Senior Amaya Street, who most recently was a member of the MHS track and field team, is Who’s That Bulldog??? for The Valley Express.... Who’s That Bulldog? —  It’s Amaya Street

Senior Amaya Street, who most recently was a member of the MHS track and field team, is Who’s That Bulldog??? for The Valley Express. Amaya is the daughter of Jodi and Jason Street.

“When I was in sixth grade, I ran in the Avera Glow Run, and I thought it was super fun,” Amaya says, “So, I decided then that I wanted to run cross country. I didn’t have a fall sport, so, I gave cross country a whirl and it was fun.”

On the track team, she ran in the 400-meter, 800-meter, and mile relays.  She cites the time she ran the mile race at the NEC meet her freshman year as the highlight of her running career. She passed the girl in first place at the finish line to win. “That was one of my best races,” she recalls. Another fond memory was being a member of the  3,200-meter relay team when she was a sophomore. We just missed placing at the state meet. That was another great race,” Amaya says.

She really missed not having a track season last year. But on the flip side, she says, “We all ran and trained from March to October getting ready for cross country. So, that really helped us out. But it was a bummer for track.”
This year as a senior, the cross country state meet was her favorite. “We got fourth place as a team. I was in the top 50, which was a big accomplishment for me. It was snowy and the weather was terrible, but it was really run.”
Although her sister, Maurina, is two years younger, she has been a big help to Amaya. “She’s normally my running buddy during the off season. She definitely has helped motivate me.” When the girls were younger, there was more competition between the two sisters. “We really wanted to beat each other.” Now,” she says, “it’s not about beating each other anymore, it’s for the team.” Amaya also shared the joy of crossing the finish line at the same time as Maurina in the mile run at the Valley Queen Cheese track meet this year. “That was pretty cool.”

She says, “When I’m at meets, it’s so much more exciting. You put on that Bulldog uniform and want to run well and do well for your team and your school. I love doing that.” 

She also enjoyed her role as a senior on the team. “The younger kids, especially the middle schoolers, were always  watching you. They didn’t know what to do, so, you had to be extra on top of things so you could show them what they needed to be doing for the rest of their years on the team. All those little things – like warmups, cool downs – they watch everything.”

Amaya is also an extremely active member of the Milbank Area Lions Swim Team and says, “Swimming is my favorite sport.” During high school, she played the trumpet in band and was a member of the Milbank Honor Society. She also works at Unity Square as a lifeguard. In her free time, she likes to read, play the piano, solve Rubik’s cubes, be outside, hang out with her siblings and family, and talk with her friends.

Next fall, Amaya plans to attend Augustana University and continue her swimming career there.


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