Football season is over, but you can bet Bill Belichick, coach for the New England Patriots, continues to keep his team in top shape.... Tammi Jonescheit Celebrates Second Anniversary at Revitalize Spa

Football season is over, but you can bet Bill Belichick, coach for the New England Patriots, continues to keep his team in top shape. Love him or hate him, the man knows what he’s doing. He’s the NFL’s longest-tenured active head coach. At 261 regular season wins, he stands at third in the NFL, and he is one of only three head coaches who has won six NFL titles. Belichick finds ways to win and he doesn’t hesitate to try new things.

In 2014, he visited NASA, where the U.S. Special Forces introduced him to the secrets of a flotation pool. When Belicheck learned the pools improved injury recovery time, offered natural relief for sore muscles, reduced anxiety and headaches, improved mental clarity, and offset sleep deprivation, he immediately ordered two pools and had them installed at Gillette Stadium. Quarterback Tom Brady became such a frequent user he had a pool installed in his home. Taking this pool cue from the Patriots, other professional athletes and sports teams, such as Stephen Curry and the Chicago Cubs, have incorporated floating into their training regimens.

What’s up with all these grown men floating? Gravity!
Turns out the exercise that keeps a professional athlete fit and strong requires gravity. And gravity works against the body like a 300-pound linebacker.
Have you ever noticed your pants feel a little tighter at the end of the day? Do your feet swell or does your back ache? Blame Gravity.

Take a look in the mirror. Is your face starting to droop? Gravity. Even when you’re asleep, gravity never quits. And, it doesn’t play fair. You can be 25 or 75, a couch potato or an athlete, gravity is nearly impossible to escape.
Every day while you are going about your business, gravity is also busy compressing your spine. Your spine is comprised of vertebrae and sponge-like discs, and the constant squeezing causes the discs to lose moisture. By the time you put on your pajamas and slippers, you could even be a half to three-fourths of an inch shorter. The moisture in the disc is replenished in the disc overnight, but not 100 percent. Over your lifetime, you can permanently lose between half an inch to two inches in height.

NASA discovered the opposite can also be true. Astronauts grow two inches while they are in space. While in orbit, astronauts’ discs continue to absorb moisture from the bloodstream, but in space there’s no gravitational pull to squeeze the moisture out. The discs remain plump and the astronauts taller. Space suits are designed to accommodate an extra two inches of spinal stretch.

Like Newton’s apple, gravity also causes the organs inside your body to fall. It happens more slowly of course, but when organs are not positioned properly, they tend to lose their optimum ability to function. Yoga practitioners have been standing on their heads for centuries to ensure proper organ placement and blood flow. It’s also most likely why babies often choose to sleep bottoms-up. Gravity decreases circulation to your eyes, ears, and brain, too.
Many people give up the fight and accept all of this as normal aging. They don’t know these problems can be reversed or avoided.

You just need to take the pressure off. Literally and figuratively. But, there are only a few known ways to become weightless.
Here’s how you do it:
1. Go back to your mother’s womb.
2. Get on a rocket and go to the moon.
3. Go swimming in the Dead Sea.
These solutions are obviously all impossible, highly improbable, or exorbitantly expensive. But there is one other choice!
4. Go to ReVitalize Spa in Milbank.
ReVitalize Spa opened in 2018. After owner, Tammi Jonescheit, watched her brother pass away from the ravages of an autoimmune disease, she was determined to not go down that same road.
“When I started,” she says, “I didn’t know anything about floating. I just had a dream and I did not want to get sick.” She had read many autoimmune diseases were caused by inflammation. So, she tried a floating pool. She says, “I had such great results, I wanted to bring the same amazing experience to people in Milbank.” She says, “I believe floating saved my life. And, each time I float, I realize more benefits.”

For ReVitalize Spa, she selected the top brand of pool. It’s the same brand Tom Brady chose for his home.

And just like Tom Brady, when you go to ReVitalize Spa, you will float serenely in a private five and half foot by seven and a half foot pool filled with about 1000 pounds of Epsom salts. The Epsom salts cause your body to float, draw the toxins out, and get more magnesium in. After about 20 minutes, your body becomes weightless and stretches out. This allows the blood to flow through and around areas it normally doesn’t get to.
The water is kept at a constant temperature — about 92 degrees — the temperature of your skin. Jonescheit says, “You feel as if you are disappearing.” Or, as one of her customers describes it, “I’m like a floating face without a body. I’m weightless.”

Also after those first 20 minutes, your body is forced to relax and the brain switches from beta waves to theta waves much like when you enter deep meditation. Many people float for this benefit alone. Others come in for help with ADHD, autism, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain, chronic pain, inflammation, panic attacks, and other conditions. Jonescheit says, “Lots of people were in this winter after falling on the ice, and this summer I’ll see people who want relief from sunburns and mosquito bites.”

As you lie there relaxing, you could start counting sheep and you might be lulled to sleep. Nap for 45 minutes and scientists say those minutes are equal to sleeping four hours.

While you are floating or napping, rest assured the water is filtered every seven and a half minutes — compare this to a swimming pool filtered every four to six hours or hot tubs which are filtered even less. Ozone UV light, peroxide, and the salt sanitize the pool.

And floating trips won’t set you back $250,000 like a voyage into space. (If that ever happens.) Or even the $10,000 it would cost to go to the Dead Sea for a week. Hourly sessions are just $50. Or get a $100 punch card for three hour-long sessions.

Come in during ReVitalize Spa’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration from March 16 through April 1. Buy a 60-minute float session and get a cocoon session free! Or get ready for spring with 120 minutes of tanning at the special low price of only $60.

Stop in at 102 W. 4th Avenue on Hwy 12 in Milbank or call 320.305.0728 today.

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