Kiera Steffen, Stella Wendland, Skyler Skoog, and Jaclyn and Julia Wiik — Milbank Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) placed in the top three of... Five MHS Hosa Students Qualify for International Competition in Dallas

Kiera Steffen, Stella Wendland, Skyler Skoog, and Jaclyn and Julia Wiik — Milbank Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) placed in the top three of their categories during South Dakota’s 2023 State Leadership Conference at the Pentagon in Sioux Falls on March 30-31. 

Nearly 1000 students vied for a spot in the international competition, but only the students who earned a top-three finish move on to the next level. HOSA’s International Leadership Conference will be held in Dallas from June 21-24.  Due to inclement weather, the second day of the conference was canceled, and some students competed and were judged virtually.  

The MHS qualifiers and their categories included: First place —  Stella Wendland — Knowledge Test – Pathophysiology Second place — Kiera Steffen —  Medical SpellingThird place — Skyler Skoog- Knowledge Test– Cultural Diversity and Disparities in Healthcare Third place — Julia and Jaclyn Wiik — Health Career Display Third place —  Jaclyn Wiik — Health Informatics.

MHS students who competed in the Tobacco Vaping Video Challenge achieved the “most likes on Facebook” and were awarded a  $250 gift card for the Milbank HOSA Chapter. The students included: Ixtal Macias, Jossy Garcia,Yareni Montes, Jimena Achiaga Cornejo. 

MHS students and their category of competition also included: 

Ashlyn Batchelor- Nutrition James Batchelor- HOSA Bowl Sammy Femling- HOSA Bowl Aiden Ludvigson- HOSA Bowl Josh Keeton- Medical Math and HOSA Bowl Jacy Deter- Health Career Photography Lea Gunter- Medical Terminology and Behavioral Health Kaitlyn Huber- Medical Terminology Katilyn Krause- Dental Terminology Anna Neugebauer-Medical Terminology Ashlyn O’Farrell- Sports Medicine Rylie Overby- Behavioral Health Ella Sandvig- Nutrition Rylee Schell- Medical Terminology Skyler Skoog- Medical Terminology, Extemporaneous Writing Clarie Snaza- Behavioral Health Kynlee Speidel- Veterinary Gemma Street- Extemporaneous Writing Jacynda Street- Forensic Science and Epidemiology Mia VanLith- Forensic Science Nadia Thue- Prepared Speaking Olivia Wendland- Health Career Photography and Medical Terminology Stella Wendland- Behavioral Health and Extemporaneous Writing Siera Wenzl- Behavioral Health Jaiden Tillotson- Health Career Display Kaia Tillotson- Health Career Display Elyssa Tomac- Nutrition Hannah Henrich served as the  assistant HOSA Advisor for the Milbank Chapter

Johanna Fischer,  Hosa adviser and  school nurse for MHS and Milbank Middle School, commented, “The Milbank HOSA students worked very hard this year doing multiple fundraisers and will continue to fundraise to make this program possible for the students in our district.  We represented very well this year, and I could not be prouder of our students. I am extremely excited for our future in healthcare. ”  

The conference included informative and interactive breakout sessions, along with a wide range of online and in-person competitive events. The students were given multiple opportunities to explore the medical field, network with peers and professionals, and dive deeper into what it means to be a healthcare professional.  

Submitted Photos: Medal winners qualifying for Nationals- left to right: Keira Steffen, Stella Wendland, Skyler Skoog, Jaclyn Wiik, Julia Wiik. Tobacco Vaping Challenge Video winners –left to right: Ixtal Macias, Josselyn Garcia, Yareni Montes, and Jimena Achiaga Cornejo. Large group-Back row left to right: Samuel Femiling, Aiden Ludvigson, Joshua Keeton, James Batchelor, Elyssa Tomac, Keira Steffen, Jimena Achiaga Cornejo, Yareni Montes, Ixtal Macias. Second row left to right: Siera Wenzl, Claire Snaza, Ella Sandvig, Jacy Dexter, Hannah Henrich, Jaiden Tillotson, Kaia Tillotson, Kaitlyn Krause. Third row left to right: Anna Neugebauer, Ashlyn O’Farrell, Gemma Street, Josselyn Garcia, Jacynda Street, Mia VanLith, Ashlynn Batchelor, Stella Wendland. Front row left to right: Nadia Thue, Rylee Schell, Rylie Overby, Skyler Skoog, Kaitlyn Huber, Lea Gunter, Kynlee Speidel.


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