Paige Korstjens, daughter of Matt and Kelli Korstjens, is the first-place winner in the local AARP/ SDRSP- sponsored grandparent essay contest. Braylen Bowsher’s essay... Paige Korstjens Wins Grandparent Essay Contest

Paige Korstjens, daughter of Matt and Kelli Korstjens, is the first-place winner in the local AARP/ SDRSP- sponsored grandparent essay contest. Braylen Bowsher’s essay won the second place award and Sydney Grothe’s took third place. The three writers will receive medals from the South Dakota Retired School Personnel in May. Paige’s essay goes on to compete at the regional contest and potentially at the state contest.

Over 83 students from Milbank wrote essays which were judged by a committee from the Milbank Retired Teachers Association (MARTA). Over 1,100 fifth-grade students in South Dakota participated.

Since 2003, AARP South Dakota and the South Dakota Retired Teachers Association have co-sponsored the annual contest to raise awareness of the more than 8,000 children in South Dakota who live in grandparent-headed households. The essay contest also acknowledges the important role grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren.

AARP Grandparent of the Year

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an amazing Grandma? I don’t wonder because I have the best Grandma I could ask for! My Grandma is crazy, kind, fun, and creative.

My Grandma Mary Korstjens is very crazy. The craziest place my Grandma has been to was Elvis Presley’s Estate where she was able to drive on his driveway, but she was not able to go in because she was too late. Grandma only has 12 states to go to until she has visited all of them! Guess What? She has some really wild things in her house, like 73 rooster knick knacks because she is obsessed with them. She also decorates just about every space in her house for Christmas. Grandma Korstjens, when she was younger, owned a motorcycle and a dirtbike, she also was a racecar driver. How many Grandmas are cool enough or crazy enough to own a racecar, motorcycle, and a dirtbike?

My Grandma Korstjens is a very kind person too. She works at St. Williams Care Center. She helps older people who can’t take care of themselves. She also has done community service by helping at church. The kindest thing Grandma Korstjens has done was to build a pool for us. She shows us that she really loves us because every time we go over there she just smothers us with hugs. She is the kindest person in the world!

My Grandma is very creative. She makes amazing house plans that we have used for our house remodels. She is also creative because she loves to do crafts with us. Grandma made a unicorn pooping sculpture with us. She met her match in my sister Gracie because she is also a very creative person. Grandma is the most creative person I know.

My Grandma is also fun. She play five different games each week! That is about a game each day. She really enjoys playing with us. Grandma also lets us play bingo on Christmas. She gives a lot of prizes to the winners. She also plays bunko with us on Christmas too. That is a game where you roll dice and if you get doubles you choose a present. Isn’t she fun? The most fun thing about her is that she goes on family trips with us. We have gone to Disney World in Florida, Seattle, Washington, and Denver, Colorado. Traveling with her is the best.

Those are just a couple of reasons, I think my Grandma Mary Korstjens should be AARP Grandparent of the Year. I hope you consider making the Kindest, Craziest, Funniest, and most Creative Grandma the AARP Grandparent of the Year.

By: Paige Korstjens

Staff Writer

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