The 2020 Bulldog cross country teams made school history when both the boys’ and the girls’ teams won Region 1A team titles on Thursday, October... Bulldog Cross Country Teams Make MHS History

The 2020 Bulldog cross country teams made school history when both the boys’ and the girls’ teams won Region 1A team titles on Thursday, October 15, in Webster. The last time that happened was in 1997.

The girls topped the field for the third time in the last four years; the boys captured the team title for the first time since 2011. Milbank is also home to both individual regional champions — Nick and Ashlynn Batchelor. Nick claimed his third consecutive regional title; Ashlynn won her first regional championship. Ashlynn is the first Milbank runner to earn the title in over 20 years.

“The region meet was the best meet of the season for us thus far,” stated Bulldog head coach Eric Townsend. “Both teams qualified for the state meet and are in a good position to finish out their seasons very strong.” Five runners on the boys team took home a top-20 medalist finish. All six of the girls varsity runners placed in the top 12.

The junior varsity team also completed their season in good shape. Fifteen of the top 18 places went to the Milbank girls and five of the boys placed in the top 15.

The Bulldogs will compete at the 2020 South Dakota State Class A Cross Country Meet at Hart Ranch Resort in Rapid City on Saturday, October 24. The Class A girls race starts at 3:30 p.m. and the Class A boys race starts at 4:15 p.m. MST.

Results from the Region 1A meet:
Girls Varsity 5K Race 1. Ashlynn Batchelor, 19:41.82; 6. Maurina Street, 21:30.07; 7. Amaya Street, 21:38.31; 8. Ashlee Van Hoorn, 21:45.11; 9. Tyra Berry, 21:59.19; 12. Ellie Neugebauer, 22:13.54.
Team scores – Milbank, 19; Aberdeen Roncalli, 28; Clark-Willow Lake, 59; Webster Area, 67; Florence- Henry, 72.

Boys Varsity 5K Race 1. Nick Batchelor, 16:38.80; 7. James Batchelor, 18:56.29; 10. Isaac Graham, 19:25.42; 14. Grant Van Peursem, 19:49.45; 18. Isaac Johnson, 19:57.54; 26. Sammy Femling, 20:48.96.
Team scores – Milbank 25, Clark-Willow Lake, 29; Aberdeen Roncalli, 57; Webster Area, 58; Florence- Henry, 59.

Mixed Junior Varsity 3K Race 2. Maiah Brown, 14:36.97; 3. Savanna Osowski, 14:47.47; 4. Jaclyn Wiik, 14:49.05; 5. Olivia Foell, 14:50.47; 6. Kynlee Speidel, 15:25.19; 7. Stella Wendland, 15:38.45; 8. Rylee Scoular, 15:40.28; 9. Ashlyn O’Farrell, 15:44.11; 10. Evelyn Liebe, 15:50.21; 11. Allison Leddy, 16:04.14; 12. Elexia Quintanilla, 16:09.61; 13. Nadia Thue, 16:27.29; 15. Julia Wiik, 16:36.92; 16. Kaitlyn Krause, 16:39.57; 18. Addie Farrell, 17:13.69; 23. Sophia Gastineau, 18:43.44; 24. Yanderyn Olivares, 19:16.19; 25. Camryn Sovell, 19:16.91. 3. Bryan Meyer, 13:38.92; 6. Abner Perez, 13:56.00; 8. Ryan O’Farrell, 14:04.04; 12. Will Karels, 14:19.61; 15. Asher Young, 15:21.92; 22. Jose Hernandez, 14:18.50; 24. Ryker Trevett, 16:29.37.

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