Sixty-eight couples promenaded through a fairy tale world during the Milbank High School junior-senior prom Grand March Saturday, April 29. Lexi and Jacob Ebsen... 2018 MHS Prom Charms the Crowd

Sixty-eight couples promenaded through a fairy tale world during the Milbank High School junior-senior prom Grand March Saturday, April 29. Lexi and Jacob Ebsen announced each couple as they began their walk along the magical path.

Morgan Raffety and Taylor Thue co-chaired the event. Other members of the prom committee were: Sara Capp, Kellie Christians, Gabbi Cummins, Jessica Fenhaus, Riley Gauer, Nolan Hanson, Jaden Hoeke, Makayla Johnson, Kylie Kasuske, Caitlin Kroemer, Hope Osborn, Tori Quade, Kendra Schweer, Elisabeth Schwenn, Ashley Spors, Abby Weber, and Katie Wollschlager.

Participating in the grand march were Carter Hoffer and Morgan Raffety, Jonny Ash and Taylor Thue,Cole Dockter and Gabbi Cummins, Ethan Paysen and Jessica Fenhaus, Alec Bien and Makayla Johnson, Jacob Karges and Katie Wollschlager, Reed Hartman and Tori Quade, Ben Wagner and Caitlin Kroemer, Riley Gauer and Elisabeth Schwenn, Shawn Stemsrud and Hope Osborn.

Chase Pinkert and Kellie Christians, Nolan Hanson and Jaden Hoeke, Adam Thomas and Abby Weber, Josh Fonder and Sara Capp, Cole Frazee and Morgan Folk, Austin Schuelke and Kylie Kasuske, Keaton Hagen and Abbigayle Quinn, Nathan Loutsch and AnneMarie Smith, Lee Kampshoff and Devon Balling, Isaiah Wollschlager and Taylor Dragt.

Ben Harstad and Brittany Preller, Caden Ebsen and Christina Lusk, Isaac Fischer and Amberly Warren, Kody Johnson and Karissa McFaden, Andrew Falk and Maddie Liebe, Kevin Koik and Hanna Ryazanova, Tanner Kettwig and Catrina Janitschke, Frank Hines and Claire Mischel, Jake Sandvig and Kimberly VanSambeek, Brandon Hansen and Abigail Michels.

Justin Schweer and Sadie Holland, Fischer Spidle and Cassidy Voeltz, Kaleb DeBoer and Jodi DeVaal, Kassidy Wellnitz and Lauren
McDonald, Luke Wold and Allison Pillatzki, Conner VanVooren and Ashley Wollschlager, Garrett Halverson and Tonya Meyer, Jordan Riley and Sophia Seffrood, Derrick Aho and Molly Rick, Mitch Quade and Montana Swenson.

Tate Stricherz and Shea Hooth, Noah Pillatzki and Katie VanderWal, Tanner Bock and Gabby Renelt, Preston Morton and Lauren Pierce, Chandler Peery and Saraya Bronson, Gage Sayler and Maty Lightfield, Adam Bury and Paytyn Lesteburg, Lucas Hanson and Tegan Ronke, Casey Buttke and Kennedy Hilbrands, Jackson Jurgens and Leigh Oster.

Alex Loeschke and Rylee Peterson, Jack Koch and Brittany Crocker, Shane Bates and Faith Brandenburger, Nick Bates and Lexi Pinkert, Jesse Pinkert and Morgan Selchert, Brennen Schafer and Kelsey Montag, Ramsey Wieber and Cassidy Voeltz, Tim Taylor and Chloe Bender, Nathan Hansen and Katy Ann Huffman, Nate Bohn and Taylor Adams.

Isaac Nolz and Emma Greiner, Chris Johnson and Aimee Thyne, Nick Staehling and Christy DiNatale, Jose Chen and Magally K. Aburto, Zach Angerhofer and McKenna Folk, Ethan Wellnitz and Stephanie Opitz, Draigh Breland and Katie VanderWal and Abigail Michels and Anna Mathews.

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