Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day and polls will be open in Grant County from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.  Although the presidential race... Tomorrow is Election Day 2020! Don’t Forget to Vote!
Grant County assistants setting up the Visitor Center in Milbank with COVID precautions for the November 3rd election.

Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day and polls will be open in Grant County from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.  Although the presidential race is garnering the most attention, voters in South Dakota will decide two amendments to their state constitution and a measure. If passed, Amendment A would allow for the regulation and taxing of marijuana.  Amendment B, if passed, would authorize the legislature to allow sport wagering in Deadwood. And Measure 26, if passed, would legalize marijuana for medical use. 

High-profile state races include US Senator, US Representatives, and the Public Utilities Commissioner. Locally, voters will decide their representatives and senator from District 4 for the South Dakota Legislature. The race for Grant County Treasurer is also on the ballot. 

A presidential election historically brings out more voters, and this year appears to be following that trend. One difference, however, is the number of  voters who opted for early voting. According to Grant County Auditor Karen Layher, there are 4,789 registered voters in Grant County and 1802 or 37.6 percent requested an absentee ballot to be mailed to them or voted early in person. A total of 1740 or 36.3 percent of those absentee ballots were returned. Layher reminds voters, if you requested a ballot, but were unable to return it, you are still eligible to go to the polls tomorrow to cast your ballot.

She also answered the question that arises with every election:  “If I don’t check a box for each race or item on the ballot, is it considered spoiled?” She said, “No, any portion of the ballot left blank is fine, the voted races and issues will count.” Layher said, “This has been a busy election with the added element of COVID and all the precautions to keep the voters and workers safe,”  She said she has 49 assistants, including staff and volunteers, facilitating the election tomorrow.

Precautions taken at the polls include: There will be a hand-sanitizing station when you enter and exit your polling location. Stop approximately two feet from the election worker’s table to state your name and show your photo ID to the precinct official. All voting booths are spaced six feet apart. An election worker will instruct you on how to return your completed ballot in the disposable privacy sleeve. Also, you will be given a pen to use and to take with you.

Layher said, “A big thank you to my staff, the elections workers, co-workers here in the courthouse, and the personnel at the City of Milbank who all go the extra mile to assist me with all the logistics of the election. I cannot do this alone, and I have the best helping me!  

Find Your Polling Place:
Visitors Center- Community Room- 1001 East 4th Avenue, Milbank         
  Milbank Ward 1 Precinct 1
Milbank Ward 1 Precinct 2
Milbank Ward 2 Precinct 1
Milbank Ward 2 Precinct 2
Milbank Ward 3 Precinct 1
Milbank Ward 3 Precinct 2
Milbank Ward 3 Precinct 3

Revillo Community Center- 310 North 2nd Street, Revillo                            Adams and Vernon Townships, Towns of Albee and Revillo                             

Grant County Library- 207 East Park Avenue, Milbank 
Melrose Township

Milbank Airport-14871 482nd Ave, Milbank Alban Township

Big Stone City Office- 400 Washington, Big Stone City
Big Stone City and Big Stone Township

LaBolt Mini Mall-140 Main Street, LaBolt Georgia and Madison Township and Town of LaBolt

Summit New Township Hall-15050 455th Ave, Summit Blooming Valley, Farmington and Lura Townships

Whetstone Valley Electric Meeting Room-1101 East 4th Ave, Milbank Grant Center Township

Rufer’s General Store- 123 South Main Street, Strandburg Town of Standburg and Troy Township

Twin Brooks Community Center- 502 Lasell Street, Twin Brooks Town of Twin Brooks and Twin Brooks and Killborn Townships

Marvin Hall- 204 South Church Street, Marvin 
Mazeppa-Osceola Township and Town of Marvin,

Stockholm Community Center- 400 East Johnson, Stockholm
Stockholm Town and Stockholm Township


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