The MHS varsity boys tennis team traveled to Brookings on Friday, April 28, to take on the Brookings Bobcats and the Harrisburg Tigers. Milbank... Tennis Team Bounces Back in Brookings

The MHS varsity boys tennis team traveled to Brookings on Friday, April 28, to take on the Brookings Bobcats and the Harrisburg Tigers. Milbank was edged out by Brookings with a score of 5-4.

At No. 3, Will Snaza brought home the lone win for the Bulldogs in the singles round. He defeated Carson Kreie 10-6. at No. 1, Joe Schulte took a loss to Ayden Asche at 10-4. Greg Grabow, at No. 2, was defeated by Braydon Peters 10-8. Charles Whitesitt went down 10-5 to James Park. Isaiah Korstjens was defeated by Xavier St. Pierre 10-4, and Daniel Shelstad, at No. 6, was defeated by J.C. St. Pierre 10-6.

The Bulldogs exacted revenge in doubles play.  All three of the Milbank duos brought home a victory. Schulte and Snaza defeated Asche and Park 10-8. Grabow and Whitesitt dismantled Peters and Kreie 10-5, and Korstjens and Will Muellenbach got the win against X. St. Pierre and J. St. Pierre 10-7.
The Bulldogs were shut out in their match with Harrisburg: Joe Schulte,10-0; Greg Graboow, 10-5; Will Snaza 10-1; Charles Whitesitt, 10-5; Isaiah Korstjens 10-1; and Dan Shelstad 10-3. In doubles play, the duos of Schulte and Snaza and Grabow and Whitesitt were each defeated 10-1. Korstjens and Will Muellenbach went down 10-0.
What’s next for MHS? The varsity Bulldogs face Aberdeen Central in Aberdeen on Tuesday, May 2. 

Milbank Middle School Tennis Results:
The  Milbank Middle School tennis team  went on the road on Friday April 28, to play in the Watertown Invitational. The competition also included Brandon Valley, Huron, and Aberdeen Central.

According to head coach Steve Stemsrud, the Bulldogs fought hard and tied several games before losing the game point. Stemsrud commented, “Improvements could be seen in the players’ strokes and serves, as well as their volleys.”

Results from the Watertown Middle School Invitational: 
 FLIGHT 1 –  Franklin Pederson lost 0-4 to Bertsch (WTN) Pederson lost 0-4 to Moo (HUR) Pederson lost 0-4 to Veflin (WTN) Pederson lost 0-4 to Tennant (AC) Pederson lost 0-4 to Hartman (WTN) Pederson lost 0-4 to Jensen(BV). 
FLIGHT 2 –  Emmett Snaza lost 0-4 to Ah Le Shar (HUR) Snaza lost 0-4 to Mack (WTN) Snaza lost 1-4 to Meester (WTN) Snaza lost 0-4 to Gross (BV) Snaza lost 0-4 to Lawrence (WTN) Snaza lost 2-4 to Peterson (AC). 
FLIGHT 3 –  Nolan Grabow lost 1-4 to Fiest (WTN) Grabow lost 1-4 to Fode (BV) Grabow lost 1-4 to Moe (AC) Grabow lost 1-4 to McLaughlin (WTN) Grabow lost 0-4 to Sho (HUR) Grabow lost 0-4 to Butler (WTN). 
FLIGHT 4 –  Jack TerDenge lost 1-4 to Jondahl (WTN) TerDenge lost 1-4 to Christoffer (BV) TerDenge lost 1-4 to Briggs (WTN) TerDenge lost 1-4 to Fast Horse (AC) TerDenge lost 1-4 to Moo (HUR) TerDenge lost 0-4 to Maag (WTN).
FLIGHT 5 –  Jesse Rutherford won 4-1 over Buey (AC) Rutherford lost 1-4 to Riley (WTN) Rutherford lost 0-4 to Zan (HUR) Rutherford lost 0-4 to May (BV) Rutherford lost 0-4 to Herzog (WTN) Rutherford lost 0-4 to McNames (WTN).
 FLIGHT 6 –  Kevin Teran-Mora lost 0-4 to Htoo (HUR) Teran-Mora lost 0-4 to Anderson (WTN) Teran-Mora lost 0-4 to Heib (BV) Teran-Mora lost 1-4 to Ruesch (WTN) Teran-Mora lost 0-4 to Becker (WTN) Teran-Mora lost 0-4 to Summers (AC). 
FLIGHT 7 Darin Hagen lost 0-4 to Peterson (BV) Hagen lost 0-4 to Chandler (WTN) Hagen lost 2-4 to Warrey (AC) Hagen lost 1-4 to Hesse (WTN) Hagen lost 0-4 to Peterson (WTN) Hagen lost 0-4 to Htoo (HUR). 
FLIGHT 8 Austin Oehler lost 1-4 to Kulla (WTN) Oehler lost 1-4 to Sauer (AC) Oehler lost 0-4 to Zing (HUR) Oehler lost 0-4 t0 Person(WTN) Oehler lost 0-4 to Davelaar (BV).

What’s next for the Milbank Middle School team? This week, the Bulldogs travel to Aberdeen Central to face the Golden Eagles

Photo: Will Snaza


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