Did you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 14-20)? It’s an annual event to encourage people to pay it forward or make someone’s... Random Acts of Kindness Spread By Locals

Did you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 14-20)? It’s an annual event to encourage people to pay it forward or make someone’s day — especially a random stranger. 

Our readers reported these examples:
J.W. says: I was shopping at Hartman’s Family Foods when an elderly lady ahead of me in line struggled to pay for her groceries with her card. She tried it several times without success.  The man who had just checked out was leaving the store, but he turned around, stepped back to the card machine, and used his own card to pay for the woman’s groceries. It wasn’t just a couple of items, either. She probably had $60-70 worth of food.

Another reader reports: I received a copy of my birth announcement in the mail. It was totally out of the blue. As I am over 60, the person who sent it had kept it a long time. It’s very special to me as my father had handwritten it, and I don’t remember my family having one or even ever seeing one. 

S.L. says: I wasn’t having the best day. I had lost my debit card, but as I went through the line at a business, the cashier said I was chosen for a random act of kindness and handed me a gift card. It didn’t help me find my debit card, but it sure saved my day.

A.V. reports: Drew Biel, who has been a member of Grant County Shooting Sports for several years, recently experienced a growth spurt. His bow was suddenly too short for him. Mark Veen from Bent Arrow said he would look at the bow and see if it could be lengthened. Instead, a stranger stepped in to solve the problem. Joe Sable, a 70-year-old man from Sisseton, was shooting at Bent Arrow and asked Veen if he knew of a kid looking for a bow. Veen said, “Yes!! I have a student who has outgrown his and this would fit him for quite awhile.”

Drew’s mother, Allison, and stepdad, Scott Butler, said, “He gave Drew a new bow that fits his draw length and he can even grow more and it will continue to fit him. We are so grateful for this act of kindness.” Mr. Sable humbly said. “He needed a bow and I had one. I like helping people. It gave me so much happiness.”
If you performed a random act of kindness, you probably felt the joy only giving can give. If you missed the celebration last week, no need to wait all year to join the fun. Pick a day. Any day. How about tomorrow? 

photo: Drew Biel


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