Cory and Chris Kassube won first place in the 2017 Big Stone Walleye Classic on Big Stone Lake Saturday, June 17. The team took... Kassubes Win Big Stone Walleye Classic

Cory and Chris Kassube won first place in the 2017 Big Stone Walleye Classic on Big Stone Lake Saturday, June 17. The team took home $4,000 for reeling in six fish weighing 17.40 pounds. Dave Cornelius and Gary Roder finished second earning $2,400 for six fish at 17.30 pounds.

Ninety-nine two-man teams caught a total of 687.10 pounds of fish, up from 561.45 pounds last year. The number of fish caught was also up this year – 358 compared with 245 in 2016.

According to BSWC committee member Nicolle Berkner, the weather provided a challenge this year. The takeoff weather was calm and cool, but the wind picked up and the rain hit in the afternoon. “It was a great turnout, though, even with the weather,” Berkner stated.

The other prize-winning teams were: Dalton Koch and Devin Stricherz, 3rd ($1,800), six fish at 16.45 pounds; Jeremy Ohm and Justin Wittnebel, 4th ($1,400), six fish at 16.20 pounds; Randy Busk and Todd Goetschius, 5th ($1,200), six fish at 15.80 pounds; Derick Wenck and Mark Daschner, 6th ($900), six fish at 15.70 pounds; Rick Robinson and Dillon Robinson, 7th ($700), six fish at 15.35 pounds; Joe and Garret Christopherson, 8th ($500), six fish at 15.25 pounds; Jeff Jackson and Brock Jackson, 9th ($400), six fish at 14.55 pounds; Isaac Pauly and Mark Pauly, 10th ($300), six fish at 14.30 pounds; Mark Schlenker and Allen Schlenker, 11th ($200), six fish at 13.90 pounds; Kevin Jurgens and Nathan Jurgens, 12th ($200), six fish at 13.10 pounds; Scott Sampson and Dustie Roggeman, 13th ($200), five fish at 12.90 pounds; and Rick Kruse and Ashley Kruse, 14th ($200), six fish at 12.40 pounds.

The team of Mark Wright and Doug Devries won the Big Fish Award sponsored by Milbank Ford. They earned $500 for their 6 pound, 5 ounce fish. The duo was also awarded $100 and the Ninth Annual Jerry Dump Memorial Award.

Results for all teams bringing in fish were: Mark Wright/Doug Devries, five, 11.70 lbs; Dale Schultz/Eric Schultz, six, 11.55 lbs; Kip Koch/Bill Schellberg, six, 11.10 lbs; Tom Aho/Harvey Schaefer, six, 11.05 lbs; Bryan Koch/Josh Sykora, six, 11.05 lbs; Randy Viessman/Brian Prellwitz, six, 11.00 lbs; Richard Albrecht Sr/Richard Albrecht Jr, six, 10.85 lbs; John Haukos/Glenn Berdan, six, 10.65 lbs; Ben Teets/Trent Teets, five, 10.65 lbs; Mike Winter/Alan Konold, six, 10.60 lbs; Brian Hansen/Rodney Hansen, six, 1045 lbs; KJ Roggenbuck/Nate Spors, six, 10.45 lbs; Kevin Welberg/Craig Welberg, five, 10.40 lbs; Keven Berdan/Andy Berdan, six, 10.35 lbs; Dan Sunne/Chad Hauger, six, 9.75 lbs; Darin Sackreiter/Kenny Henriksen, four, 9.75 lbs; Shane Peiker/Derek Myers, six, 9.65 lbs; Stacy Homan/Bruce Zahn, five, 9.65 lbs; Grant Borns/Brian Peery, four, 9.30 lbs; Jeff Anderson/John Meyer, six, 9.25 lbs; Tom Albrecht/Matthew Albrecht, four, 9.15 lbs.

Patrick Miller/Cody Enger, five, 9.15 lbs; James Rudebusch/David Rudebusch, six, 9.10 lbs; Larry Cramer/Dale Cramer, six, 9.05 lbs; Paul Klapprodt/Gale Nitteberg, five, 9.05 lbs; Tim Tesch/Jim Hartman, five, 9.00 lbs; James Roth/Rod Coon, six, 9.00 lbs; Tyler DeBoer/Jason Bear, two, 8.95 lbs; Wade Davis/Josh Davis, six, 8.90 lbs; Monty Athey/Jackson Athey, six, 8.75 lbs; Brad Berkner/Mark Hartman, five, 8.50 lbs; Scott Roelke/John Thomas, five, 8.35 lbs; Jason Ackerman/Brittany Ackerman, five, 8.20 lbs; Jerry Albrecht/Andrew Albrecht, six, 8.00 lbs; Jim Forrette/David Forrette, four, 7.70 lbs; Brandon Trapp/Shawn Wellnitz, three, 7.65 lbs; Eric Warner/Jeff Wirkus, five, 7.05 lbs; David Albrecht Sr/David Albrecht Jr, four, 7.00 lbs; Ben Graf/Tim Graf, five, 6.55 lbs; Tyler Fredricksen/Kolz Mastel, four, 6.50 lbs; Mike Boyum/Clay Boyum, four, 6.25 lbs; Michael Zirbel/Kyle Hubsch, four, 5.75 lbs; Landon Hammer/Logan Hammer, four, 5.75 lbs; Jack Albrecht Sr/Jack Albrecht Jr, four, 5.60 lbs; Josh Kellen/Kyle Schweer, four, 5.25 lbs.

Cory Davis/Mike Van Lith, three, 5.10 lbs; Joe Arndt/Tanner Arndt, three, 4.85 lbs; Allen Guse/Derek Guse, three, 4.45 lbs; John Vissers/Thomas Vissers, three, 4.45 lbs; Steve Young/Ashley Conrad, three, 4.25 lbs; Rolly Karles/Nate Treinen, two, 4.05 lbs; Kevin Seehafer/Haley Seehafer, three, 4.05 lbs; Dennis Kellner/Benjamin Kellner, three, 4.00 lbs; Mark Davies/Stan Griffith, three, 4.00 lbs; Jeff Schmidt/Marlan Schmidt, three, 3.90 lbs; Mike Maher/Chase Maher, one, 3.75 lbs; Jackson Graf/Jimmy Graf, two, 3.40 lbs; Mike Lee/Ana Lee, two, 3.35 lbs; Mark Willand/Danny Lee, two, 3.20 lbs; Steve Cramer/Kirk Baldwin, two, 2.90 lbs; Paul Weber/John Kisgen, one, 2.90 lbs; Brad Jensen/Leallen Endres, two, 2.65 lbs; Scott Albrecht/Doug Smith, one, 2.40 lbs; Terry Patnoe/Kelly Schultz, one, 1.45 lbs; Chris Berkner/Sheldon Korth, one, 1.40 lbs; Mike Boskovich/Shane Boskovich, one, 1.35 lbs; Dustin Kindelberger/Garth Haukos, one, 1.25 lbs.

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