American minister and positive thinking promoter Norman Vincent Peale said, “Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.” It’s a Mother’s... This Mother’s Day Lindsey Keller Looks Forward to Motherhood

American minister and positive thinking promoter Norman Vincent Peale said, “Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.” It’s a Mother’s Day quote that suits mother-to-be Lindsey Keller to a T. Lindsey is not afraid to embrace risk when she is guided by her heart. 

Lindsey left a secure job as a first-grade teacher at Koch School to open Urban Threads, a clothing store in downtown Milbank in 2016. Starting a clothing boutique on Main Street hadn’t been attempted in several decades, but Lindsey built a solid and popular business. She then took another leap of faith and expanded the business by opening a similar store in Glenwood, Minnesota. It’s also proved to be a big success.  Most recently, Lindsey has focused on her dream of creating a tiny bundle of joy in a diaper, a leopard onesie, and soft booties.

Lindsey says she and her husband, Tyler, had hoped for a baby for over two years when they learned it might not happen. Her perennial smile suddenly fades and she says, “It took me a long time to admit there was a problem. It’s been a long and lonely journey.” But the former teacher says she believes it’s important for her to share her experience so other couples can learn about infertility and more importantly to realize they aren’t alone.

She explains she underwent surgery in order to alleviate the issue and the doctors thought it would work. It didn’t. They also tried IUI – or intrauterine insemination. “Then,” she says, “COVID stopped everything, so we considered adoption.” But, then there were signs that indicated they were supposed to keep trying.

When things opened up again at the fertility clinic, the couple decided to try in vitro fertilization (IVF). In short, IVF is a process to extract the mother’s eggs and manually combine them with the father’s sperm in a laboratory dish. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus.
Lindsey stayed in Sioux Falls, where her parents, Rob and Mary Lanpher, live and where she grew up, because the procedures involved going to the clinic every other day for an ultrasound. She knows the entire process took a toll on her. Her face clouds over as she admits, “Sometimes I did not feel like my usual upbeat and positive self.” But, Lindsey was determined to keep going. As Norman Vincent Peale quipped, “it’s always too early to quit.”

Her prominent baby bump heralds their success. And, her sunny smile returns to flood the nursery with positive energy when she remarks, “Now, I can’t wait to snuggle — just sit here in the rocking chair and hold her… all day.” The predominantly black and white nursery with touches of green and hints of blush has a sophisticated, but serene vibe and the enormous, furry, white rug screams naptime. There’s a dog toy nestled in the thick pile of the rug and and it appears the Keller’s two dogs Barkley and Max, are anxious for the baby’s arrival and often go into the room to wait.

The baby’s wardrobe also lies in wait. “It has been so much fun to look for baby clothes,” she says. “I just love the leopard prints.” It turns out a lot of people share her enthusiasm, so Lindsey added infant and baby clothing to the selection at Urban Threads. She calls them Mini Threads. She laughs and says, “Someday, maybe my little girl will be in our store videos. For now, she plans to take maternity leave and carry the baby along when she needs to go to the boutique. Her right hand manager, Morgan Schmitt, will be minding the boutique this summer along with Kalli Green. She says she also has a fabulous manager in Glenwood to handle things.

Dad-to-be Tyler, who farms with his dad, Todd, is also busy trying to finish the planting before the baby arrives. “Both my parents will be coming to Milbank, and my mom will stay for a week and a half or so,” Lindsey says, “Tyler will be really busy with the farm work, so it will be so good to have her here. My mom and I are very close. I’m close to both my parents, but my mom and I are extra close. Growing up, we read a lot. My dad would read to us, too, and he always used funny accents and expressions, but, my mom would read to us all the time. She would even get down on the floor and play with us. She was always interested in everything we did. Still is.”
She says if you were looking for the ideal mother, it would be hard to compete with her mom. “She is awesome. If I’m anything like her, I’ll be pretty fantastic.”

“On Mother’s Day we always get together, even last year with COVID, and we always buy my mom something a little more sentimental. Just being together is perfect.” This year is an exceptionally special year for her mother, Mary, as Lindsey’s sister, Christine, who also lives in Sioux Falls, added a fourth child to her family last week — a baby girl.

As Lindsey’s due date — May 19– approaches, she says she is grateful for a healthy pregnancy. She didn’t suffer from morning sickness early on and has continued to feel great. Food cravings; that’s another story.  “Peanut butter! Apples with peanut butter. I have that every day. If I could, I’d eat that all day long.” 

“I’m also really looking forward to having Jimmy John’s and a Coke again after the baby is born.” Jimmy John’s is famous for delivering their sub sandwiches, but she might fall a little outside their delivery zone as the nearest one is in Watertown. “Maybe Tyler or my dad will make a quick run to Jimmy John’s after the baby arrives,” she muses. The baby, however, will be delivered in Milbank by Dr. Nanci. She says Dr. Nanci has been great.  I’m a little disappointed the hospital only allows two visitors per day and my husband counts as a visitor. We are just so excited to meet the baby. For her to finally be here!”

Even her suitcase sits packed and ready for when it’s time to leave for the hospital. Her husband might be the dearest, sweetest man on the planet, but expecting him to figure out which clothes and shoes to pack.  Well, she’s not that big of a risk taker. 

Photo: Tyler and Lindsey-courtesy of Amber Walter Photography


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