The Milbank City Council held its regular meeting Monday, December 12. The council voted unanimously to accept a rental agreement with Wilbur-Ellis for the... Wilbur-Ellis Secures Airport Contract

visitorcenter_winterThe Milbank City Council held its regular meeting Monday, December 12. The council voted unanimously to accept a rental agreement with Wilbur-Ellis for the hanger at the Milbank Municipal Airport.

The council received rental proposals from Wilbur-Ellis and Buffalo Ridge Airspray. Wilbur-Ellis’ proposal offered $2,500 a month rental fee including a contract through December 31, 2021. Bradley Stoddard, Milbank branch manager for the company, noted in a written statement, “The hanger lease is a very valuable part of our business.” He went on to say, “The hanger functions as a storage facility for spray planes, seed and chemicals, and the city-owned tractor accessories that do not fit in the city shed. The closeness of the hanger to our other storage facilities and out-load shed makes it a necessity for the proper functioning of our aerial business.”

Buffalo Ridge Airspray, LLC, is a professional aerial application service operating out of the Milbank Airport. It was co-founded by Christian Reimche and Dan Seurer. The duo stores their application airplane in a hanger at the local airport. They said there is much more that could be done to promote aviation and generate income for the City of Milbank.

“We use a hanger at the airport now, but have been approved by the FAA to build a new hanger and office,” Reimche stated. “We feel we could add services that would be helpful to many people including the City of Milbank.” Improvements suggested were the selling of jet fuel, airplane storage, and airplane maintenance. “A lot could be done for aviation and we will do whatever we can to help.”

Buffalo Ridge addressed the council during their previous two meetings, and proposed a $400 a month rental agreement. The request was denied.
Two items on the consent agenda were approved. Approval was given for a combined school and city election on June 20, 2017.

The council also approved a surface water protection agreement with Lisa Klesges for $2,975. The agreement is designed to protect the area around a spring from which the city obtains part of its water supply.

During department reports, it was announced the Hurley Winter Park ice rink officially opened December 10. The event, Rink in the New Year, is again being planned for the park on December 31.

Mayor Pat Raffety appointed councilmen Joel Foster, James Johnson, and Jason Redmond to a salary review committee. They are to present recommendations at the January meeting.

Other department reports were given by planning & zoning, property standards, fire, finance, wastewater, housing, police, streets, and the rubble site and water departments.

A special year-end meeting was set for Thursday, December 29, at 7 a.m. The next regular meeting of the council is scheduled for Monday, January 9, at 7 p.m. All meetings will take place at the Milbank Visitor Center.

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