The MHS choirs and band presented their season-end awards and recognized notable achievements. The John Phillip Sousa Award, the most prestigious award for high school... MHS Band and Choir Members Honored

The MHS choirs and band presented their season-end awards and recognized notable achievements. The John Phillip Sousa Award, the most prestigious award for high school band students, was given to DeAndre French.  The Arion Award, the oldest and most prestigious national award for high school musicians, was presented to Drake Rogers. 

National School Choral Awards were given to Rihanna Folk and Aiden Boerger. The Justin Maass Memorial for choral singing was presented to Emma DeBoer. The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award recipient was Amaya Street

The Director’s Award for band went to Camryn Phinney. The choir recipient was Madi Thue. Hope Karels and William Karels were recognized for participating in the 2021 South Dakota All-State Band. Nicholas Fonder, Merik Junker, Joe Schulte, and Rachel Schulte were recognized for participating in the 2021 South Dakota All-State Orchestra.Paulina Burke, Hailey Hupke, William Karels, Isaac Schulte, and Isaac Sousawere recognized for being selected for the the 47th Annual South Dakota Honor Choir to be held in July.

Spirit of Marching awards, as voted on by classmates, were presented to: Freshman – Jairek Frazee and Hope Karels Sophomore -Merik Junker and Ellie Neugebauer Junior – Hattie Muellenbach and Isaac Sousa Senior – Logan Meyer and Madi Thue 

Outstanding Choir Member awards, as voted on by classmates, were awarded to: Freshman Hope Karels and Nadia Thue Sophomore – Ellie Neugebauer Junior – Isaac Sousa

Four-year band pins were earned by:  Siri Bien, Emma DeBoer, Halli Essington, DeAndre French, Jared Johnson, Jenna Johnson, Monserrat Meraz-Chavez, Logan Meyer, MacKenzie Michels, Camryn Phinney, Maci Priebe, Mason Riley, Drake Rogers, Amaya Street, Madi Thue, Amber Unzen, Jessica VanPeursem, Eric VanSambeek, Peyten Wiese. 

Four-year choir pins went to: Siri Bien, Aiden Boerger, Heidi Capp, Emma DeBoer, Rhianna Folk, Jenna Johnson, Allison Leddy, Lindsey Mertens, Logan Meyer, MacKenzie Michels, Maci Priebe, Mason Riley, Drake Rogers, Madi Thue, Eric VanSambeek, Jessica VanPeurem, Peyten Wiese. 

All-State Chorus pins went to: Soprano: Maiah Brown and Jessica VanPeursem  Alto: Emma DeBoer and Rhianna Folk  Tenor: Aiden Boerger and William Karels   Bass: Max Lighfield and Isaac Sousa 

Major Letter Awards: Seniors: Heidi Capp (choir), Allison Leddy (choir), Lindsey Mertens (choir), Chris Peery (choir), and Mason Riley (band/choir). Juniors: Tatum Berry (band), Tenley Wildung (choir). Sophomores: Kylene Bowen (choir), Paulina Burke (choir), Ashlyn O’Farrell (choir), Justus Osborn (choir), Hailie Schulte (choir), and Paul VanDover (band). Freshman: Nicholas Fonder (band/choir), Aubrey Fraasch (band/choir), Kaitlyn Huber (band), Hope Karels (band/choir), Maggie Kruger (band), Brooke Mumbauer (band), Landon Novy (band), Shaylee Schuchard (choir), Joe Schulte (band), Rachel Schulte (band/choir), Daniel Shelstad (band/choir), Cailey Sime (band), Nadia Thue (choir), Isabella Vogel (band/choir), Sophia Whitlow (band), and Connor Wiik (band). 

Major Bar Awards: Seniors: Siri Bien (band/choir), Aiden Boerger (choir), Emma DeBoer (band/choir), Halli Essington (band), Rhianna Folk (choir), DeAndre French (band/choir), Jared Johnson (band), Jenna Johnson (band/choir), Logan Meyer (band), MacKenzie Michels (band/choir), Camryn Phinney (band), Maci Priebe (choir), Drake Rogers (band/choir), Amaya Street (band), Madi Thue (band/choir), Amber Unzen (band) Jesssica VanPeursem (choir), Eric VanSambeek (band/choir), and Peyten Wiese (band/choir). Juniors: Nick Batchelor (choir), Maiah Brown (band/choir), Hailey Hupke (band/choir), William Karels (band/choir), Natalie Meyer (band/choir), Hattie Muellenbach (band), Savanna Osowski (band), Isaac Schulte (band/choir), Bennett Schwenn (choir), Isaac Sousa (band/choir), Savannah Stengel (band), Benett Street (band), Emily VanHoorn (band/choir), Jacquie Wold (choir) and Dani Yamaura (choir). Sophomores: Luis Berrones (band), Mason Cordingley (band), Addie Farrell (band), Madisen Frerichs (choir), Merik Junker (band), Max Lightfield (band/choir), Aiden Ludvigson (choir), Ellie Neugebauer (band/choir), Cadence Pillatzki (choir), Zach Ringsaker (band), Elsie Seffrood (band/choir), Jacob Shelstad (choir), Maurina Street (band), Keara VanHoorn (band), Emily Jo Wollschlager (band). 

Perfect Attendance at Marching and Pep Band Events: Halli Essington, Kaitlyn Huber, Maggie Kruger, Natalie Meyer, Rylee Schell, and Sophia Whitlow.

Band Officer Pins: President-Drake Rogers: Vice President-Madi Thue: Secretaries-Logan Meyer, Jenna Johnson, Eric VanSambeek, Camryn Phinney, and Emma DeBoer.

Drum Major Pins: William Karels, Camryn Phinney, and Eric VanSambeek 

Colorguard Pins: Mariah Brandenburger, Maiah Brown, Emma DeBoer, Taryn Dusky, Averie Engebretson, Laney Forrette, Jenna Johnson, Monserrat Meraz Chavez, and Camryn Wiese. 

Band Section Leader Pins: Maiah Brown, Camryn Phinney, Peyten Wiese, Hattie Muellenbach, Emma DeBoer, Eric VanSambeek, Mackenzie Michels, DeAndre French, Amaya Street, Isaac Sousa, Jenna Johnson, Logan Meyer, Karson Weber, William Karels, Drake Rogers, Madi Thue, Jessica VanPeursem, and Jared Johnson. 

Chorus Section Leader Pins: Soprano/Alto: Emma DeBoer, Rhianna Folk, Madi Thue, Jessica Van PeursemTenor/Bass: William Karels, Isaac Sousa, and Eric Van Sambeek. 

Jazz Band Member Pins: Luis Berrones, Tatum Berry, Siri Bien, Mason Cordingley, Emma DeBoer, Sunne DeBoer, Sammy Femling, Aubrey Fraasch, Jairek Frazee, DeAndre French, Kellen Hoeke, Hailey Hupke, Jared Johnson, Merik Junker, Hope Karels, William Karels, Maggie Kruger, Max Lightfield, Aiden Ludvigson, Logan Meyer, Natalie Meyer, Mackenzie Michels, Hattie Muellenbach, Wylie Mursu, Ellie Neugebauer, Landon Novy, Justus Osborn, Savanna Osowski, Abby Pillatzki, Maci Priebe, Mason Riley, Zach Ringsaker, Drake Rogers, Jack Sandvig, Isaac Schulte, Bennett Schwenn, Elsie Seffrood, Daniel Shelstad, Cailey Sime, Isaac Sousa, Amaya Street, Benett Street, Maurina Street, Maddie Tesch, Paul VanDover, Eric Van Sambeek, Emily VanHoorn, Keara VanHoorn, Peyten Wiese, and Emily Jo Wollschlager.


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