The Milbank High School band and choirs completed a successful school year and celebrated with year-end awards, which were presented at their final concert... MHS Music Department Presents Awards


The Milbank High School band and choirs completed a successful school year and celebrated with year-end awards, which were presented at their final concert of the season May 17.

The groups took part in the large group music contest in April. The high school band received two superiors and one excellent while the choir earned three superiors.

Major awards were presented to top musicians. Rachelle Gabriel received the John Phillip Sousa Award, which originated in 1954. The award is the most prestigious award for high school band students demonstrated by their musicianship, leadership, dependability and loyalty.

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award was presented to Colton Frevert. The award honors Mr. Armstrong’s desire for the true jazz sound.

Tyler Johnson was given the Director’s Award for assisting the band/choir directors and students with the overall program.

Shawn Stemsrud was selected to the 42nd annual South Dakota Honor Choir based on a prepared solo, written test, sight-singing and tonal memory. The event will take place July 31-August 5 on the campus of the University of South Dakota with Dr. Randolph Stenson as the guest conductor. Chase Pinkert was named first alternate.

Top students from each class were presented the Spirit of Marching Award. Recipients were Keaton Hagen and Elisabeth Schwenn, freshmen; Chase Pinkert, sophomore; Allison Grear, junior, and Chris Loutsch and Shauna Pauli, seniors.

Outstanding member awards were voted on and presented to choir members. They were Ben Harstad, freshman; Shawn Stemsrud, sophomore, and Lindsey Geyer, junior.

Seniors Ellie Webb and Chris Loutsch were given the National School Choral Award. The award honors a female and male singer in the senior class who has contributed the most to the school vocal program with their singing ability and their enthusiasm for choral performances.

Hannah Rick received the Justin Maass Memorial award for outstanding effort and motivating enthusiasm for choral singing with strong musicianship demonstrated as a MHS chorus member.

The Arion Award was give to Rebekah Tuchscherer. This award is the oldest and most prestigious national award for outstanding achievement by a high school musician. The award is based on individual contribution to the music department, scholastic standing in band and choir, demonstration of personal and professional qualities and performing ability to musicianship qualities.

Four-year band pins were given to Alyssa Aker, Heidi Bergquist, Cara Berkner, Katie Cannedy, Eliza DiNatale, Whitney Falk, Colton Frevert, Rachelle Gabriel, Tyler Johnson, Kala Loehrer, Chris Loutsch, Courtney Lusk, Andrew Mears, Shauna Pauli, Hannah Rick, Morgan Schmitt, Brianna Schreurs, Mikayla Street, Rebekah Tuchscherer and Emily Vreim.

Four-year choir pins were presented to Heidi Bergquist, Katie Cannedy, Whitney Falk, Colton Frevert, Rachelle Gabriel, Janette Hall, Kala Loehrer, Chris Loutsch, Jessica Mogard, Shauna Pauli, Hannah Rick, Morgan Schmitt, Brianna Schreurs, Mikayla Street, Rebekah Tuchscherer and Abby Wollschlager.

North Area Honor Band members were Kellie Christians, Jamie DeVaal, Sadie Holland, Christina Lusk, Chase Pinkert and Rachelle Gabriel.

Receiving their All-State chorus pins were Jimmie Berkner, Jeremy Dalldorf, Whitney Falk, Lindsey Geyer, Ben Harstad, Nathan Loutsch, Shawn Stemsrud and Ellie Webb.

Earning perfect attendance at marching and pep band events were Alyssa Aker, Zach Aker, Brandon Hansen, Tyler Johnson, Connor Lightfield, Rebecca Loehrer, Abby Michels and Trevor Schmidt.

Band officers receiving a pin were Rebekah Tuchscherer, president; Courtney Lusk, vice president; Ellie Webb, Hannah Rick, Cara Berkner and Rachelle Gabriel, secretaries.

Band section leaders were also given a pin for the school year. Leaders were Hannah Rick, Savannah Mork, Katie Cannedy, Brianna Schreurs, Brooke Fraasch, Chris Loutsch, Colton Frevert, Heidi Bergquist, Korinne Roggenbuck, Cara Berkner, Rebekah Tuchscherer, Rachelle Gabriel, Whitney Falk, Paige Johnson, Ellie Webb, Allison Grear, Shauna Pauli, Andrew Mears and Morgan Schmitt. Brianna Schreurs and Taylor Balling were given pins as drum majors.

Chorus section leaders for the year were Heidi Bergquist, Whitney Falk, Tim Gabriel, Chris Loutsch, Shauna Pauli, Hannah Rick, Brianna Schreurs, Rebekah Tuchscherer, Ellie Webb and Abby Wollschlager. Jeremy Dalldorf was also honored for being the chorus president.

Earning a pin for being a member of the color guard were Heidi Bergquist, Jimmie Berkner, Jamie DeVaal, Jodi DeVaal, Paige Johnson, Hannah Rick, Mackayla Schuelke and Mallory Trapp.

Receiving pins for being a member of the jazz band were Kimberlly Aburto, Taylor Balling, Ethan Bohn, Heather Bray, Sara Capp, Jose Chen, Grace Erickson, Andrew Falk, Alexa Fraasch, Brooke Fraasch, Colton Frevert, Allison Grear, Keaton Hagen, Brandon Hansen, Sarah Jarman, Mya Johanson, Kadon Leddy, Madison Liebe, Connor Lightfield, Nathan Loutsch, Christina Lusk, Courtney Lusk, Andrew Mears, Claire Mischel, Isaac Nolz, Alexis Oliver, Chase Pinkert, Jordan Riley, Korinne Roggenbuck, Trevor Schmidt, Grace Spiering, Shawn Stemsrud, Tatiana Stemsrud, Adam Thomas, Rebekah Tuchscherer, Kimberly Van Sambeek, Emily Vreim, Ben Wagner and Ramsey Wieber.

Receiving a major letter award for the 2015-2016 school year were:

Seniors – Tyler Johnson (band).

Juniors – Kerissa DeBoer (choir), Alexa Fraasch (band), Karlee Mertens (choir), Kaitlyn Rufer (choir), Madi Schulte (choir) and Clare Van Dover (choir).

Sophomores – Angie Hoeke (band), Sadie Holland (band), Alex Popowski (choir), Brittany Preller (band), Molly Rick (choir), Amberly Warren (choir), Kassidy Wellnitz (choir) and Isaiah Wollschlager (choir).

Freshmen – Ethan Bohn (band/choir), Sara Capp (band), Kellie Christians (band/choir), Taylor Dragt (choir), McKenna Folk (band), Keaton Hagen (band/choir), Brandon Hansen (band/choir), Nathan Hansen (choir), Ben Harstad (band/choir), Mya Johanson (band), Nathan Loutsch (band/choir), Anna Mathews (band/choir), Abby Michels (band), Claire Mischel (band/choir), Jordan Riley (band/choir), Kylie Roggenbuck (band), Elisabeth Schwenn (band/choir), Ashley Spors (band), Taylor Thue (choir), Kimberly Van Sambeek (band/choir), Connor VanVooren (choir), Mimi Webb (choir), Abby Weber (band/choir) and Mackenzie Weinkauf (band).

Students receiving a major bar award were:

Seniors – Alyssa Aker (band), Heidi Bergquist (band/choir), Katie Cannedy (band/choir), Jeremy Dalldorf (choir), Eliza DiNatale (band), Whitney Falk (band/choir), Colton Frevert (band/choir), Rachelle Gabriel (band/choir), Janette Hall (choir), Kala Loehrer (band/choir), Chris Loutsch (band/choir), Courtney Lusk (band/choir), Andrew Mears (band), Jessica Mogard (choir), Shauna Pauli (band/choir), Hannah Rick (band/choir), Morgan Schmitt (band/choir), Brianna Schreurs (band/choir), Mikayla Street (choir), Rebekah Tuchscherer (band/choir), Emily Vreim (band), Ellie Webb (band/choir) and Abby Wollschlager (choir).

Juniors – Taylor Balling (band/choir), Jimmie Berkner (choir), Jose Chen (band), Kaleb DeBoer (band), Jamie DeVaal (band), Brooke Fraasch (band/choir), Tim Gabriel (choir), Lindsey Geyer (choir), Allison Grear (band), Sarah Jarman (band/choir), Paige Johnson (band/choir), Kadon Leddy (band), Connor Lightfield (band), Savannah Mork (band/choir), Alexis Oliver (band), Korinne Roggenbuck (band/choir), Trevor Schmidt (band/choir), Mackayla Schuelke (band/choir), Tatiana Stemsrud (band), Mallory Trapp (band/choir), Emma VanVooren (choir), Ben Wagner (band/choir) and Sarah Ward (band).

Sophomores – Kimberlly Aburto (band/choir), Devon Balling (band/choir), Heather Bray (band), Jodi DeVaal (band/choir), Grace Erickson (band), Andrew Falk (band/choir), Tanner Kettwig (choir), Madison Liebe (band), Rebecca Loehrer (band/choir), Christina Lusk (band/choir), Isaac Nolz (band), Chase Pinkert (band/choir), Sophia Seffrood (band/choir), Grace Spiering (band), Shawn Stemsrud (band/choir), Adam Thomas (band/choir) and Ramsey Wieber (band).

Pictured Above: Receiving major music awards for the 2015-2016 school year were back row, left to right, Shawn Stemsrud, Chase Pinkert, Keaton Hagen, Elisabeth Schwenn, Allison Grear, Ben Harstad and Lindsey Geyer. Front row, Rebekah Tuchscherer, Ellie Webb, Brianna Schreurs, Hannah Rick, Rachelle Gabriel, Tyler Johnson, Shauna Pauli, Colton Frevert and Chris Loutsch.

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