The Grant County 4-H program held crop and home exhibit displays at the 71st annual Grant County Farm & Home Show, January 11-12 at... Grant County Farm & Home Show Winners Announced

The Grant County 4-H program held crop and home exhibit displays at the 71st annual Grant County Farm & Home Show, January 11-12 at the Milbank High School and National Guard Armory. “This is an opportunity for youth and adults to showcase their talents, stated Sara Koepke 4-H Youth Program Advisor.  There were 34 crop entries and 189 home exhibits. All exhibit judging took place on Thursday, January 10.

Recognition was given to top home exhibit honors in beginner, youth and adult home exhibit categories. Ribbons are awarded to first, second and third exhibits in each lot. The Milbank Chamber of Commerce Agriculture committee sponsors the Crop Show with monetary first, second, and third place exhibits in each lot. There were two $100 drawing for adult and youth crop exhibitors. The winners for the crop drawing was Linda Prisinger and Jace Peiker.

The Best in Show crop results are as follows:
Grain Crops: Randy Busk, first; Dale Tuchscherer, second; and Chandler Urban, third
Forages: Arlo Fish, first; Kendra Schweer, second; and Steve & Paul Fonder, third
Potatoes: Linda Prisinger, first, second and third
Eggs: Joanne Urban, first; Jace Peiker, second; and Jace Peiker, third

Those who placed first and second in the crop show will be entered in the 2019 State Crop Show at Watertown, in conjunction with the Watertown Winter Farm Show.

Complete listing of crop show results:
Dent corn– any color Devon Mueller, first; Shelled corn: Dale Tuchscherer, first; Randy Busk, second; Steve & Paul Fonder, third; Popcorn: Chandler Urban, first; Chandler Urban, second; Joanne Urban, third; Soybeans: Randy Busk, first; Randy Busk, second; Randy Busk, third; Spring Wheat: Randy Busk, first; Stewart Loehrer, second; Alfalfa sample: Arlo Fish, first; Arlo Fish, second; Dominic Fonder, third; Corn Silage: Kender Schweer, first; Steve & Paul Fonder, second; Eric Hansen, third; Alfalfa Haylage: Steve & Paul Fonder, first; Eric Hansen, second; Red Potatoes: Linda Prisinger, first; Linda Prisinger, second; White Potatoes: Linda Prisinger, first; Linda Prisinger, second; Russet Potatoes: Linda Prisinger, first; White eggs: Jace Peiker, first; Jace Peiker, second; Brown eggs: Joanne Urban, first; Joanne Urban, second; Other Color: Jace Peiker, first; Joanne Urban, second.

Top honors in age division as follows:
Foods: Casside Seezs, first youth; William Karels, second youth; Hope Karels, third youth; Dawn VanderWal, first adult; Brenda Block, second adult; Linda Prisinger, third adult
Photography: Tye Schaffer, first beginner; Tyler Heinje, second beginner; Devon Mueller, third beginner; Megan Tschetter, first youth; Casside Seezs, second youth; Mattison Scott, third youth; Katrina King, first adult; Dale Prisinger, second adult; Delores Kelly, third adult
Clothing: Bailey Schwagel, first beginner; Bailey Schwagel, second beginner; Bailey Schwagel, third beginner; Casside Seezs, first youth; Owen Neeleyn, second youth; Hope Karels, third youth; Laurie Folk, first adult; Janelle Kelly, second adult; Danelle Stohr, third adult
Visual Arts: Bailey Schwagel, first beginner, Bailey Schwagel, second beginner; Aubree Madsen, third beginner; Owen Neeley, first youth; Cassidy Schwagel, second youth; Kylene Bowen, third youth; Dale Prisinger, first adult; Justin Layher, second adult; Walt Selchert, third adult
Self-Determined: William Karels, first youth; William Karels, second youth; Hope Karels, third youth; Danelle Stohr, first, second and third adult.

Complete listing of home exhibit results:
Beginner Results:
Clothing – Household accessory: Tye Schaffer, first; Mackenzie Mueller, second; Selected Outfit: Bailey Schwagel, first; Bailey Schwagel, second; Tye Schaffer, third; Knitted Article: Mackenzie Mueller, first;
Photography – Candid Photo: Tye Schaffer, first; Portrait of people: Devon Mueller, first; Flower or Plant: Tye Schaffer, first; Building or Architecture: Tyler Heinje, first; Tyler Heinje, second; Devon Mueller, third; Landscape: Devon Mueller, first; Hailey Heinje, second; Tyler Heinje, third; Action: Tyler Heinje, first; Devon Mueller, second;
Visual Arts – Acrylic Painting: Jace Peiker, first; Adriana Mckillip, second; Adriana Mckillip, third; Pen or Pencil Drawing: Andrew Mckillip, first; Ceramic: Aubree Madsen, first; Wreath: Bailey Schwagel, first; Jewelry: Bailey Schwagel, first; Wood Construction: Michael Janssen, first; Miscellaneous Craft: Bailey Schwagel, first, Bailey Schwagel, second; Aubree Madsen, third;

Youth Results:
Clothing – Outfit: Hope Karels, first; Accessory: Brooke Schwagel, first; Household Accessory: Hope Karels, first; Miscellaneous Constructed: Owen Neeley, first; Hope Karels, second; Selected Outfit: Owen Neeley, first; Casside Seezs, second; Cassidy Schwagel, third; Quilt: Casside Seezs, first;
Foods – Bars: Casside Seezs, first; Cassie Seezs, second; Drop Cookies: Hope Karels, first; Cakes: Casside Seezs, first; Yeast Bread: Casside Seezs, first; Quick Bread: Hope Karels, first; Cucumber pickle, sweet: Casside Seezs, first; Cucumber pickles, dill: Casside Seezs, first; Jelly: William Karels, first;
Photography – Portrait: Casside Seezs, first; Animals: Megan Tschetter, first; Mattison Scott, second; Cassidy Schwagel, third; Building or Architecture: Casside Seezs, first; Casside Seezs, second; Owen Neeley, third; Landscape: Casside Seezs, first; Still Life: Hope Karels, first; Hope Karels, second; Casside Seezs, third;
Visual Arts –Acrylic Painting: Casside Seezs, first; Kylene Bowen, second; Cassidy Schwagel, third; Charcoal: Kylene Bowen, first; Pen or Pencil drawing: Jordan Mckillip, first; Pastel or Chalk: Hope Karels, first; Ceramic: Mattison Scott, first; Kylene Bowen, second; Hope Karels, third; Wreath: Cassidy Schwagel, first; Brooke Schwagel, second; Cassidy Schwagel, third; Jewelry: Cassidy Schwagel, first; Casside Seezs, second; Brooke Schwagel, third; Metal Craft: Owen Neely, first; Casside Seezs, second; Wood Construction: Kylene Bowen, first; Wood Article, painted: Kylene Bowen, first; Woodburning: Kylene Bowen, first; Miscellaneous Craft: Brooke Schwagel, first; Kylene Bowen, second;
Self-Determined: William Karels, first; Hope Karels, second; Jordan Mckillip, third;

Adult Results:
Clothing – Accessory: Linda Prisinger, first; Household Accessory: Danelle Stohr, first; Kristin Tostenson, second; Miscellaneous Constructed: Linda Prisinger, first; Linda Prisinger, second; Linda Prisinger, third; Quilt: Laurie Folk, first; Kristin Tostenson, second; Crocheted Article: Janelle Kelly, first; Katrina King, second; Katrina King, third; Knitted: Kristin Tostenson, first; Kristin Tostenson, second;
Foods – Bars: Brenda Block, first; Linda Prisinger, second; Drop Cookies: Linda Prisinger, first; Delores Kelly, second; Molded Cookies: Dawn VanderWal, first; Muffins: Delores Kelly, first; Quick Bread: Krecia Leddy, first; Yeast Rolls: Linda Prisinger, first; Linda Prisinger, second; Pies: Krecia Leddy, first; Candy: Linda Prisinger, first; Krecia Leddy, second; Linda Prisinger, third; Convenience Food: Linda Prisinger, first; Linda Prisinger, second; Canned Fruit: Linda Prisinger, first; Canned Vegetables: Bruce Johnson, first; Cucumber Pickles, sweet: Bruce Johnson, first; Bruce Johnson, second; Cucumber Pickles, dill: Linda Prisinger, first; Other Pickles: Linda Prisinger, first; Bruce Johnson, second; Bruce Johnson, third; Canned Meat: Linda Prisinger, first; Jam: Bruce Johnson, first; Bruce Johnson, second; Jelly: Bruce Johnson, first;
Photography – Candid: Linda Prisinger, first; Gloria Selchert, second; Animals: Katrina King, first; Dale Prisinger, second; Linda Prisinger, third; Flower: Gloria Selchert, first; Landscape: Delores Kelly, first; Delores Kelly, second; Linda Prisinger, third; Close-up: Gloria Selchert, first;
Visual Arts – Wreath: Linda Prisinger, first; Wreath, other material: Linda Prisinger, first; Melissa Mueller, second; Metal Craft: Dale Prisinger, first; Justin Layher, second; Walt Selchert, third; Wood Construction: Jason Karels, first; Miscellaneous Craft: Linda Prisinger, first;
Self-Determined: Danelle Stohr, first; Danelle Stohr, second; Danelle Stohr, third

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