The Grant County Child Protection Team sponsored its annual essay contest to raise awareness for National Child Abuse Prevention month in April. The contest ... Someone Special Essay Winners and Role Models Honored

The Grant County Child Protection Team sponsored its annual essay contest to raise awareness for National Child Abuse Prevention month in April. The contest  gives students in third through eighth grades the opportunity to highlight someone in our area whom they consider a role model. 

The presentation of the winners was held April 16 at Pizza Ranch in Milbank. Each of the six writers read their winning essay to the child protection team and their special person.The duos also received a framed copy of the essay and tickets to see a movie together at the Mill Theater.

The winning writers included Kingsley Jensen, Kinley VanHoorn, Gael Mendoza, Joshua Moen, Ramzey Hicks, and Fischer Hawley. The Someone Special role models included Michael Jensen, Phyllis VanHoorn, Uzi Mendoza, Noah Thompson, Travis Berry, and Miriam Schwenn.

My Special Person
I have a very special brother in my life. His name is Uzi. He lives in Milbank with my family. Uzi is 12 years old and in 6th grade at Milbank Middle School.

Uzi helps me play basketball. He brings me the ball and we shoot hoops. We also play bingo and he usually wins. Sometimes we play UNO. I win more often than Uzi.

My brother also cooks with me. We make pancakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I pour the ingredients in. We like to taste it too!

Another reason my big brother is so special to me is that we go biking. We ride to a nearby park. We play on the swings and slide. Next, we ride our bikes home.

Obviously, my big brother is the best brother in the world. We always go to the gym to play basketball. We watch videos on the TV. My big brother helps me clean the dishes and take out the trash. I learn so much from my older brother.

By: Gael Mendoza
3rd Grade

Someone Special
My someone special is my papa. He is my grandpa. His full name is Micheal Jensen. He works at Dakota Western in Old Agency. He lives with my grandma at the Rosewood apartments.

I love my papa. My papa always hangs out with me and goes outside with me when I want to. He is very active and plays basketball with me whenever we need to. I love him because he always takes care of me and my family. We always go to Unity to play basketball and racquetball together. He loves to go horse riding. I do too but I’m allergic. What makes him special is that he always does something with me and keeps me going.

My favorite memory of me and my papa is that one time I got on a horse and the horse went really fast. I screamed and he had to come help me.

My papa is the best. He will help me with anything, even math. He will sometimes come over and pick up me and my brother to go to the park or do something so we get off the devices. He always makes sure I’m okay and I get home safe. My papa is really special to me.

By: Kingsley Jensen
4th Grade

Special Person Essay
My brother Noah is my special person. I picked him because he is my brother and I hang out with him a lot. The things that I’m going to talk about are why I chose him, he is funny, and we do a lot of things together.

Noah is special to me because he is my brother. He works hard. He works at his schoolwork. He has a job which he works at Hardee’s. Noah is kinda smart so I look up to him. My brother Noah is in 11th grade.

My brother Noah is really funny. This morning I was eating breakfast, then went on the bus and I saw him at the high school when the older kids got off. Then he was walking on the ice and slipped and fell and he looked like a cartoon character falling. Noah also tells funny jokes. We laugh about stuff together.

Noah and I usually hang out with his friends. We all hang out together so I know his friends. The things that we like to do are play video games and chill. Sometimes we like to play PIG. PIG is a basketball game where if you miss a shot you get a letter. During the summertime, we ride bike. We both show sheep in 4-H. He taught me not to let go of the sheep.

My brother and I are friends because we hang out together, ride bike together, and have somewhat the same hobbies. Noah is funny and I look up to him. These are the reasons why I chose him as my special person.

By Joshua Moen
Fifth Grade

My Special Person
A special person in my life is Travis, my stepdad. This person is special because he takes such good care of me and my brothers. We have made good memories together. He took me hunting and I got my first deer which was so much fun. Also, we both really like football and he needs my help to pick his players on his fantasy football team. Travis works hard to support us, he’s showing us how to be responsible young men, and he supports me in all my sports.

Travis works at the power plant and owns a dock business. At the power plant he also works nights. Sometimes, he gets off work from the night shift and goes to his second job. He seems to always make time for us though, even when he’s tired. He’s always trying to teach us boys to be responsible because he wants us to grow up to be good men. He has us do chores to learn responsibility. He has taught me how to be quite a chef if I do say so myself. He supports me in my favorite sport, basketball. He comes to as many games as he can but he works a lot. He encourages me to practice and go to Unity. Travis is the best stepdad in the world.

Travis works hard, teaches us responsibility, and supports our dreams. He has two daughters and still makes time for me and my brothers. He treats us like his own children. I know my dad would be so proud that Travis is raising us and loving us like he does.

By: Ramzey Hicks
Sixth Grade

Someone Special
My Grandma, Phyllis, is a very special person to me, but she is a lot more as well. To me she is also a teacher, baker, sewer, gardener, and so much more.

Sometimes when I stop by her house we bake tons of sweet treats. My favorite is the peanut butter balls that we make around Christmas time. I still enjoy all the others though, like puppy chow and her special cookies. She taught me how to bake, along with lots of other skills and hobbies. My favorite is sewing with her sewing machine. I enjoyed making pillows and stuffed animals, like sock monkeys, with her help. We also learned how to make pom poms with yarn, which was a fun learning experience. Spending this time with her gave me memories that I could never forget. Even though she taught me how to sew, she was always there to fix any piece of clothes that I tore or needed to be adjusted.

In the spring and summer, she enjoys growing flowers. My brother and I sometimes help her water them. Occasionally she asks me to go with her to pick out what she is going to grow that year. Normally we go to Menards, and rarely Walmart. We work hard figuring out where each plant will go, digging a hole to put them in, watering them so they don’t dry up, and clearing the weeds that grow around them. My favorite flower she grows every year is the roses in the backyard. They are normally white or dark pink and smell so good.

My grandma’s house is like a second home to me because it’s filled with memories made by my entire family over the years. Rarely do I spend the night at her house, but when I do it’s because my parents were on vacation, out of town, or the power went out at my house. When I was younger I would love spending the night at her house for fun just to spend more time at her house. I loved staying there and seeing my grandparents.

My grandma is a special person to me in so many ways. I love her so much and I can’t wait to make so many more memories with her in the future.

By: Kinley VanHoorn
Seventh Grade

Special Someone
Someone who is special to me is Mrs. Schwenn. She has opened my heart and mind to the idea of singing in a way I didn’t know was possible. Last year/7th grade, my mom forced me to do choir. I had told her that I didn’t want to do anything, but she didn’t care and I had to do it anyway. On the first day, she made it feel like I’ve been there before. Through all the singing exercises, she made me feel as if I was the best in the room. I became more confident when I sang in front of a crowd. She’s always positive to everyone she meets and is always giving opportunities to prove your skills. She can see the potential in everyone, all you have to do is follow what she has to say. I went from an unconfident singer to feeling on top of the world singing. The way she blends the musical sound together is incredible and it boosts my confidence to sing even better. She proved to me that anyone can be great. All you have to do is try. Trying with all my effort landed me on the All-State Festival Choir, and I’ve got nobody to thank but her. I went from not wanting to be there to looking forward to choir. The sound that she’s created with our small group of kids is insane. I don’t know anybody who could teach a group of middle schoolers to sing better than her. That’s why Mrs. Schwenn is my Someone Special.

By: Fischer Hawley
Eighth Grade

Submitted Photo: back row- l to r– Michael Jensen, Phyllis VanHoorn, Uzi Mendoza, Noah Thompson, Travis Berry, Miriam Schween.
front row- Kingsley Jensen, Kinley VanHoorn, Gael Mendoza, Joshua Moen,  Ramzey Hicks, Fischer Hawley


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