Old John Wiik March 14, 2016 0

One of the greatest feelings about the legislative session is driving home after the final day.  I compare it to the last day of school.  It’s bittersweet–you look forward to getting back to your life, but you’ll miss your legislative family.  The bonds made with legislative friends is strong,... Read more
As we head into the final week of the legislative session, the school funding changes are all but a foregone conclusion and Medicaid expansion is on hold for now.  This week will be a busy one, with a number of bills to finalize action on, and the finalizing of... Read more

The letter…

Old John Wiik February 29, 2016 0

As I was wrapping up a full day of “day job” work on Friday, we received notice that CMS (Medicaid) has reached an agreement with the State of South Dakota.  We were forwarded the seven page letter that was written in the most beautifully vague government speak I have... Read more

The big debate

Old John Wiik February 22, 2016 0

At the beginning of this year’s legislative session, we brought in a legislative life coach, for lack of a better term.  He was a former Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives who had a horrible scandal filled fall from grace.  One of the points he brought up in the discussion... Read more

What happened?

Old John Wiik February 15, 2016 0

At one of the High Schools in our district, there was a sign that reads ‘CHARACTER IS DOING THE RIGHT THING EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING”.  I like that sign.  I saw it once, and I’ll never forget it.  I assume that the converse of that statement on the... Read more

Winding up…

Old John Wiik February 8, 2016 0

Things are really getting in full swing out in Pierre this week.  Even though we’ve already tackled some hard issues, the hard deadlines for filing bills passed last Friday, and our committees are loaded.  This week, the House Commerce and Energy committee will be hearing testimony on everything to... Read more

Last minute

Old John Wiik February 1, 2016 0

Last Thursday was the deadline for unlimited bill introduction.  After that, any legislator may only introduce 3 bills or resolutions before the hard deadline of next Thursday, February 4th.  I have one left that the Legislative Research Council staff are working on, but if it’s not done in time, we’ll... Read more
Last year, my first year as a new legislator, I was told a lot about drinking from the fire hose.  At first, I thought that was some way of scaring the new guy.  They were doing their best to get my mind around what was about to happen, and they... Read more

The first week…

Old John Wiik January 18, 2016 0

Our first week of session has already come and gone.  Things started with the State of the State, the State of the Judiciary, and the State of the Tribes.  The State of the Tribes address given Thursday marks the first time in the history of South Dakota that a... Read more

It’s Go Time…

Old John Wiik January 12, 2016 0

As most of you read this, I’ll be back in Pierre for my second legislative session. I spent last week’s space here giving a bit of a preview with some of the legislation that will make the news, and a few things that probably won’t. This week, I’d like... Read more