30 MHS seniors received scholarships during this year’s educational awards banquet hosted by the Milbank High School Educational Foundation on May 2 at American... MHS Seniors Awarded Over $225,000 From Educational Foundation

30 MHS seniors received scholarships during this year’s educational awards banquet hosted by the Milbank High School Educational Foundation on May 2 at American Lutheran Church. Since 1986, the foundation has presented over 800 scholarships with an approximate total of $3,332,400 awarded.

Whetstone Valley Nursing Home $2,500 Joseph Schulte
Swiss American $2,500 Isabella Vogel
Gus Kline $2,500 Kadence Rausch-Frank
Anderson Family $2,500 Sophia Whitlow
Art Campbell $2,500 James Batchelor
Clarence Modin $2,500 Bridget Korstjens
Les Bloem $2,500 Aiden Quintanilla
Stengel Family $2,500 Abigail Pillatzki
Dr. Norm & Carol Madsen $2,500 Raul Berrones Pedraza
Valley Queen $2,500 Hope Karels
Valley Queen $2,500 Jaclyn Wiik
Valley Queen $2,500 Sophia Whitlow
Valley Queen $2,500 Connor Wiik
Valley Queen $2,500 Brooke Schwagel
Valley Queen $2,500 Bridget Korstjens
Robert & Verna Ostlie $2,500 Brooke Schwagel
Reva J. Bracht $2,500 Kynlee Speidel
Kiwanis – Lenard Stengel $2,500 Aiden Quintanilla
Kiwanis – Dr. E.A. Johnson $2,500 Kaitlyn Krause
Kiwanis – Agriculture $2,500 Jaxon Wildung
James Emanuel $2,500 Nadia Thue
Upton Family $2,500 Uziel Lopez Garcia
Kuper Family $3,500 Maggie Kruger
Ralph & Mary Scott $2,500 Skyler Skoog
Sam Grorud $5,000 Isabella Vogel
Reid Strege $2,500 James Batchelor
Willard Meyers $2,500 Kaitlyn Krause
Doug Tschetter $2,500 Kynlee Speidel
Conner Munson $2,500 Jaclyn Wiik
Gruenwald Family $2,500 Kadence Rausch-Frank
John & Carol Flittie $4,000 Joseph Schulte
JoAnn Van Lith $2,500 Skyler Skoog
Stengel Family $2,500 Abigail Pillatzki
Class of 1956 $1,000 James Batchelor
Lindquist Class of ‘79 $1,000 Joshua Keeton
John & Marge Van Sambeek $1,250 Jaclyn Wiik
Supt. George L. Smith $1,250 Sophia Whitlow
Maynes Family $1,300 Aubrey Fraasch
Doug & Linda Buri 1st or 2nd Generation $2,500 Uziel Lopez Garcia
Doug and Linda Buri Student Selection (2nd year) $2,500 Amelia Pederson
Gary & Norine Mohs Family $5,000 Nadia Thue
Glenn & Carol Aden $5,000 Joshua Keeton
Glenn & Carol Aden $5,000 Connor Wiik
Glenn & Carol Aden $5,000 Avery VanOverbeke
Glenn & Carol Aden $5,000 Grace Weston
Leo P. Flynn $5,000 Hope Karels
Leo P. Flynn $5,000 Maggie Kruger
Linda’s Fashion $5,000 Aubrey Fraasch
Paul & Aaron Buri $5,000 Amelia Pederson
Paul & Aaron Buri $5,000 Raul Berrones Pedraza
Patridge/Brisco $9,400 (2 yrs. @ $4,700 per yr.) Rachel Schulte
Patridge/Brisco $9,400 (2 yrs. @ $4,700 per yr.) Mia VanLith
Patridge/Brisco $9,400 (2 yrs. @ $4,700 per yr.) Jayden Johnson
David J. Engebretson Family $26,000 (4 yrs. @ $6,500 per yr.) Olvia Wendland
David J. Engebretson Family $26,000 (4 yrs. @ $6,500 per yr.) Stella Wendland

Submitted Photo: Back row – left to right, Amelia Pederson, Connor Wiik, Avery Vanoverbeke, Joe Schulte, Jaxson Wildung, Skyler Skoog and Raul Berrones Pedraza. Third row – Aubrey Fraasch, James Batchelor, Jayden Johnson, Maggie Kruger, Jaclyn Wiik and Bridget Korstjens. Second row – Aiden Quintanilla, Kaitlyn Krause, Uziel Lopez Garcia, Joshua Keeton, Hope Karels, Kadence Rausch Frank, Grace Weston, Olivia Wendland, and Stella Wendland. Front row – Sophia Whitlow, Isabella Vogel, Nadia Thue, Rachel Schulte, Abigail Pillatzki, Mia Vanlith, Brooke Schwagel and Kynlee Speidel.


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