Milbank traveled to a cross country meet in Ipswich on Saturday, September 14. The Bulldog boys’ team captured first place, and the Lady Bulldogs... Batchelor Wins and Bulldog Teams Take Top Spots at Cross Country Meet

Milbank traveled to a cross country meet in Ipswich on Saturday, September 14. The Bulldog boys’ team captured first place, and the Lady Bulldogs were nudged out of first place by only one point by Aberdeen. Nick Batchelor won the meet individually.

“Ipswich did a great job of piecing together a course in the crazy, rainy weather,” said Milbank’s head coach, Eric Townsend. “They weren’t able to host this meet on their golf course, but instead used a facility around their track complex. It was a little shorter varsity distance, but we were glad to be able to compete.”

The boys outdistanced the rest of the teams by 10 points. Milbank topped the field with 19 points. Timber Lake took second with 29, and Mobridge-Pollock was third with 37. The remainder of the scores included: Faulkton Area, 38; Miller, 42; Ellensdale, 54; Potter County, 60; Aberdeen Roncalli, 71; Highmore-Harrold, 99; North Central, 103, and Herreid/Selby Area, 126.

Nick Batchelor took first place. Brady Femling finished 10th, and James Batchelor was close behind in 12th place. Zippy Bock ended up in 20th place, and Alex Farrell finished 24th out of a field of 59

For the girls, Aberdeen Roncalli won the meet with 11 points, and Milbank finished with 12. “We really closed the gap on Roncalli from over a week ago. At the Redfield meet they beat us pretty handily,” stated Townsend. Other teams in the event were Miller, 33; Faulkton Area, 43; and Potter County, 50.

Seventh-grader Tyra Berry led the Lady Bulldogs with a third-place finish. Maurina Street finished seventh, and Danica Schulte was 11th. “Danica ran the best race thus far in her senior season,” Townsend noted. “She’s been one of the top varsity runners since her seventh grade year. Her leadership and ability will be crucial in helping this team.” Ashlyn O’Farrell landed in 14th place; Ellie Neugebauer, 16th; and Maiah Brown, 18th.

“The key for both teams is getting and staying healthy,” Townsend said. “Both teams have some injuries to key runners that hopefully we can continue to improve. The full week of practice we had last week paid huge dividends for us. We are pretty excited overall where both teams are at this point in the season.”

Results for the Bulldogs:
Varsity Girls 5K Run

3. Tyra Berry, 18:54; 7. Maurina Street, 19:05; 11. Danica Schulte, 19:33; 14. Ashlyn O’Farrell, 19:55; 16. Ellie
Neugebauer, 20:14; 18. Maiah Brown, 20:21.

Varsity Boys 5K Run

1. Nick Batchelor, 14:54; 10. Brady Femling, 16:39; 12. James Batchelor, 16:59; 20. Zippy Bock, 17:17; 24. Alex
Farrell, 17:45.

Junior Varsity Girls 4K Run

2. Kynlee Speidel, 21:01; 4. Emily Van Hoorn, 21:19; 5. Julia Wiik, 21:25; 10. Nadia Thue, 22:28; 11. Savana
Osowski, 22:36; 14. Greta Snaza, 26:37.

Junior Varsity Boys 4K Run

6. Isaac Graham, 18:45; 10. Cade Howard, 19:15; 15. Grant Van Peursem, 20:12; 19. Morgan McConnell, 22:41;
21. Will Karels, 25:06.

Middle School Girls 3K Run

3. Ashlee Van Hoorn, 13:13; 15. Kaitlyn Krause, 14:50; 21. Stella Wendland, 15:15.

Middle School Boys 3K Run

5. Ryan O’Farrell, 13:07; 13. Bryan Meyer, 14:13.

Photo – Danica Schulte

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