The Lady Bulldogs gymnastics team kicked off its season with a dual in Sisseton on Tuesday, December 1. The Milbank girls topped the Redmen with... Milbank Gymnasts Start Season with a Milestone
Junior Dani Yamaura

The Lady Bulldogs gymnastics team kicked off its season with a dual in Sisseton on Tuesday, December 1. The Milbank girls topped the Redmen with 125.250 points. Sisseton finished with 112.40. 

Three Milbank girls scored over 32 points in the all-around competition. “This has only happened in one other Milbank season – during 2018-2019,” said head coach Amber Fraasch. Dani Yamaura took first  with a 32.50. Greta Snaza earned a 32.35, and Aubrey Fraasch had a personal best of 32.250.  

Coach Fraasch went on to explain, “This year, the state removed the all-around qualifying standard. In order to compete at state in all-around, a gymnast must qualify in all four events. To qualify in any event, a gymnast must earn a state-qualifying score in three varsity meets or qualify at the regional meet. The qualifying standard for vault and floor is 8.60, and for bars and beam is 8.30.”

Fraasch said, “This meet was originally a triangular that included Wahpeton, North Dakota, but they are not allowed to compete until the middle of December,” “Changes like these will be common this year, and we are adjusting and adapting as we go. Because of Covid, we had eight gymnasts competing at this meet. The top four scores determine the team score. We had four varsity compete and four junior varsity, so that means everyone’s score counted. This added pressure to the first meet. I was very pleased with how both teams performed.”

The Lady Bulldogs started the meet with three of four no-fall beam routines by Rylie Overby, A. Fraasch, and Snaza. A. Fraasch led the team with a first-place finish and a score of 7.60. “Even though we stayed on the beam, we were a little shaky, causing extra balance checks and missed connections,” said Coach Fraasch. “The girls were glad to get that first beam routine done and now know what they have to work on for the next meet.”

Yamaura captured first place on the floor exercise with her first state-qualifying score of 8.950. The team also had consistent performance on the vault. Snaza took second with a state-qualifying score of 8.80. Yamaura had her first qualifying score in that event with a 8.60. Overby earned a personal best of 8.30.

The final event of the day was the uneven parallel bars.  A. Fraasch won the event with a 7.60.  Coach Fraasch noted, “We scored a full point higher than the same meet last year.”

The Milbank Junior Varsity team also captured first place with 85.00 points. Hannah Brown won the vault, bars, floor, and all-around competition.

Complete results for Milbank:
Milbank Varsity
Team scores – Milbank, 125.250; Sisseton, 112.40.
Vault – 2. Greta Snaza, 8.80; 4. Dani Yamaura, 8.60; 5. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.40; 6. Rylie Overby, 8.30.
Uneven Parallel Bars – 1. Aubrey Fraasch, 7.60; 2. Greta Snaza, 7.55; 3. Dani Yamaura, 7.35; 6. Rylie Overby, 5.40.
Balance Beam – 1. Aubrey Fraasch, 7.80; 2. Greta Snaza, 7.75; 3. Dani Yamaura, 7.60; 6. Rylie Overby, 6.55.
Floor Exercise – 1. Dani Yamaura, 8.95; 2. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.45; 3. Greta Snaza, 8.25; 5. Rylie Overby, 7.90.
All-Around Competition – 1. Dani Yamaura, 32.50; 2. Greta Snaza, 32.35; 3. Aubrey Fraasch, 32.25; 6. Rylie Overby, 28.15.

Milbank Junior VarsityTeam scores – Milbank, 85.00; Sisseton, 81.95.
Vault – 1. Hannah Brown, 8.00; 5. Gemma Street, 6.90; 7. Zoe Theis, 6.70; 8. Johana Jimenez, 5.80.
Uneven Parallel Bars – 1. Hannah Brown, 6.50; 2. Zoe Theis, 4.40; 7. Gemma Street, 3.20; 8. Johana Jimenez, 2.90.Balance Beam – 2. Hannah Brown, 5.85; 4. Gemma Street, 4.70; 5. Zoe Theis, 4.45; 8. Johana Jimenez, 3.40.
Floor Exercise – 1. Hannah Brown, 7.00; 2. Gemma Street, 6.10; 4. Zoe Theis, 5.15; 6. Johana Jimenez, 3.95.
All-Around Competition – 1. Hannah Brown, 27.350; 3. Gemma Street, 20.90; 4. Zoe Theis, 20.70;n 5. Johana Jimenez, 16.05.


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