Give local cheer the green light. And red ones, too. And how about some twinkly ones? The Grant County Courthouse, Grant County Extension Service, and... Park Your Cheer Here in the Courthouse Park

Give local cheer the green light. And red ones, too. And how about some twinkly ones? The Grant County Courthouse, Grant County Extension Service, and a variety of community organizations are launching Christmas in the Park this year to brighten the city of Milbank and lift everyone’s spirits.  Lighted displays will be featured throughout the Courthouse Park and everyone is welcome to create one.

According to organizer Sara Koepke, the project was predicated on these questions: How do we look ahead and find a way to get excited about spending even more time at home for the holidays? How do we make this year special for our kids and adults? Could this be the year for new traditions? Koepke, who is also the SDSU Extension 4-H youth program advisor for Grant County, says, “Our community is always finding additional and unique ways to celebrate Christmas. Instead of going out of town this year, we want our residents to enjoy something special here. The holiday season is about joy and togetherness. This is the time we need both of them ever more so given the current pandemic.”

She says, “There is no charge for groups or individuals to participate. You just need to provide your own materials, time, and efforts to keep up a quality lighted display.” Ready to get started?  Call the SDSU Extension-Grant County 4-H Office at 605.432.9221 Monday, November 30.  

Things You Need to Know:

  • How does it work? There’s no charge for businesses, non-profit organizations, church congregations, or individuals. It only requires your materials, time, and effort to keep up a quality lighted display.
  • Registrations – Rules – Assignments? Registration is required.  Call the SDSU Extension-Grant County 4-H Office at 605.432.9221 On Monday, November 30.  A map will be created with your display location marked and instructions for setting up your lighted display. You will be assigned a 12×12-foot spot.
  • What kind of lighted display is allowed? Displays must be a seasonal/holiday theme or greeting. We encourage you to have a sign with a name. It can be lit with LED lights and/or spotlights. Parade of Lights floats are welcome if they fit in your assigned space.
  • When can I start setting up? December 1. All displays need to be in place by December 5, when we flip the switch for Christmas at Courthouse Park.
  • What am I responsible for? The park supplies power and timers. You are responsible for extension cords to get to the power supply. You are responsible for making sure all your display lights work. You are responsible for taking down your display the week after December 27. Stakes frozen in the ground can be tagged and left until the spring thaw. Everything else must be removed.
  • Park Access/Security? The Grant County Courthouse Park is secured with surveillance cameras. The Grant County Courthouse is not responsible for damage, theft, or vandalism. Sidewalks will be cleared of snow for families to view the displays. Drive-by viewing is also encouraged.
  • Hours of Operation: 5 – 9 p.m. daily through December 27.

 Questions? Call Sara Koepke at 605.432.9221 or email her at :


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