Principal Brenda Anderson sent a letter to the parents and students of St. Lawrence School in Milbank. The letter outlines the school’s plans in... St. Lawrence School Implements Plan During Closure

Principal Brenda Anderson sent a letter to the parents and students of St. Lawrence School in Milbank. The letter outlines the school’s plans in response to the closure of all schools in South Dakota.

Because the weather forecast is predicting inclement weather tomorrow, Principal Anderson also asks parents to notify Julie Landmark at the school when they expect to arrive to pick up their materials. Email Julie at Principal Anderson says, “This will allow the school to be better prepared.” She also says, “If your child has library books at home, we encourage you to return those tomorrow so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.”

The letter includes:
March 23, 2020
Dear St. Lawrence Parents/Guardians,
With the recent school cancellations, we want to make you aware of steps we are taking to provide for e-learning or distance learning for the days we were scheduled to be in school. While we realize these strategies cannot replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, they can provide continuous learning during emergencies when school is canceled for such a reason as this.
Beginning Wednesday, March 25, teachers will provide students with either e-learning lessons or work packets. The staff is working very hard to make sure that this is an easy transition for your child and for you. We will be starting this week with review materials so that we can pick right up where we left off. If we continue to use distance learning, we will then start introducing new materials in their lessons. We understand that you may be a bit apprehensive as to what this will look like and how it will work. Remember, we are all learning together so please make sure to take it day by day and we’ll all do our best. We are understanding that there will be a learning curve and we want to work with you to have
this be a positive experience for all of us. We strongly encourage communication with your child’s teacher so they can have as much of an impact on your child’s learning as possible.
We are asking parents to pick up their student’s supplies and work during the regular school hours, 7:45 – 3:05, on Wednesday, March 25. Students are expected to participate in the e-learning or distance learning activities for classes just as they would for a traditional school day. Students will be responsible to submit all work and/or respond electronically to all discussions on the due date provided by the teacher. Attendance for these days will be confirmed by the student’s completion and submission of assignments. Starting the following week, we will have pickup and drop off of materials each Monday during the same hours until school resumes. Please make sure to return completed work
each Monday so that teachers may correct work and stay on top of each student’s learning.
For the pickup of materials and needed devices, we ask that you pull to the front of the school like you would if you were to pick up your child for dismissal, but please stop in front of the school doors. We will have staff available to bring your child’s things to you in the car. Please do not enter the building as we are limiting entry to the school setting. If for any reason you are unable to pick up your child’s work during this time, please notify Julie or Mrs.
Anderson and we will make arrangements to have it delivered or picked up at a different time.
If students have questions about their learning, they will be able to contact their classroom teachers via email or other form of communication that is provided by their teacher. Teachers will be available for questions between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM each scheduled e-learning day.
This past week we worked to identify any families with limited access to the Internet. Families should contact Mrs.
Anderson or your child’s teacher immediately if access to the Internet is an issue. Please reach out to us if you have any questions as we move through these e-learning days.
We continue to pray for all affected by this virus. May God grant each of us safety and good health.
God bless you,
Mrs. Anderson


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