Six seniors from MHS were featured in the 18th Annual 2017 Pheasant Country All-Star basketball games on April 1, at Ben Reifel Gymnasium in... Bulldog Hoopsters Play in All-Star Games

Six seniors from MHS were featured in the 18th Annual 2017 Pheasant Country All-Star basketball games on April 1, at Ben Reifel Gymnasium in Sisseton. Caryssa Mielitz, Mackayla Schuelke, and Karlee Mertens were on the Class A girls team. Nate Bien, Matt Lenards, and Cody Dockter joined the Class A boys team.

Class A battled players from Class B in two contests. The Class A girls defeated the Class B girls with a score of 49-44. The Class A boys rolled past the Class B boys, 61-50.

A 3-point contest was held for the boys and girls and a dunk competition was added for the boys. Nate Bien from Class A won the boys 3-point contest and Derek Hills of Waubay/Summit won the Class B title. Haley Rithmiller of Webster Area won the girls 3-point contest and was also the MVP of the game with 15 points. Anna Eggert of Tri-State Rosholt was the Class B 3-point winner. Austin Steichen of Sisseton was crowned the champion of the dunk contest. Dillon Kranz of Waverly-South Shore came in second.
Area coaches voted to select the all-star players. Honorary players received votes, but were unable to attend because of previous school commitments.

Members of the Class A girls team were: Karlee Mertens, Milbank Area; Caryssa Mielitz, Milbank Area; Mackayla Schuelke, Milbank Area; Jaisey Shepherd, Tiospa Zina; Fanci Kiukanpi, Tiospa Zina; Shyla Henricks, Britton-Hecla; Ashley Fosness, Britton-Hecla; Laken Olson, Britton-Hecla; Mariah Volesky, Webster Area; Lindsey Schoenbeck, Webster Area; McKenzie Volesky, Webster Area; Haley Rithmiller, Webster Area, and Laci LaFromboise, Sisseton. Honorary members were Audrey Wanner and Katie Koehler, both of Groton Area.

Members of the Class B girls team were: Katelyn Lewis, Tri-State Rosholt; McKenzie Fjelland, Tri-State Rosholt; Allison Grefsrud, Tri-State Fairmount; Anna Eggers, Tri-State Rosholt; Jenna Larson, Waubay/Summit; Brianna Gaikowski, Waubay-Summit; Hannah Comes, Waverly-South Shore; Sammy Bush, Waverly-South Shore; Kaylee Argo, Wilmot; and Amanda Ebben, Wilmot.
The Class A girls were coached by Milbank native, Caitlyn Graf. Milbank teacher, Kelli Hoff, coached the Class B girls team.

Filling the roster for the Class A boys were: Nate Bien, Milbank Area; Matt Lenards, Milbank Area; Cody Dockter, Milbank Area; Austin Steichen, Sisseton; Hunter Medenwald, Sisseton; DJ White, Sisseton; Jesse Abraham, Tiospa Zina; Mason Roerig, Webster Area; Riley Reetz, Webster Area; Chase Amdahl, Webster Area. Honorary members were Bennett Shabazz and Sean Schuring of Groton Area.

The Class B boys team consisted of Chance Olson, Langford; Cody Jensen, Langford; James Erickson, Langford; Nathan Lick, Tri-State Rosholt; Andrew Amdahl, Waubay/Summit; Derek Hills, Waubay/Summit; Dillon Kranz, Waverly-South Shore; Tony Gross, Waverly-South Shore; and Kyrin Chaloupka, Wilmot. Zach Fries of Langford was an honorary member of the Class B boys team.

The Class A boys were coached by Jackson Graf of Milbank. Joey Mason of Sisseton coached the Class B boys.

Bulldogs at the All-Star games: (l. to r.) Caryssa Mielitz, Karlee Mertens, Mackayla Schuelke, Matt Lenards, Cody Dockter, and Nate Bien.

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