The Milbank gymnastics team scored 133.00 points to win the Sisseton Invitational on Saturday, January 2. The team score was the second highest in Milbank... Gymnasts Achieve Second Highest Team Score in MHS History

The Milbank gymnastics team scored 133.00 points to win the Sisseton Invitational on Saturday, January 2. The team score was the second highest in Milbank High School history.

“We posted six personal best scores – one on bars, one on beam, and four in all-around,” stated Milbank’s head coach, Amber Fraasch. “The all-around scores really tell the tale of this meet by showing our difficulty level and consistency in all the events has gotten better.”

Dani Yamaura and Rylie Overby performed no-fall beam routines. Yamaura received her second state-qualifying score of 8.80, and Overby earned a personal best of 8.15. Aubrey Fraasch also posted her second state-qualifying beam score of 8.45.

“Although we still had to count three falls, the elements in our routines were cleaner and more connected than the past few meets,” noted Coach Fraasch. “We are moving in the right direction, and the good thing is we still have connections and skills to add in the upcoming weeks.”

Yamaura led the Lady Bulldogs with a 9.0 on the floor exercise. Greta Snaza received an 8.70, her second state-qualifying score. Madison Mathews earned her first state-qualifying score with an 8.60. A. Fraasch punched her ticket to the state individual competition with her third state-qualifying score of 8.95.

The Lady Bulldogs performed huge vaults in warm-ups but came up short during competition. They bounced back with a great bar set. Yamaura earned a personal best score of 8.05. Overby performed her first kip in competition and added an event requirement to her list of accomplishments. Mathews, Yamaura, Overby, and A. Fraasch earned personal best all-around scores.

Complete results for the Milbank gymnasts:
Team scores – 1. Milbank, 133.00; 2. Britton-Hecla, 125.90; 3. Sisseton, 121.65.
Vault – 4. Greta Snaza, 8.70; 5. Dani Yamaura, 8.35; 5. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.35; 7. Madison Mathews, 8.30; 9. Rylie Overby, 8.25.
Uneven Parallel Bars – 2. Dani Yamaura, 8.05; 3. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.00; 5. Greta Snaza, 7.50; 6. Madison Mathews, 7.35; 11. Rylie Overby, 5.55.
Balance Beam – 1. Dani Yamaura, 8.80; 3. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.45; 5. Rylie Overby, 8.15; 8. Greta Snaza, 7.75; 10. Madison Mathews, 7.50.
Floor Exercise – 1. Dani Yamaura, 9.00; 2. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.95; 3. Greta Snaza, 8.70; 4. Madison Mathews, 8.60; 9. Rylie Overby, 8.25.
All-Around Competition – 1. Dani Yamaura, 34.20; 2. Aubrey Fraasch, 33.75; 5. Greta Snaza, 32.65; 7. Madison Mathews, 31.75; 9. Rylie Overby, 30.20.
Junior Varsity Competition
Vault – 9. Johana Jimenez, 6.40; 10. Gemma Street, 6.30.
Uneven Parallel Bars – 11. Gemma Street, 2.60; 12. Johana Jimenez, 2.10.
Balance Beam – 9. Gemma Street, 6.25; 10. Johana Jimenez, 5.80.
Floor Exercise – 5. Gemma Street, 6.90; 12. Johana Jimenez, 4.60.
All-Around Competition – 7. Gemma Street, 22.05; 8. Johana Jimenez, 18.90.

File photo – Sophomore Rylie Overby


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