Love is in the air and waiting for you to lift the spirits of residents at local nursing homes and assisted living centers. Betsy... Help Send Valentine’s Day Balloons to Residents in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Love is in the air and waiting for you to lift the spirits of residents at local nursing homes and assisted living centers. Betsy Van Lith (nèe Price) and Jessica Dockter (nèe Strom) are pumped up to help!

Betsy and Jessica, owners of Farmhouse Celebrations in Milbank, will deliver festive balloon bouquets to residents of the Milbank, Ortonville, and Wilmot senior care homes on Valentine’s Day. The cheery bouquets are just $10 a creation, including the delivery.

This marks the duo’s second annual Valentine’s Day promotion. “Staff at the senior care homes say residents love receiving these balloons so much that some keep them up for months,” Betsy remarks.

This year, the delivery area has been expanded to include:

  • Avantara Milbank
  • St. Williams Care Center- Milbank
  • Peaceful Pines – Milbank
  • Darcie’s Home Care – Milbank
  • Park Place – Milbank
  • Fairway View – Ortonville
  • Monarch Heights -Ortonville
  • Wilmot Care Center

“Everyone in the community is invited to play Cupid and help get balloons to all 290 residents. A tag will be attached to each bouquet to explain the balloons are a gift from friends in the community to send them love on Valentine’s Day. If you prefer to purchase a bouquet for a specific person, Farmhouse Celebrations will include your name and the name of the recipient on the card.

Betsy says she and Jessica “got wind” of the Heart Day promotion from friends who own Hubby Dubby Balloons in Fargo. “We loved the idea!” she says. Christmas is a typical time to send a gift to nursing home residents, but Betsy says “These Valentine’s Day bouquets brighten their surroundings at a different time of the year.” It’s often a holiday when many residents go unremembered.

Valentine’s Day is coming up on Wednesday, February 14. So don’t blow it! Let Jessica and Betsy do the work, and you can breathe easy knowing you have warmed the hearts and put smiles on the faces of many local shut-ins. Call or text Farmhouse Celebrations at 605.470.0276 or email to place your order. The company accepts cash, checks, and Venmo. For your convenience, cash and checks can be dropped off at The Bank coffee shop on Main Street in Milbank or mailed to 15136 481st Avenue in Milbank.

Photo: Betsy & Jessica


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