Ronald Milbank of Reno, Nevada, has circled Milbank, South Dakota on his map. He plans a 10-day-3,435 mile round trip pilgrimage to his namesake.... Ronald Milbank to Make 2,000-Mile Trip to Namesake

Ronald Milbank of Reno, Nevada, has circled Milbank, South Dakota on his map. He plans a 10-day-3,435 mile round trip pilgrimage to his namesake. Besides seeing the world and feeling the wind in his hair, his trip includes several goals. One of those is to entice everyone to circle Milbank on their maps.

So, why is he calling his tour “No Roads Lead to Milbank?” Ronald explained the chances of someone coming to Milbank are highly unlikely, therefore most people’s ‘roads’ do not enter Milbank. My trip is about increasing the visibility of Milbank around the nation.”

“This trip has been on my bucket list,” Ronald explained. “I discovered eight or nine years ago that there was one town in America that shared my name. In April, I decided this would be the year I would visit!”

Ronald, an information technology director, will blog and take videos during his trip to take the rest of the country along for the ride. He hops on his 2009 BMW motorcycle on Tuesday, June 6, and travels through Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota. He plans to land in Milbank at noon on Saturday, June 10. A welcome for Ronald at the Grist Mill in Milbank also is set for noon on Saturday.

The 49-year-old will ride solo. His wife, Christine, will manage the blog and website along his way. “I’ll be talking with all kinds of people at each of my stops and promoting this endeavor on each and every step,” he said.

Ronald’s stops include: Wendover, Nevada; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Casper, Wyoming; and Pierre, South Dakota, on his trip to Milbank. After he leaves Milbank, he will stop in Bowman, North Dakota; Bozeman, Montana, Sun Valley, Idaho, and Elko, Nevada, before returning home. “I encourage anyone along my route to hop on their bike and ride with me.”

Another goal for Ronald’s adventure is to add to the Milbank High School Endowment Fund. “I want to improve the visibility of Milbank around the nation and encourage others to be selfless. To give just for the sake of giving!”

Ronald contacted Milbank Area Chamber of Commerce Events Director Laura Kelly and Milbank Mayor Pat Raffety. He told them of his interest in education, and was put in contact with Milbank Superintendent Tim Graf. “I had a long conversation with Mr. Graf,” Ronald said. “He told me the school already has an endowment fund set up that benefits the district’s students. We agreed the fund would be the best use of the money we raise.”

Ronald hopes to raise $100,000 with 100 percent going to the endowment fund. He said, “Each and every dollar will go right into the fund and none will come to me. I purely want to turn this trip into something bigger than myself and encourage others to be selfless in giving, too.”

Ronald will spend two nights in Milbank. “I’m really excited and looking forward to this adventure,” he stated.

When not riding his motorcycle, Ronald enjoys music, shooting, and traveling. He was born in Scarborough, Ontario in Canada and graduated from high school in Santa Clara, California.

To keep up with the Ronald Milbank adventure, follow his moves by clicking here!

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