MHS pole vaulters competed in the Dan Lennon A High School Track and Field Meet on Monday, March 27, on the campus of USD... Jayden Johnson Takes First and Second-Place

MHS pole vaulters competed in the Dan Lennon A High School Track and Field Meet on Monday, March 27, on the campus of USD in Vermillion. Jayden Johnson earned second place with his vault of 13-00. Sam Rick took 13th place for the Bulldogs at 9-06. Parker Grabow came in 16th at 8-06.

Beau Karst of Harrisburg was the winner at 14-06. Robbie Emery of Custer took third place at 12-06.

For the girls team, Jacy Dexter vaulted to third place at 9-00. Katie Kruger placed sixth at 8-06. Maggie Kruger earned eighth place with her vault of 8-00.

Ciana Stiefel of Custer leapt to first place at 12-01. Kiah Boetel of Harrisburg came in second at 10-06.

Fuller Invitational – March 20

MHS pole vaulters jumped at the chance to get their season started on March 20. The athletes competed in the Fuller Invitational Track and Field Meet at Barnett Center at Northern State University in Aberdeen. 

Jayden Johnson brought home first place for the Bulldogs. Sam Rick earned second. (Brody Davis of Ipswich came in third.) Parker Grabow took fourth place for Milbank. Max Scoular and Pierce Mathiason tied for ninth.

 Jacy Dexter took second place and Katie Kruger took third place for the Lady Bulldogs. They were just behind Sadie Jensen of Estelline-Hendricks who walked away with the No. 1 spot.

What’s next? The Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs take their entire teams to an indoor meet in Brookings on Monday, April 3.

Boys Varsity Pole Vault


1.11Jayden Johnson3.81mPRMilbank
2.8Sam Rick3.05mPRMilbank
3.9Brody Davis2.90mPRIpswich
4.9Chays Mansfield2.75mPRWarner
4.8Parker Grabow2.75mPRMilbank
6.10Rasmus Loken2.44mSRIpswich
7.9Karsten Saathoff2.29mPREstelline/Hendricks
7.8Paxton Johnson2.29mPRWarner
9.8Clayton Horst2.13mSRIpswich
9.7Max Scoular2.13mPRMilbank
9.7Pierce Mathiason2.13mPRMilbank
9.9Michael Bjorgaard2.13mPRWarner
8Kameron HauckDNSEstelline/Hendricks

Womens Varsity Pole Vault



1.11Sadie Johnson2.90mPREstelline/Hendricks
2.9Jacy Dexter2.75mPRMilbank
3.10Katie Kruger2.44mPRMilbank
4.12Kaitlyn Williams2.44mPRIpswich
5.9Marley Guthmiller2.44mSRIpswich
5.11Maggie Kruger2.44mPRMilbank
7.10Kathryn Kilber2.44mPRIpswich
7.8Jalyssa Hutson2.44mPRIpswich
9.10Rylee Scoular2.29mPRMilbank
9.8Zayda Townsend2.29mPRMilbank
9.7Raina Untalan2.29mPRMilbank
12.11Jersey Deibert2.14mPRWarner
13.8Jenna Korstjens1.83mPRMilbank
14.8Kennadee Wiedebush1.68mPRWarner
15.11Cassidy Hardie1.68mPRWarner


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