Boys Scout Troop 45 will celebrate 80 chartered years in Milbank. Troop 45 kicked off National Boy Scout Week, held February 4-10, by announcing... Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to Celebrate 80 Years in Milbank

Boys Scout Troop 45 will celebrate 80 chartered years in Milbank. Troop 45 kicked off National Boy Scout Week, held February 4-10, by announcing 80 candles will light the top of their cake on May 1.

The milestone has been reached with aid from the American Lutheran Church for 79 years. ALC took over the group’s charter after the troop’s inaugural year, and the two have worked in tandem ever since. Troop 45 also receives support from the Grant County Combined Appeal.

Throughout their eight decades, Troop 45 has packed every year with activities for boys ages 11-17, and 2024 is no exception. From summer camp, hikes, and canoe expeditions in the Boundary Waters to projects to improve the community, the Boy Scouts are focused on nature, learning, doing, and improving. They plan adventures once a month, year-round, and weekend campouts to enhance their weekly meetings. How about a Klondike sled race?. A fun day of fishing (or catching)? There are over 130 merit badges to choose from, so the sky’s the limit!

The Cub Scouts are right behind them. Cub Scouts (scouts who join in kindergarten through the middle of fifth grade) are equally busy. They revel in participating in Raingutter Regatta, roller skating, Pinewood Derby, turtle races, swimming, sledding at Camp Iyataka, Pumpkin Patch Day, Space Derby, shooting sports, crafts, experiments, field trips, and so much more.

To join Cub Scouts or for more information contact: Derek Athey. Meetings are held weekly at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Milbank

To join Boy Scouts or for more information contact: Jeff or Marie Loutsch. Meetings are held weekly at Emanuel Lutheran Church

Troop 45(B) Scouts:
Bocephus Shelstad – Senior Patrol Leader
Peyton Bauer- Patrol Leader
Wyatt Dahl- Scribe
Nathan Drake- Quartermaster
Noah Falk- Chaplain Aid
Lawson Novy
Braydon Bauer
Gabriel Beckman
Landon Novy
Avery VanOverbeke

Scout BSA Troop 45(B) Adult Leadership
Jeff Loutsch, Scoutmaster
Assistant Scoutmasters: Ben Shelstad, Evan Mahoney, Wade Falk, Jeff Conrad, Chad Novy, Zachariah Ringsaker, Christopher Loutsch, Nathan Loutsch, James Conrad, Andrew Falk, Elijah Fraasch, Wayde Fraasch
Greg Grajczyk, Committee Chairman
Kirk Baldwin, Committee Treasurer
Dewey Athey, Committee Member
Marie Loutsch, Advancement Chair/Popcorn Kernel
Gary Wellnitz, Executive Officer
Justin Neugebauer, Charter Rep. American Lutheran Church

2023-24 Pack 38 Cub Scout Roster
Derek Athey- Cubmaster
Talia Athey- Assistant Cubmaster

Lion Den: Leader- Carissa Sovell
Koda Campbell
Cayson Shelstad
Harrison Sovell

Tiger Den: Leaders- Jessica Wilson/Tiffany Tschakert
Owen German
Mason Lewno
Colby Shelstad
Leif Johnson
Callan Swanson

Wolf Den: Leaders- Christina Shelstad/Ryan Anderson
Clint Magedanz
Cade Swanson
Jace Anderson
Tucker Dahl
Isaac Landon
Coltyn Shelstad
Elliott Sovell
Treyton Wellnitz

Bear Den: Leader- Talia Athey
Austin Dahl
Webelo I Den: Leader- Derek Athey
Landon Athey
Webelo II Den: Leader- Derek Athey
Liam Purcell
William Wyant

Additional positions:
Duane Athey, Committee Chair
Max Athey, Committee Treasurer
Talia Athey, Committee Member
Carissa Sovell, Popcorn Kernel
Duane Athey, Charter Org. Rep.
Christopher Davis, Executive Officer

Submitted Boy Scout Photos:
Top Photo – Boundary Waters Canoe Expedition- Picture taken after crew spent 4 days on the water and canoed over 50 miles- L to R- Gabriel Beckman, Zachariah Ringsaker, Collin Rumpca, Christopher Loutsch, Avery VanOverbeke, Jeff Loutsch
*Eagle Project Braydon Bauer- Firepit for American Lutheran Church- Braydon Bauer, Peyton Bauer and Verne Tschakert
*Summer Camp Beach Hike- Lewis and Clark Summer camp- Pebble Beach- Back L to R -Wyatt Dahl, Noah Falk, Peyton Bauer, Wade Falk, Bocephus Shelstad, Braydon Bauer, Landon Novy; Front L to R, Lawson Novy, Jonathan Mobley
*Troop 45 fun 4- Troop 45 Summer Camp 2023 Lewis and Clark Scout Reservation- L to R- Chad Novy, Peyton Bauer, Bocephus Shelstad, Jesus Rethke, Lawson Novy, Landon Novy, Braydon Bauer, Wyatt Dahl, Ben Shelstad, Wade Falk, Noah Falk, Jonathan Mobley
*ATV ride at Lewis and Clark Troop Summer Camp- Landon Novy, Bocephus Shelstad and another scout from another town
*Memorial Day Flags- Troop 45 helping the American Legion Post 9 with the Memorial Day Flags in the Milbank City Cemetery- Tim Jurgens, Gabriel Beckman (Chad Novy in background)
Submitted Cub Scout Photos


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