Who’s that Bulldog?  It’s Jake Trevett, a member of the boys’ golf team.  Jake, a senior at Milbank High School, is the son of John... Who’s that Bulldog? – Jake Trevett

Who’s that Bulldog?  It’s Jake Trevett, a member of the boys’ golf team.  Jake, a senior at Milbank High School, is the son of John and Jeannie Trevett.

Jake was born with a condition which affects his heart, specifically his aortic valve. Because the abnormality makes it unsafe for him to participate in contact sports such as football, Jake gravitated to golf. 

My dad was the one who really got me into it,” Jake says. He spent years tagging after his dad and got hooked. “Unfortunately, my friends don’t play much golf. That one is on me to get out and play myself or with my family.”  So, if it’s a Sunday and someone at the Trevett house says “scramble,” nobody takes out the eggs. Instead, they all grab their clubs and head to the golf course for another kind of scramble.

Jake joined the golf team when he was in seventh grade and worked his way up to the varsity team by his sophomore season. “I always used my dad’s set of clubs until I was a sophomore,” he says, “and then I decided to take it more seriously and invest for into the game.” His investment paid off as he has qualified for the state Class A golf tournament three consecutive years. He says, “The state atmosphere is awesome.  It takes a different mindset to play in the state meet, the  pressure and intensity are so fun for me.”

Last year as a junior, he came in just shy of earning a medal. The top 25 players place at the state meet; Jake finished in 26th place.  “My nerves on the first tee box got the best of me,” he said. “I shot a nine on the first hole because I was so nervous.”

Jake qualified for the 2020 state tournament, which is taking place today and tomorrow in Hot Springs.  Before he left, he said, “I feel I’ve warmed up to the occasion pretty well this year. So, I’m hoping to do better.” He set his sights on placing in the top 20 and said,  “I feel that’s a realistic goal for me. I hope I can play well both days.” 

As a senior at the top of his game, Jake says he’s proud to put on a Bulldog uniform. “I love representing Milbank. It’s cool. You are what everyone sees – a Bulldog. I’m proud to lead the team and be an example to the younger kids, especially teaching the new athletes about golf etiquette.” 

Jake also recently took up frisbee golfing.  He says, “It’s a fun, fairly inexpensive hobby.” He also enjoys going to the lake or heading out into the great outdoors to do some hunting, fishing, or ice fishing. “My friends and I like to drive around and scout out hunting fields.”

Hunting, as well as golf, are sports that usually require a lot of quiet time, but Jake says he is known for his loud voice. “I don’t mind it. I guess you always know when I’m in the building,” he says with a laugh. He includes pizza, pop music, and being an uncle as some of his favorite things and says his favorite class is history. 

He hasn’t decided on plans for the future, but is considering attending South Dakota State University to study computer science. “I’m really fascinated by computers, but if that doesn’t work out, I’d like to teach at the high school level.”

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