Cell Phones Banned at MHS
Cell phones will be banned in all classrooms. The new rule takes effect this fall in accordance with a policy determined by the Milbank school district principals and reported to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on July 11. “This past year we allowed cell phones to... Read more
Construction Progresses Along 4th Street In Milbank
Road construction is moving along on the 4th Street project in Milbank despite several big rains in recent weeks. “The rain has not really set us behind schedule at all,” noted Milbank city administrator Jason Kettwig. “The rain may have put things behind schedule by a week to 10... Read more
School Board Approves Rates And Fees
The Milbank School District Board of Education decided school lunch meal prices will remain the same as last year. Breakfast will remain $1.65 for K-12 students, $2.10 for adults and $.35 for milk. Lunch meal prices will stay at $2.65 for K-5, $2.90 for 6-12, and $3.50 for adults.... Read more
Milbank Community Transit Presented Award From American Legion
Birch-Miller American Legion Post 9 presented a certificate of appreciation to Milbank Community Transit in recognition of outstanding achievement in the employment of older workers during 2016. The local American Legion post applied for the award on behalf of the local community transit bus, which has become well known... Read more
Mark Leddy Resigns as CEO of Valley Queen Cheese
Just released to The Valley Express by Ray Trankle, Valley Queen Cheese Executive Chairman of the Board. Mark Leddy has resigned his position as CEO of Valley Queen Cheese.  Mark has been an important part of Valley Queen Cheese for over 26 years and we thank him for everything he... Read more
Free Forgotten Highway Performance Replaces Craig Morgan
Due to the tragic death of Craig Morgan’s son, Jerry Greer, the Milbank Area Chamber of Commerce announced a free concert will replace Morgan on Friday, July 15. Forgotten Highway, which was Morgan’s scheduled opening act will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. at Lake Farley Park in Milbank.... Read more
Milbank School Board Accepts Grant-Deuel Land
The Milbank School District Board of Education approved a resolution of acceptance to accept the proposed land in the Grant-Deuel School District dissolution plan. The board did so during its regular meeting Monday, July 11. The land accepted by the Milbank district is valued at slightly more than $199... Read more
Join Milbank’s Sympathy Card to Craig Morgan
The Valley Express invites the public to place flowers and balloons in remembrance of Jerry Greer, 19 year old son of Craig Morgan, who passed away this week as the result of a boating accident. Morgan was scheduled to appear in concert on Friday night at Lake Farley. Flowers... Read more
Milbank Area Chamber of Commerce Hires New Directors
The Executive Director position for the Milbank Area Chamber of Commerce has been redesigned. Laura Kelly and Chelcie Eischens have been hired as the new co-directors. Kelly will be the Events Director and Eischens the Director of Membership and Finance. Each will work 30 hours a week. “The board... Read more
Kevin Schnaser Hired As MHS Spanish Teacher
Say “Hola” to Kevin Schnaser. Schnaser has been hired as the new Spanish instructor at MHS. Schnaser lives in rural Revillo and served as a substitute teacher at Milbank High School for the past six years. He has also provided interpreter services for the Milbank Avera clinic and hospital. “I... Read more