We are finished with the main run of the 91st Legislative Session. Teacher pay along with education funding dominated our entire session, but we also had many other important issues that were advanced for the betterment of our fellow South Dakotans. Unfortunately we will have to be patient until... Read more
Increased teacher pay is an issue that has been front and center this entire legislative session and I am proud to have been a part of the solution. We all know the increased sales tax will affect every South Dakotan, but I am confident we can build from the... Read more

Week 7 Update

Old Jason Frerichs February 25, 2016 0

Work in Pierre has reached the point where many of the issues have been voted on in each chamber. I enjoyed being able to elevate the issue of the need to close a loophole where oil pipelines don’t pay into any cleanup fund at the Federal or State level.... Read more

Week 6 Update

Old Jason Frerichs February 18, 2016 0

Greetings from our State Capitol as we are working through various pieces of legislation. All 105 legislators make the trip to Pierre with ideas from our home districts along with proposals that come from organizations. I enjoyed having the Langford Area senior government class recently visit the Capitol and... Read more

Week 5 Update

Old Jason Frerichs February 11, 2016 0

Activity focused on legislation affecting all citizens of South Dakota is alive and well in your State Capitol. I am proud that my fellow Senators gave enough support to pass SB 58 which is a bill I introduced to expand the use of night vision for predator control. We... Read more
All of the bills are entered into the legislative process now. Over the course of the next month, we will finalize, debate, and determine whether legislation will become law or wait until next year to take that action. I appreciate hearing from many of you who have contacted me... Read more