positive things. He is always trustworthy friendly, and thoughtful. I hope to grow up to be just like him.

I enjoy it when my Grandpa comes to my basketball games and dance recitals. This is one of the things I love about him because he always cheers me on. I enjoy listening about his time as a person in the military who fixed planes. My Grandpa goes to church almost every Sunday. The only time he doesn’t is if he is somewhere else, but still he goes to church at the places he is.

I like to play cards with my Grandpa. We sometimes play King In The Corner which is my favorite game to play with him. One of my Grandpa’s favorite desserts are donuts. Once in awhile I catch him sneaking one! He also likes cats. When I am at the farm we go out and feed the cats together. I like going out to feed the cats “Grandpa’s little Angels” with him because it is our bonding time. Some people would say that they “love you til the moon and back” but I love him more!

My Grandpa is the BEST Grandpa in the whole world! So I hope you pick him for the AARP grandparent of the year award.

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