The popular downtown coffee shop is moving to the east corner of the former Trevett’s Cafe parking lot.  If you know the owners, Jacob... Ebsens to Build New Coffee Shop in Milbank

The popular downtown coffee shop is moving to the east corner of the former Trevett’s Cafe parking lot.  If you know the owners, Jacob and Lexy Ebsen, it might not surprise you that Jacob wants to be closer to the highway.  He’s spent a lot of time and logged thousands of miles on highways while driving a long-haul semi. Now, he plans to hang up his keys and his trucker hat and join his wife full time at Simply Coffee. 

The new coffee shop is designed to be a drive-thru only. If Jacob has learned anything while criss-crossing the country, it’s that people are on the move. They want their cup of joe fast. He says, “This is something Milbank needs and doesn’t have. It meets the needs for the town and for people traveling through.”

Lexy, who has been running the coffee shop downtown for over a year and half, says the new shop is all about convenience. ”Now, everything is about ease of access. The world is all hustle and bustle. Go…go…go. If you have only a few minutes to get to work, you don’t want to risk walking into a place just to discover a long line at the counter. That’s stressful. Plus, we have a lot of winter here. You won’t need to get out; you can stay in your warm car.” 

They plan to open at the new location this fall, but the exact date depends on a lot of things. Jacob says, “We have been told, because of COVID, some of our commercial equipment might be delayed. But, you learn not to worry about it.”  Lexy adds, “Contractors are very busy, so we are working around their schedules. The wait has a silver lining, though, as wood prices are starting to go down.” Jacob laughs and says, “That’s another example of God’s timing.”

“God doesn’t say no, He says not yet,” Lexy says. Jacob added, “We are in the season of patience.”

The first step is to get water and sewer to the property before starting construction on the 16 x 32-foot building. Next, the Ebsens are trying to juggle contractors timelines for the rough-in utilities for the coffee shop. The drawings include two windows — one to place an order and one to pick up. Just another way they hope to add efficiency to each customer’s day. 

They are also excited about the surprises they have planned to expand their beverage menu. The word “smoothie” might have slipped out, but customers will have to wait and see. Eventually, they plan to also offer a pastry or quick sandwich.

Their coffee will remain the same as it is unique and delicious. It’s as local as they can get — roasted specially for Simply Coffee in Benson, Minnesota. So, it’s not something you can go to the store and buy. Simply Coffee is the only place in town you can get it.

Jacob and Lexy say they will miss their Main Street shop, but Lexy is hoping to stay in touch with her regulars at the new location. They are also eager to meet new people. 

Ministry has always been in their hearts and their business. Jacob is a part-time youth pastor at Calvary Church and he says, “This life we are living is all about relationships, and God is all about love in those relationships. That is most important to us — the relationships we build with people. Even in a drive-thru, you can spend a short time with someone and feel the joy of the Lord through them.”

Lexy shares, “People know right away that Jacob has God’s love in him. They can feel the joy of the Lord through Jacob in just 30 seconds.”  

Their perspective serves as a pleasant reminder that God’s love can be spread in unexpected ways. That even a cuppa joe is just one letter away from a cuppa joy.


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