The Milbank gymnastics team competed for the first time this season with a full lineup. The six members traveled to the 11-team Watertown Invitational... Milbank Gymnasts Compete with Full Lineup

The Milbank gymnastics team competed for the first time this season with a full lineup. The six members traveled to the 11-team Watertown Invitational on Saturday, January 23. 

“I was excited to have the whole varsity team compete together and can’t wait to see what they can do as a team in the final meets of the season,” said Milbank’s head coach, Amber Fraasch.

Milbank competed in Pod 3 with Sisseton and Watertown JV. The Lady Bulldogs started the meet with a solid bar set. “We did not count any falls or stops, and our overall execution was good,” said Coach Fraasch.

Aubrey Fraasch led the team with a score of 8.025 and a 17th place finish. The Lady Bulldogs scored their highest event total points of the season on the balance beam with 32.30 points. Greta Snaza, Dani Yamaura, and A. Fraasch all hit no-fall routines. Yamaura led with a 8.90 and 9th place.  A. Fraasch received her third state-qualifying score and is now prequalified for the state meet on beam.

According to Coach Fraasch, Milbank committed uncharacteristic errors on the floor exercise, but also had some nice routines. A. Fraasch scored a 9.15 and placed 16th overall.

Hannah Brown paced the team on the vault with her first state-qualifying and personal best score of 8.750. A. Fraasch also took 12th place in the all-around competition with a personal best 33.95. Brown earned a personal best with 30.25.

“We have been consistently scoring between 131 and 133 when we have at least five of our gymnasts,” said Coach Fraasch. “We will continue to work on cleaning up our connections and execution as we head into the final meets of the season. When we all hit, we have a good chance of competing with the best in the state.”

Complete results for Milbank:
Team scores
 – Mitchell, 146.450; Watertown, 142.150; Brookings, 142.025; Madison, 136.525; Deuel, 135.450; Aberdeen, 133.350; Milbank, 131.475; Watertown JV, 125.600; Huron, 122.225; Britton, 119.00; Sisseton, 110.675.
Vault – 21. Hannah Brown, 8.75; 31. Greta Snaza, 8.65; 38. Dani Yamaura, 8.55; 43. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.45; 46. Madison Mathews, 8.425; 49. Rylie Overby, 8.30.
Uneven Parallel Bars – 17. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.025; 28. Dani Yamaura, 7.275; 30. Greta Snaza, 7.20; 31. Madison Mathews, 7.10; 37. Hannah Brown, 6.675; 57. Rylie Overby, 5.225.
Balance Beam – 9. Dani Yamaura, 8.90; 21. Aubrey Fraasch, 8.325; 30. Greta Snaza, 7.875; 46. Madison Mathews, 7.20; 51. Rylie Overby, 6.925; 55. Hannah Brown, 6.475.
Floor Exercise – 16. Aubrey Fraasch, 9.15; 22. Dani Yamaura, 9.05; 35. Madison Mathews, 8.525; 37. Greta Snaza, 8.45; 38. Hannah Brown, 8.35; 48. Rylie Overby, 8.05.
All-Around Competition – 12. Aubrey Fraasch, 33.95; 13. Dani Yamaura, 33.775; 23. Greta Snaza, 32.175; 28. Madison Mathews, 31.250; 32. Hannah Brown, 30.250; 37. Rylie Overby, 28.90.

File photo – junior Dani Yamaura


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