Maybe you’ve imagined yourself as Robin Hood robbing from the rich and giving to the poor? Or Anguy from Game of Thrones who managed... Grand Opening at Bent Arrow Archery Range & Pro Shop March 29

Maybe you’ve imagined yourself as Robin Hood robbing from the rich and giving to the poor? Or Anguy from Game of Thrones who managed more than his share of stellar moves with a bow and arrow?

Either way, you’re going to need more than a leather vest and few rubber arrows. You need top notch equipment and maybe a little practice. Lucky for you, Bent Arrow Archery Range & Pro Shop is open and ready to make your fantasy a reality.

Bent Arrow was founded on a vision, too. Owner Mark Veen always dreamed of owning an archery range. In 2011, he purchased the former middle school in Milbank. “I knew it would make an excellent indoor range,” Mark says. Last fall, Mark and his wife, Ashlie, started the remodeling project, beginning in the gymnasium.

“The removal of the stage was the most time consuming,” Mark said. “It took me 18 hours to remove the hardwood flooring from the stage. I’m not sure how long it would have taken to remove the stage by myself, but fortunately my uncle came to see what I was up to. The following day, he brought along another uncle to help.” With two uncles and the help of his dad, the stage was removed in days. “The hardwood flooring was in good shape and too nice to end up in the landfill,” Mark says. So, all the nails were removed and we hauled it to Madison, Wisconsin to a salvaged materials business.”

The transformation of the gym into a 20-yard indoor archery range was completed in November. All the targets were in place by the new year. “Inventory took the longest,” Mark says. “We wanted to make sure we had quality equipment and accessories at prices that are hard to beat.”

They selected a full line of PSE bows and cross bows and Beman & Easton arrows and accessories. Mark says they purchase directly from the manufacturer to insure quality and the lowest prices. “We want to make it affordable and convenient to get everything you need. We carry a full line from youth bows and cross bows to quivers and feathers to fletch your own arrows.”

“ We also plan to have bow lockers for rent,” Mark says. “Archers who shoot regularly like to keep their bows in a climate- controlled environment. Plus, they don’t want to haul bows when they come to shoot several times a week.” Ironically, the building is no stranger to lockers. “They will fit in perfectly where we removed the built- in school lockers,” Mark says.

As a full service archery shop, Bent Arrow carries tools to service archery equipment. “We have customers come in who bought bows elsewhere and we adjust things to make them work best for them,” Mark says. Bent Arrow also provides private lessons for beginning archers to experts.

Mark says, “You don’t have to have any experience to shoot archery. If you have never shot a bow or even held one, we can teach you. Archery is a great sport because it teaches patience, accuracy, and self-control, while building self-confidence.”

Don’t have a bow? No problem! Bent Arrow has dozens from which to choose. “Different bows create different possibilities,” says Mark. “And archery knows no age limit, it’s something the whole family can do.”

If Archery doesn’t interest you, stop by to see the changes they made to the building. Mark says he found some cool things when he removed the lockers – lots of pens and pencils (of course), photos, notes, and his most recent find – a 1942 Mercury dime.

Bent Arrow Archery Range & Pro Shop hosts its Grand Opening on Thursday, March 29, from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Refreshments will be served following the 4 p.m. ribbon cutting by the Milbank Area Chamber. Bent Arrow is open Tuesday-Thursday 4:30 – 8:30, Friday 11-8, and Saturday 9-5. Questions? Or want to sign up for classes? Call 605-924-0444.

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