The Milbank High School Educational Foundation handed out $159,700 in scholarships to 31 seniors during its annual awards banquet at American Lutheran Church Tuesday,... $159,700 in Scholarships Awarded by Milbank Educational Foundation

The Milbank High School Educational Foundation handed out $159,700 in scholarships to 31 seniors during its annual awards banquet at American Lutheran Church Tuesday, May 9. The foundation gave its first five scholarships of $5,000 each in 1987, and presented 42 recipients with scholarships in the amount of $143,700 last year.

Earning scholarships were Clare Van Dover, Whetstone Valley Nursing Home, $2,500; Albert Pavlinac, Gus Kline, $2,500 and the Class of 1956 second year award for $1,000; Rebecca Trapp, Anderson Family, $2,500; Macie Redmond, James Emanuel, $2,500 and the Connor Munson second year award for $1,000; Sarah Jarman, SA, $2,500 and the Sam Grorud second year award for $2,500; Mikaela Hoeke, Kiwanis, $2,500; Kerissa DeBoer, Kiwanis – Dr. Johnson, $2,500; Nate Bien, Kiwanis – Agriculture, $2,500; Kadon Leddy, Reva J. Bracht, $2,500; MyKayla Thyne, Robert and Verna Ostlie, $2,500; Presley Peschong, Valley Queen, $2,500; Emma VanVooren, Valley Queen, $2,500; Trevor Schmidt, Valley Queen, $2,500 and the Stengel Family second year award for $1,000; Bailey Storm, Valley Queen, $2,500; Will Mischel, Valley Queen, $2,500; Jimmie Berkner, Valley Queen, $2,500; Jake Anderson, Valley Queen, $2,500; Korinne Roggenbuck, Willard Meyer, $2,500; Hallie Van Sambeek, Dr. Norm and Carol Madsen, $2,500 and the JoAnn VanLith second year award for $1,500; Karlee Mertens, Linda’s Fashions, $2,500; Madi Schulte, Stengel Family, $2,500; Allison Grear, Clarence Modin, $2,500, and Justin Schweer, Art Campbell, $2,500.

Mackayla Schuelke received the Leo P. Flynn $5,000 scholarship which is given at $2,500 per year for two years. Tanner Gauer and Caryssa Mielitz each received a $5,000 scholarship from Paul and Aaron Buri, which is also awarded at $2,500 each year for two years.

Three $9,400 Patridge/Brisco scholarships were given which is awarded at $4,700 per year for two years. Award recipients were Mallory Trapp, Hannah Tietjen and Sarah Grabow.

The final two scholarships presented went to Paige Johnson and Connor Lightfield. Each received a $26,000 David J. Engebretson Family scholarship which is awarded at $6,500 per year for four years.

Over the course of its existence, the foundation has given out approximately 619 scholarships with nearly $2,031,000 awarded.

Doug Buri was presented with a plaque for his years of dedication as a foundation board member. His wife, Linda, was also recognized for her years of giving, which marks 24 years of giving to the students of MHS.

Board members include Chad Nelson, president; Susan Leddy, vice-president; Nichole Bury, secretary; Sue Stengel, treasurer, and other members Jeff Jones and Mike Misterek.

Recipients pictured are back row, left to right, Hallie Van Sambeek, Jimmie Berkner, Caryssa Mielitz, Presley Peschong, Karlee Mertens, Paige Johnson, Emma VanVooren, MyKayla Thyne, Bailey Storm, Kerissa DeBoer, Mikaela Hoeke, Korinne Roggenbuck, Allison Grear and Sarah Grabow. Middle row, Madi Schulte, Mackayla Schuelke, Hannah Tietjen, Macie Redmond, Clare Van Dover, Sarah Jarman, Rebecca Trapp and Mallory Trapp. Front row, Jake Anderson, Nate Bien, Connor Lightfield, Will Mischel, Tanner Gauer, Justin Schweer, Albert Pavlinac, Trevor Schmidt and Kadon Leddy.


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