Milbank Area gymnasts took fifth place at the Fargo Invitational on December 6. This was a new meet on the team’s schedule, and according... Milbank Gymnasts Take Fifth at Fargo Invitational

Milbank Area gymnasts took fifth place at the Fargo Invitational on December 6. This was a new meet on the team’s schedule, and according to Milbank’s head coach, Amber Fraasch, “Each state has mainly the same competitive rules, but the format can vary. It was a long night,” she said, “but overall, we had nice performances considering the new format, judges, and location.”

Milbank improved their team score from their first meet by .125 points. They earned fifth place with a total of 127.375 points. Legacy High won the meet with 136.525. Other teams participating were: Fargo South, Fargo Davies, Grand Forks, Valley City, Bismarck Century, Bismarck High, and Bismarck Legacy.

Greta Snaza led the Lady Bulldogs with an 8.825 on the vault. This was her second state-qualifying score in that event. The balance beam posed some difficulties for the Milbank squad. “This was one of our lowest beam scores in years,” said Fraasch. The team had 12 falls and had to count five of them. Despite that, Dani Yamaura scored her second state-qualifying score and was the lone gymnast to perform a no-fall routine.

Milbank redeemed themselves with solid performances on the uneven parallel bars. “We scored the fourth highest in the last six years on bars,” Fraasch said. “We hit six-for-six no fall, no stop routines with stuck landings. Personal best scores on bars were recorded by Madison Mathews (7.650), Yamaura (7.850), and Aubrey Fraasch (7.475). Freshman Laney Forrette competed in her first varsity competition and received personal best scores in all five events.

Results from the Fargo Invitational:
Team Scores – Legacy High, 136.525; Valley City, 134.450; Grand Forks, 129.80; Century
High, 127.525; Milbank, 127.375; Fargo, 123.100; Fargo Davies, 116.550; Bismarck High, 91.70.

Vault – 5. Greta Snaza, 8.825; 13. Maddie Gustafson, 8.45; 17. Tori Hooth, 8.425; 22.
Dani Yamaura, 8.35; 34. Laney Forrette, 8.00; 42. Madison Mathews, 7.65.
Bars – 10. Dani Yamaura, 7.850; 16. Madison Mathews, 7.650; 16. Maddie Gustafson,
7.650; 18. Greta Snaza, 7.550; 21. Aubrey Fraasch, 7.475; 22. Laney Forrette, 7.40.
Beam – 6. Dani Yamaura, 8.30; 22. Tori Hooth, 7.750; 30. Greta Snaza, 7.050; 35. Laney
Forrette, 6.775; 42. Madison Mathews, 6.350; 44. Maddie Gustafson, 5.575.
Floor – 12. Greta Snaza, 8.375; 15. Maddie Gustafson, 8.30; 16. Dani Yamaura, 8.275;
30. Laney Forrette, 7.80; 35. Madison Mathews, 7.675; 38. Tori Hooth, 7.625.
All-Around Competition – 11. Dani Yamaura, 32.775; 14. Greta Snaza, 31.80; 23. Laney
Forrette, 29.975; 23. Maddie Gustafson, 29.975; 29. Madison Mathews, 29.325.

File Photo – Dani Yamaura

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