Members of the Milbank FFA Chapter held their 85th annual banquet on Wednesday, May 1, at MHS. Highlights included the recognition of Landon Novy... FFA Members Receive Awards and Degrees 

Members of the Milbank FFA Chapter held their 85th annual banquet on Wednesday, May 1, at MHS. Highlights included the recognition of Landon Novy as a National FFA Scholarship winner, chapter officers, special awards, and chapter degrees. Sara Colombe is the agricultural instructor and FFA adviser for Milbank. 

The MHS Chapter Officer Team:  Megan Wiese, president; Veronica Fonder vice-president; Ashlynn Lamp, treasurer; Kalli Grong, secretary; Sam Shelstad, parliamentarian; Kayla Schweer sentinel; Bailey Schwagel, reporter; and Kenzie Kooima, student adviser. 

Special Awards:

Star in Agriculture Placement– Cailey Sime
2023 Star Greenhand – Kenzie Kooima and Kalli Grong

Seize the Moment Award and Outstanding FFA Member – Raul Berrones, 
Outstanding Middle School FFA Member – Mackenzie Mueller 
2024 Star Greenhand – Bailey Schwagel

Chapter Degree: The Chapter FFA degree is awarded to members in 10th grade or higher who are involved in chapter activities and community service and complete the minimum hours of instruction and Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project growth.
Sebastion Vogel 
Jacob Erickson 
Kalli Moser 
Hunter Hawley 
Carter Gloe 
Ashlynn Lamp 
Megan Wiese 
Kalli Grong 
Kenzie Kooima

Greenhand Degree: The Greenhand degree is presented to members who are enrolled in an agricultural program and have satisfactory plans for an SAE. 
Sebastion Vogel 
Kayla Schweer 
Jacob Erickson 
Morgean French
Bailey Schwagel 
Sam Shelstad 
Carter Gloe 
Hunter Hawley 
Cody Wiik 
Alexis Meyer 
Leah Meyer 
Estelle Schweer 
Bri Hicks 
Macy Mueller

Discovery Degree: The Discovery degree recognizes students enrolled in seventh and eighth grade agricultural science class who are making strides toward successful involvement in FFA.
Brooklynn Twedt 
Mackenzie Mueller 
Taylor Anderson 
Addison Brown

Landon Novy was selected by the National FFA Foundation to receive a scholarship designed to encourage students who are likely to become future leaders in agriculture. The recipients are chosen on the basis of the time and effort they have devoted to FFA involvement, work experience, supervised agricultural experience (SAE), community service, leadership skills, and academics. Novy learned of his award during the 96th State FFA Convention in Brookings on Friday, April 19

Submitted Photos:
Picture 1: Attendees of the Banquet.

Picture 2: 2024-2025 Chapter Officer Team: Back Row-Sam Shelstad (Parliamentarian), Kayla Schweer (Sentinel), Bailey Schwagel (Reporter), and Student Advisor (Kenzie Kooima). Front Row: Ashlynn Lamp (Treasurer), Kalli Grong (Secretary), Megan Wiese (President) and Veronica Fonder (Vice-President)
Picture 3: Star in Agriculture Placement-Cailey Sime, 2023 Star Greenhand Kenzie Kooima and Kalli Grong
Picture 4: Seize the Moment Award and Outstanding FFA Member-Raul Berrones, Outstanding Middle School Member-Mackenzie Mueller, and 2024 Star Greenhand-Bailey Schwagel
Picture 5: Chapter Degree: Back row: Sebastion Vogel, Jacob Erickson, Kalli Moser, Hunter Hawley, Carter Gloe. Front Row: Ashlynn Lamp, Megan Wiese, Kalli Grong, and Kenzie Kooima.
Picture 6: Greenhand Degree (back row):Sebastion Vogel, Kayla Schweer, Jacob Erickson, Morgean French, Bailey Schwagel, Sam Shelstad, Carter Gloe, Hunter Hawley, and Cody Wiik. Front Row: Alexis Meyer, Leah Meyer, Estelle Schweer, Bri Hicks, and Macy Mueller.
Picture 7: Discovery Degree: Brooklynn Twedt, Mackenzie Mueller, and Taylor Anderson. Not pictured Addison Brown.
Picture 8: Landon Novy-National FFA Scholarship Recipient


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