The Milbank High School Educational Foundation announced the 2018 scholarship winners at a banquet held at the American Lutheran Church on May 3. The... $157,200 in Scholarships Awarded by Milbank Educational Foundation

The Milbank High School Educational Foundation announced the 2018 scholarship winners at a banquet held at the American Lutheran Church on May 3. The $26,000 David J. Engebretson Family scholarships, awarded at $6,500 per year for four years, went to Chase Pinkert and Sophia Seffrood. The $9400 Patridge/Brisco Scholarships, awarded at $4700 per year for two years, went to Rebecca Loehrer, Angela Hoeke, and Christina Lusk.

New scholarships this year are the $2500 Les Bloem Scholarship given to Isaac Nolz, the $2500 Ralph and Mary Scott Scholarship awarded to Haeley Seehafer, and the $2500 Doug and Linda Buri Student Selection Scholarship given to Christina Lusk.

The foundation board includes Chad Nelson, president; Susan Leddy, vice president; Nichole Bury, secretary; Sue Stengel, treasurer; Jeff Jones, Mike Misterek and Steve Street.

The educational foundation was chartered in 1986 to promote the further educational development of graduating MHS seniors through financial scholarships. In 1986, the foundation awarded five scholarships totaling $5000. Since 1986, the Educational Foundation has presented approximately 569 scholarships. Over $2,378,000 has been disbursed.


Whetstone Valley Nursing Home $2,500 Lauren McDonald
Gus Kline $2,500 Heather Bray
Linda’s Fashions $2,500 Shea Hooth
Art Campbell $2,500 Dylan Westlund
Clarence Modin $2,500 Montana Swenson
Les Bloem $2,500 Isaac Nolz
Gaylene Stengel $2,500 Brady Klemm
Dr. Norm & Carol Madsen $2,500 Derrick Aho
Willard Meyers $2,500 Sadie Holland
Valley Queen $2,500 Molly Rick
Valley Queen $2,500 Alex Popowski
Ralph & Mary Scott $2,500 Haeley Seehafer
Robert & Verna Ostlie $2,500 Grace Spiering
Reva J. Bracht $2,500 Adam Thomas
Kiwanis $2,500 Faith Brandenburger
Kiwanis – Agriculture $2,500 Allison Pillatzki
Kiwanis – Dr. Johnson $2,500 Tanner Kettwig
SA $2,500 Jodi DeVaal
James Emanuel $2,500 Madeline Lightfield
Sam Grorud (2nd year) $2,500 Lauren McDonald
Anderson Family (2nd year) $2,500 Adam Thomas
JoAnn VanLith (2nd year) $1,500 Dylan Westlund
Stengel Family (2nd year) $1,000 Shea Hooth
Connor Munson (2nd year) $1,000 Grace Spiering
Class of 1956 (2nd year) $1,000 Alex Popowski
Leo P. Flynn $5,000 (2 yrs. @ $2,500 per yr.) Madison Liebe
Paul & Aaron Buri $5,000 (2 yrs. @ $2,500 per yr.) Johnny Ash
Paul & Aaron Buri $5,000 (2 yrs. @ $2,500 per yr.) Jennifer Seehafer
Patridge/Brisco $9,400 (2 yrs. @ $4,700 per yr.) Rebecca Loehrer
Patridge/Brisco $9,400 (2 yrs. @ $4,700 per yr.) Angela Hoeke
Patridge/Brisco $9,400 (2 yrs. @ $4,700 per yr.) Christina Lusk
David J. Engebretson Family $26,000 (4 yrs. @ $6,500 per yr.) Chase Pinkert
David J. Engebretson Family $26,000 (4 yrs. @ $6,500 per yr.) Sophia Seffrood
Doug & Linda Buri Student Selection $2,500 Christina Lusk

Scholarship winners are, back row, left to right, Jonny Ash, Brady Klemm, Alex Popowski, Tanner Kettwig, Chase Pinkert, Lauren McDonald, Dylan Westland, Derrick Aho and Madison Liebe. Second row, Isaac Nolz, Adam Thomas, Allison Pillatzki, Shea Hooth, Montana Swenson, Jodi DeVaal, Heather Bray, Grace Spiering, Rebecca Loehrer and Christina Lusk. Front row, Faith Brandenburger, Madeline Lightfield, Jennifer Seehafer, Molly Rick, Sophia Seffrood, Angela Hoeke, Sadie Holland and Haeley Seehafer.

Pictured: Mary Scott and Haeley Seehafer                                                                                                                                                                                              Linda Buri, Christina Lusk, and Doug Buri

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