Ninety-eight two-man teams fished the 36th Annual Big Stone Walleye Classic (BSWC) on Big Stone Lake. Temperatures hovered near 100 degrees, but 245 fish... Anglers Enjoy Perfect Weather For Big Stone Walleye Classic


Ninety-eight two-man teams fished the 36th Annual Big Stone Walleye Classic (BSWC) on Big Stone Lake. Temperatures hovered near 100 degrees, but 245 fish were landed; they weighed in at 561.45 pounds.

big_fish_award (1)First place winners were the team of Tyler Fredrichsen and Kole Mastel. They took home $4,000 with five fish weighing 17.40 pounds.The team of Scott Albrecht and Doug Smith won the Big Fish Award sponsored by Milbank Ford. They received $500 for their 8.50 pound fish. Darin Sackreiter and Kenny Henricksen won $100 for the Jerry Dump memorial award. Raffle winners were Jerry Albrecht, first, $300; Randy Patnoe, second, $200; Nate Spors, third, $150, and Nate Grafenteen, fourth, $100.

“The overall totals are higher than last year, but not a record-breaker,” noted Nicolle Berkner, President of the BSWC. “It was hot, but we couldn’t have asked for a better day.”

jerry_dump_awardThe top 14 teams who were awarded prize money were: Mark Willand and Danny Lee finished second overall, earning $2,400 for six fish at 17.10 pounds. Rounding out the field were: Craig and Kevin Welberg, 3rd ($1,800), three fish at 15.75 pounds; Jeremy Ohm/Justin Wittnebel, 4th ($1,400), six fish at 15.40 pounds; Jim Hartman/Tim Tesch, 5th ($1,200), four fish at 15.25 pounds; Jack Albrecht/Scotty Albrecht, 6th ($900), four fish at 14.80 pounds; Rick Robinson/Dillon Robinson, 7th ($700), six fish at 14.75 pounds; Trent Teets/Ben Teets, 8th ($500), six fish at 14.45 pounds; Mark Hartman/Brad Berkner, 9th ($400), six fish at 14.30 pounds; Tim Graf/Ben Graf, 10th ($300), five fish at 13.20 pounds; Scott Sampson/Dustie Roggeman, 11th ($200), five fish at 12.90 pounds; Jesse Larson/Doug DeVries, 12th ($200), five fish at 12.75 pounds; Larry Cramer/Dale Cramer, 13th ($200), four fish at 12.55 pounds; Randy Viessman/Brian Prellwitz, 14th ($200), four fish at 12.50 pounds.

Complete results for the remainder of the teams:
Derick Wenck/Mark Daschner, six, 12.30 lbs; Todd Kuefler/Chase Kuefler, four, 12.15 lbs (big fish of 4.84); Scott Albrecht/Doug Smith, three, 11.75 lbs (big fish of 8.50); Mark Schlenker/Alan Schlenker, five, 11.70 lbs; Brandon Trapp/Jeffrey Trapp, five, 11.60 lbs; Brian Hansen/Cory Hansen, five, 10.90 lbs (big fish of 5.05); Leslie Peters/Justin Peters, six, 10.40 lbs; James Rudebusch/Josh Rudebusch, four, 9.90 lbs; David Graf/Jackson Graf, four, 9.90 lbs; Kevin Jurgens/Nathan Jurgens, six, 9.70 lbs; Jason Ackerman/Brittany Ackerman, four, 9.65 lbs (big fish of 4.60); Allan Guse/Derek Guse, six, 9.60 lbs; Eric Pederson/Jed Olson, four, 9.50 lbs; Gerald Carlson/Danny Carlson, four, 9.40 lbs.

Terry Patnoe/Kelly Schultz, five, 9.20 lbs; Rolly Karels/Jeff Karels, five, 9.20 lbs; Wade Davis/Josh Davis, five, 9.10 lbs; Mike Winter/Alan Konold, six, 9.00 lbs; Paul Weber/John Kisgen, three, 8.35 lbs; Cory Kassube/Chris Kassube, four, 8.25 lbs; Marcus Wright/Roxanne Wright, four, 7.65 lbs; Richard Albrecht Sr./Richard Albrecht Jr, three, 6.85 lbs; Kevin Seehafer/Haley Seehafer, four, 6.60 lbs; Kyle Chase/Alex Chase, two, 6.20 lbs; CW Hauger/Dan Sunne, four, 5.50 lbs; Jason Wellnitz/Nathan Schlueter, three, 5.30 lbs; Tom Aho/Harvey Schafer, one, 5.20 lbs; Dennis Kellner/Joseph Kellner, three, 5.20 lbs; Darin Sackreiter/Kenny Henricksen, two, 5.15 lbs.

Dale Schultz/Eric Schultz, two, 5.10 lbs (big fish of 3.65); Danny Albrecht/TJ Albrecht, three, 4.70 lbs; Tom Albrecht Sr/Michael Albrecht, three, 4.20 lbs; Mark Scholberg/Mike Hunt, one, 4.15 lbs; Sheldon Korth/Chris Berkner, two, 4.00 lbs; Gale Nitteberg/Paul Klapprodt, two, 3.95 lbs; James Roth/David Cornelius, two, 3.85; Chad Wientjes/Evan Grong, two, 3.70 lbs; Dustin Kindelberger/Garth Haukos, three, 3.55 lbs; Daren Medenwald/Hunter Mendenwald, two, 3.40 lbs; Landon Hammer/Logan Hammer, two, 3.35 lbs; Calvin Schulte/Bryan Tipton, one, 3.35 lbs; Patrick Miller/Cody Enger, two, 3.30 lbs; Jeff Anderson/John Meyer, two, 3.10 lbs; Brad Jensen/Leallen Endres, one, 3.05 lbs.

Bill Schellberg/Kip Koch, one, 2.80 lbs; Dave Albrecht/Matt Albrecht, one, 2.75 lbs; Dustin Boerger/Angie Boerger, one, 2.70 lbs; Dale Egan/Tom Werner, one, 2.65 lbs; Troy Kramer/Mike Boyum, two, 2.65 lbs; Dalton Koch/Devin Stricherz, one, 2.65 lbs; Marc Collins/Matt Lawrence, two, 2.50; Scott Roelke/Mallory Roelke, two, 2.40 lbs; Tom Claasen/Jim Claasen, one, 2.15 lbs; Jerald Albrecht/Andrew Albrecht, one, 2.10 lbs; Shane Boskovich/Michael Boskovich, one, 2.10 lbs; Kelly Stattelman/Cory Stattelman, one, 2.05 lbs; Phil Kellen/Kyle Schweer, one, 2.00 lbs; Steve Young/Tanner Kruse, one, 1.95 lbs; Chelsea Ehlebrecht/Jeff Ehlebrecht, one, 1.85 lbs; Bill O’Toole/Grant Alvine, one, 1.50 lbs; Lyle Zirbel/Mike Zirbel, one, 1.45 lbs; Jeff Schmidt/Marlena Schmidt, one, 1.45 lbs; Bryan Mussetter/Casey Mussetter, one, 1.45 lbs; Gary Berry/Justin Berry, one, 1.40 lbs; Mark Davies/Stan Griffith, one, 1.35 lbs; David Krupa/Larry Krupa, one, 1.35 lbs; Rick Kruse/Ashley Kruse, one, 1.20.

Other teams participating were: Brian Peery/Grant Borns, Nathan Spors/Kaylen Roggenbuck, David Street/Jesse Street, Monte Athey/Jackson Athey, Daniel Karges/Elwyn Karges, Henry Rauen/Robert Hackett, Tyler DeBoer/Jason Bear, Lowell Christiansen/Jon Christiansen, Randy Busk/Todd Goetschius, Rob Egan/Brett Egan, Shane Pieker/Derek Meyers, Joe Christopherson/Garret Christopherson, Steven Henrichs/Valarie Henrichs, Keven Berdan/Gary Berdan, Steve Cramer/Kurt Baldwin, Dave Jordahl/Nate Graphenteen, and John Haukos/Glenn Berdan.

Sponsors for the event were Hartford Beach State Park, Milbank Ford, Mill Valley Industries, Larson’s Electric, Camp Daniel Church group, Lantern Inn Supper Club, Midtown Liquor, Ellwyn Distributing, Artie’s Bait & Tackle, Cowboy Bait & Ammo, Napa Auto Parts and KIXX 96 Radio.

A special thank you to Nicolle Berkner, president; Mike Larson, vice president; Sandy Pollock, treasurer/secretary; Duane Pollock, Merv Larson, Mike Tietjen, Penny Morgan, Jody Heemstra, Chely Wellnitz, Jason Wellnitz, Travis Thiele, Kevin and Mary Bjordahl, Jordan Adolph, Alesia Christenson, Brayden Christenson, Christine Knaus, Darwin Knaus, Chad Pollock, Casside Seezs, Brennen Schafer, Briana Veen, Dave Ehlebracht, and Josie Adolph.

Picture #1 – First place team of Tyler Fredrichsen and Kole Mastel.
Picture #2 – Earning the Big Fish Award were Scott Albrecht and Doug Smith.
Picture #3 – Receiving the Jerry Dump Award were Darin Sackreiter and Kenny Henricksen.

Click here to view our full album of photos from the Big Stone Walleye Classic!

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